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  1. Unofficial weapon list based on screens and ingame movies


    OC-14 Groza

    AN-94 Abakan

    Kriss Super-V

    HK MP7A1


    DSR-1 sniper rifle (not sure about this one)

    MP-443 ( since 2003 standard Russian pistol)

    If ive missed something, let me know and ill update it

    Ill make a wallpaper with all the screenshots of the guns later

  2. @Dirites - interesting find...could be I suppose.

    The shape still reminds me of a structure...man made by the clean and straight lines...I was thinking the text was some kind of designator...perhaps one of the Russian carriers pictured in the concept art.

    Or maybe...nothing more than a strawman...


    the picture behind the numbers is the side of a boat, you can see AA missiles battery and a 3 barreled turret

  3. I maybe have something. Abez in Russian is ''Абезь'' that gave me this in Russian

    Abez - a settlement in the urban district of Inta, Komi Republic. Center of the village administration Inta municipality. The population of 783 persons (2000).. Located on the right bank of the Usa. Founded in 1942 as a station on the railroad to Vorkuta. In Izhma dialect of Komi "Abez" - ######, slovenly. The first settlers in these places was a Abez Mish (sleazy Michael).

    Abez - mass cemetery where hundreds thousands victims of Communism are buried

  4. @Day - I have mixed feelings on what you call the "tightly choreographed single-player experience". Some games, and even some levels in some games make it so clearly obvious that it's happening it gets a little annoying. If the map is designed just right and the action is tense, it just flows and you don't even realize it (or you do realize it and don't care). But when the map is designed poorly and gives you enough time to think "I know this is the obvious path but I don't want to go that way" then it's a little frustrating.

    In Modern Warfare 2, when you fall from the roof of the building in the slums and are racing to hook up with the helo for evac, I thought that was executed very well. On the other hand, the snowmobile scene definitely channels you along and doesn't give you much time to mess around or explore. I didn't really like that.

    One of the problems with "open-ness" is, there are ways to kind of cheat at it. In a lot of the Ghost Recon maps, if you hugged the edge of the map and went way out of your way, you could basically come in behind a lot of the enemy forces and pick them off. While that might seem like a fair tactic, when the patrol paths and enemy locations vary only slightly, it kind of takes away from the game.

    HAH...but why am I telling you this...you already know and have commented on it.

    Definitely agree that playing through a heavily scripted game a second time is incredibly boring. Honestly though, once I beat a mission, I'm not real big on playing it through over and over. Which lead to the comment that I made that Dick Splash commented on.

    @Dick Splash - I guess a lot of it just comes down to personal preference. While I don't play missions with such a strict standard (unwounded) I don't just worry about mission objectives either. If my men are wounded but able to move then I'll play on, but if I lose a man, I reload. Same thing if a civilian gets killed or a secondary mission objective isn't met. Naturally I enjoyed Ghost Recon single player and all of the expansion packs and the single player missions, but multiplayer was the real joy for me. I didn't play the missions over and over (unless there was a reason too) so of course multiplayer was more fun. I agree there are several ways to finish GR, but the end result was still the end result (for the most part).

    I think that's pretty cool that you have such strict standards for success and play it on the hardest difficulty level. I can see how that would help you learn the map intimately and make you a rather proficient at MP. I just don't have the patience for it heh heh...I want to see how the story ends.

    Again, personal preference...and I know I'm in the minority here...but I never liked being able to swap in and out of players. For me, that's like saying the AI isn't capable enough to make the shot or take care of business on their own (and often, that was indeed the case). I like how GRAW 1/2 do squad control. I can tell them where to go and what to do (Recon or Assault). If they choke, as the squad leader, I have to deal with it. In a realism sense, I always thought that was more realistic than swapping bodies around. I like having a central character, like Scott Mitchell (but I think he could have been developed better). I like how Rainbow Six let you develop a character and glad to see Future Soldier will offer a similar approach.

    No offense taken. ;)

    good post, i agree on everything.

  5. Zeealice - yeah...my first impression was it was going to be Air Force 1...I don't know my planes like Dirites does...but I assumed since it wasn't painted anything Air Force 1 then it wasn't. Who knows though.

    @Krise - LOVED your post. Made me LOL. It is getting a bit tricky to write these blogs and summaries with a straight face. When I saw Uranium 5.56 bullets...I thought to myself...OMG the guys in the forum are going to go crazy over this.


  6. Well, I can't say with any degree of certainty how solid the info is. A date is listed in the one screen shot I posted and I think that's about the only reference. The thing that's troubling though is Kerenski's birthday is shown and it looks to be 1995. (Kerenski is the first guy sniped in the teaser trailer) If the timeline was 2020, that would make him 25, and clearly he looks older than 25. Even a timeline of 2030 would mean he is only 35. He looks to be in his 40s. Then again, he does live in Russia. So maybe he aged before his time. :)

    I took a screen of his face where you could see him clearly on. I don't think he is very old, he looks a lot of one of my friends and he is 29. but you never know.


  7. don't understand why they choose the 5.56 bullets since there stopping power is low, the uranium bullets are useless...only gives better penetration. and there is no need for that. u only shoot holes with it..... why not 6.8? 50% increased range and stopping power......

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