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  1. AN-94 is from 1994...... there is blurry picture with a russian soldier holding a pistol that has the same shape as the mp-443
  2. Unofficial weapon list based on screens and ingame movies MR-B OC-14 Groza AN-94 Abakan Kriss Super-V HK MP7A1 FN-Scar DSR-1 sniper rifle (not sure about this one) MP-443 ( since 2003 standard Russian pistol) If ive missed something, let me know and ill update it Ill make a wallpaper with all the screenshots of the guns later
  3. if one of the producers explains that the hook is a bottle-opener or to hang your rifle somewhere in you room........... [capslock] doesn't that ring a bell? [/capslock'] even a bayonet would be useless.......
  4. As long as they put the HK45 in it and the L115A3 sniper rilfe , im happy
  5. I love that they are letting you play ''normal'' people to give different views of the ''story'' instead of only the view from the soldiers side. also adds more feeling into the game
  6. such an ugly aircraft. they should have gone for the boeing quad tiltrotor .
  7. 3 pages of questions and like 3 answers?
  8. 30+ that aint really much. pistols,shotguns, AR's, sniper rifles, machineguns + AT, and then for both sides.....
  9. states is even further away, hope it comes to the Netherlands
  10. the picture behind the numbers is the side of a boat, you can see AA missiles battery and a 3 barreled turret
  11. I maybe have something. Abez in Russian is ''Абезь'' that gave me this in Russian Abez - a settlement in the urban district of Inta, Komi Republic. Center of the village administration Inta municipality. The population of 783 persons (2000).. Located on the right bank of the Usa. Founded in 1942 as a station on the railroad to Vorkuta. In Izhma dialect of Komi "Abez" - ######, slovenly. The first settlers in these places was a Abez Mish (sleazy Michael). Abez - mass cemetery where hundreds thousands victims of Communism are buried
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