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  1. Tinker is the man! Thanks for taking all this work into daylight, everybody knows without you this had not been possible.
  2. hi Tinker, this may sound stupid but the fact that u don't see them it does not mean they are not there. Make sure there is no mesh between you and the helper point so you always have a direct line of sight, never add the halo in the middle of the light, always a bit over or under it. sometimes if you are too close to the halo or there is too much light in the room you are not going to see them either. Hope that helps, well u already fixed it so... j.
  3. Congrats on your new job Serellan. We will be following your traces! Good luck
  4. Must have gone to the Spain office, haven't seen any Ferraris around here... bummer. lol, no ferraris here, just a private heliport.
  5. Hi ZJJ, thanks for the changes, reading 'grin' in front of your name is a fantastic sensation Of course, i read it every day! Thanks everybody.
  6. Thanks mates! I still can't hardly believe this great opportunity! I just started a few days ago but i still feel like living a dream. What can i say... thank you mates!
  7. lol, yes. I never added the columns to the road, so yeah it's floating, and the mesh it should have been the entrance, yes, just a structure at the entrance.
  8. They are going to love this city. It's not only a city with a high quality of living, it does also has a strong tradition in creativity and arts, specially in graphic design and architecture. A whole new area called 22@ is being developed in the city specially for technological companies and i guess a lot of economical favourable conditions are given to the enterprises to set their offices in here. What can i say, good decision! ezkerrik asko por el anuncio janelo, probar no cuesta nada
  9. Gas plant map is available for downloading at www.bigbluesoul.com. This is an unfinished version of the map but i'm afraid i'm not going to finish it, not in a near future at least. You will need DS and IT to run it. Just unzip in Mods folder, activate and play. The mod includes a mission called 'BO01 Gas Plant' with no enemies nor objectives, it's just a walk around mission. If somebody is interested in using it for a mod feel free to do it.
  10. And was the helper made on the top view? i had this problem before but cannot remember where was the problem, sorry.
  11. I'm not sure about this, but have you cloned and rotated the windows when they were already grouped with the helper point? I think the helper point cannot be rotated. Hope that helps j.
  12. Hi everybody Just a cauple of pics from this project, featuring the Refinery map. More content to be advanced soon!
  13. wow, amazing topic, what i've been missing this last weeks! great to read so good new from jsonnedecker himself! for sure it will be an amazing game. I'd like to make a couple of questions, perhaps they have been answeared before but i've still not read all post, sorry if they have. 1.- Which engine are u using? 2.- are u planning to realease an SDK? I'm itching to make some new maps yet!
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