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  1. Hello everyone! Does Graw 2 support dual-core processor? Is there a file to enable this feature?
  2. I woldn't buy any game over Steam. I would make my way to a store and buy the CD. I've read so many posts of people having problems updating games when purchased over Steam.
  3. Many game developers add a individual speech volume setting in the Audio section of a game; I don't see why GRIN couldn't add this setting. The speech volume is too loud when all you want to hear loud are the special effects. Is it possible to lower the speech volume by editing a file in GRAW2?
  4. Greetings, Wolfsong, what file do I need to edit to decrease the EXTENDED DRAW distance? The game has become unplayable as far as framerates go. What setting in the file will I be looking for to decrease EXTENDED DRAW distance? Thanks
  5. im going to reinstall the game. this problem started after i copied the mod launcher and attempted to load a custom map. i dont see any ubisoft registry entries; i cant install patch 1.35. ill patch it after the reinstall.
  6. hello, i tried the Graw mod launcher. i never got it to work as i received errors everytime. now i cant run the game as all i receive are launch errors. what setting was changed and how can i change the setting back to run the game. ive played this game since i purchased it when it came out in the US. i cant get it to run ever since i tried running the mod launcher. this utility was made by someone named SierraSeven. nice utlity if i could've gotten it to work! here's the error message when i try to load the game not using the mod launcher but just the game itself: Crash in application ver
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