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  1. After years of enjoying the fine quality of the Nikon photographic equipment, i made the hard decision of switching yesterday. Byebye Nikon, hello Canon. The canon 5d it is. The specs are quite stunning; 12,8 MP, magnesium alloy body and above all a full frame sensor. No more crop factor! (Yay!) I choose the 24-70/2.8 as primary lens. Now that was the point were the financial reserves were gone. So, awaiting the package by mail. Everytime a car stops in front of the house, my heart rate increase by a factor 2. Yet to no avail. Hope to post some nice shots soon (if that lazy mailman-bum decides to put a bit more commitment in his work). ps anyone interested in some cheap secondhand nikon stuff?
  2. As a fanatic mac user, but missing the ability to run games, testing websites, this is such good news. If i only had the money for a new intel mac tho...
  3. Thanks. Missed that deadline anyway, so gonna try that monday, first thing in the morning
  4. Not exactly , more into this, and ofcourse not into a gif but into a vector-eps/ai. And btw flash is out of my league. So do have any options. (The friday evening 1700 deadline hour is closing in soooo fast )
  5. Dear fellow graphic designers, whats the fastest way to make a vector out of a bitmap (jpg/tiff, general image file) or a pdf (with probably a bitmap enclosed). I have to make some sort of line art/blueprint/map out of a picture. Is there some illustrator trick, or do i have to it manually with a pen tool? Im running on photoshop, illustrator, indesign. All help appriciated, thanks, BR_76
  6. This video is not playable in your country?!? Euhh.. whats that supposed to mean? Is Google video restricted now?
  7. Seems like youre the only one on the island that did. What an amazing archievement of the youngster. Cant wait for next year.
  8. Today at the Lakeside in the semi-finals: A Double Dutch Delight. Tomorrow, for the first time in history, two dutch dartplayers will compete for the Lakeside trofee. The always ready steady Raymond van Barneveld versus the 21 year old debutee Jelle Klaassen. Oh, im gonna have so much fun So, any dart lover in Brittain, will you still watch the final tomorrow?
  9. A word from the man on his Official Website More facts here (some old, some new): http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/
  10. YES, they absolutely do. Ive done a lot of research on this issue because i need to archive lots of big files. I also had some unreadables cd's whom were burned about 3-4 years ago. The detoriation rely on a couple of factors, but THEY WILL. Some tips for steady burning: - Choose at least a medium quality CD. - Set your writing speed low (like 12x, it will burn, like, a deeper grove which last longer) - Close all other applications to avoid buffer overrun - Set your desktop on a steady underground, do not bump into it - NEVER TOUCH CD WITH BARE HANDS (acid) nor write on it - Store them in a dark place under a constant (preferable low) temperature and low humidity - Do not read them very often, use them only for long term back up/archival purposes A better, more reliable, way for storing are plain (or external) hard disks. It seems more expensive, but it is not. Compare the price of medium quality cds to harddisks in MB/$ (and take into account that you will never burn 700MB to a cd, always less). Besides more reliability, its way way faster in storing (write speeds) and the data is better accessible. I have no experience with tape streamers, but in the "professional" archivers world they seem still very popular.
  11. Great car. Along with the new mustang and gt40 good times will come.
  12. 1. work more out 2. get the financial figures more into the plus (which means > ) 3. more publications of my photo works 4. try to learn to play the piano oh, and figuring out how to get access to a rig were i can play GRAW on
  13. Thanks, but unfortunate it didnt work out (still on the same ip adress). If anyone has more info on this issue, much appriciated.
  14. Errh, i meant a girl who is mixing a lot of crazy samples. Sorry . (and oh btw who was in spare time fitness instructor )
  15. Can be anything. Films, events, personal stuff. Ill start off with music, in random (but my fav listening) order: The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth - Clap Your Hands and say Yeah The Mars Volta - The Widow Stars - Reunion The Killers - Somebody Told Me Audio Bullys - Shot You Down Feist - Secret Heart Keane - Bend and Break Green Day - jesus Of Suburbia Madonna - Hung Up Missy Elliot - Lose Control Neil Young - When God Made Me Sufjan Stevens - Chicago The Decemberists - We Both Go Down Together System of a Down - Hypnotyze Stars - What Im Trying To Say So, whats yours?
  16. Stars - Reunion from the album Set Yourself On Fire, a great recommedation for all indie/grandious compositions, lyrics and arrangements lovers. Definitely my pick of 2005. Ah, great to hear Solex. Seen her live a lot, back in the days. Good to hear she is still going strong overseas.
  17. It started about 1 1/2 month ago incidentely, but since two weeks its on every freaking request. Its not that google is down at this very moment, it only effects certain users (otherwise the whole web community would have gone APE by now). See more here. Still no solution.
  18. When i do a search on google (at the webpage or the tiny window on the right upper corner of browser) i got this message: -- We're sorry... ... but we can't process your request right now. A computer virus or spyware application is sending us automated requests, and it appears that your computer or network has been infected. We'll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your computer is free of viruses and other spurious software. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we'll see you again on Google. To continue searching, please type the characters you see below: --- Then i have to type in a word from a bitmap file to prove that the search request is not automated. After doing this for about two or three times i get my results. This is really a time consumer, since im googling a lot. Does anyone know what causes this error and, more important, how to solve this? Ive done some research myself, which was a pain due to problem, and seems like it has to do with a worm which targets forums (phpBB) through search results. Google seems to blocks certain search words and/or ip-ranges. My specs: Firefox 1.5 (other browsers do have problems too) on MacOS 10.3 and im on a static IP behind a router. As far as i know there is no virus nor spyware on my computer (take ino account im running on a mac), there is no PC in my network. Any info welcome! This is really a big pain.
  19. @WP33 Whoa, that is some nice piece of equipment Got myself an early christmas present, and well, thats about it.
  20. Crapped my pants man. Freaking hell. Got my attention now.
  21. BlueRose_76

    Birthday Game

    I partied with Chuck Norris because i hate cheese. (the morning after i had a severe headache which was the effect of some well placed roundhouse kicks in the face, but that was chucks way expressing it was a great party..)
  22. Well, beside all shiny crap... First of all EVERYTHING you can do on a mac you can do on a PC at the same, if not faster, speed. Besides that, the mac has one big disadvantage and thats games. The platform is absolutely in no single way fitted for gaming. Another thing is the price of the hardware. (trying to avoid the Mac vs PC discussion ) Why can you love the mac so much more that a pc (and this is strictly personal)? - The OS is so much easier to handle (when i get back to a PC i almost have to puke) - No more virusscanning, spyware killers, browser hijacks (which will problably change when on intel x86), now this is really a time saver for me - No hassle with drivers, dll's, register overloads The MacOSX is IMO much more advanced than Win XP, but thats not a fair game. You better wait for the (over delayed) Windows Vista/Longhorn, that should be the real comparison. Its true, mac users are always bragging about their system (like me). But you should try it. This is revelation
  23. That shouldnt be of a problem, intel and amd processors run on the same instructionset isnt it? Heck, even latest rumors tell that new macintoshs' will have mac-windows dual boot capabilities. Wouldnt that be wonderfull. MacOSX for all the daily stuff and win for hardcore gaming? More news on the intel based mac and OS to be announced on the january keynote.
  24. Or wait a few months and a (hacked) intel-based macosx version for your PC
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