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  1. After years of enjoying the fine quality of the Nikon photographic equipment, i made the hard decision of switching yesterday. Byebye Nikon, hello Canon. The canon 5d it is. The specs are quite stunning; 12,8 MP, magnesium alloy body and above all a full frame sensor. No more crop factor! (Yay!) I choose the 24-70/2.8 as primary lens. Now that was the point were the financial reserves were gone. So, awaiting the package by mail. Everytime a car stops in front of the house, my heart rate increase by a factor 2. Yet to no avail. Hope to post some nice shots soon (if that lazy
  2. As a fanatic mac user, but missing the ability to run games, testing websites, this is such good news. If i only had the money for a new intel mac tho...
  3. Thanks. Missed that deadline anyway, so gonna try that monday, first thing in the morning
  4. Not exactly , more into this, and ofcourse not into a gif but into a vector-eps/ai. And btw flash is out of my league. So do have any options. (The friday evening 1700 deadline hour is closing in soooo fast )
  5. Dear fellow graphic designers, whats the fastest way to make a vector out of a bitmap (jpg/tiff, general image file) or a pdf (with probably a bitmap enclosed). I have to make some sort of line art/blueprint/map out of a picture. Is there some illustrator trick, or do i have to it manually with a pen tool? Im running on photoshop, illustrator, indesign. All help appriciated, thanks, BR_76
  6. This video is not playable in your country?!? Euhh.. whats that supposed to mean? Is Google video restricted now?
  7. Seems like youre the only one on the island that did. What an amazing archievement of the youngster. Cant wait for next year.
  8. Today at the Lakeside in the semi-finals: A Double Dutch Delight. Tomorrow, for the first time in history, two dutch dartplayers will compete for the Lakeside trofee. The always ready steady Raymond van Barneveld versus the 21 year old debutee Jelle Klaassen. Oh, im gonna have so much fun So, any dart lover in Brittain, will you still watch the final tomorrow?
  9. A word from the man on his Official Website More facts here (some old, some new): http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/
  10. YES, they absolutely do. Ive done a lot of research on this issue because i need to archive lots of big files. I also had some unreadables cd's whom were burned about 3-4 years ago. The detoriation rely on a couple of factors, but THEY WILL. Some tips for steady burning: - Choose at least a medium quality CD. - Set your writing speed low (like 12x, it will burn, like, a deeper grove which last longer) - Close all other applications to avoid buffer overrun - Set your desktop on a steady underground, do not bump into it - NEVER TOUCH CD WITH BARE HANDS (acid) nor write on it - Store
  11. Great car. Along with the new mustang and gt40 good times will come.
  12. 1. work more out 2. get the financial figures more into the plus (which means > ) 3. more publications of my photo works 4. try to learn to play the piano oh, and figuring out how to get access to a rig were i can play GRAW on
  13. Thanks, but unfortunate it didnt work out (still on the same ip adress). If anyone has more info on this issue, much appriciated.
  14. Errh, i meant a girl who is mixing a lot of crazy samples. Sorry . (and oh btw who was in spare time fitness instructor )
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