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  1. Essentially it's when a game is over a hazy line I draw between "About the aiming" and "About the thinking". Essentially if you put Serious Sam at one end of a line and say Silent Storm at the other end then to me a tactical shooter is somewhere in the middle. Typically being over the line involves things like having a squad to command, complicated and vaguelly realistically implemented weapons, missions that involve complicated objectives about more than just blowing everyone's face off etc. etc. The important difference essentially is that it all requires more thought than a normal shooter. The extra degree of complexity gives the greater game depth to me. Small unit type apparently realistical scenarios with SF type units lend themselves well to this kind of game because obviously all of the stuff they're simulating and the missions involved fulfill those objectives. Doesn't have to be though. I'd have said "Republic Commando" nearly nudged itself onto the right side of that line and that was a sci-fi shooter. So yeah, vague as it sounds, I define the genre by what centres of my brain it's lighting up.
  2. Alas, we know that they know... so if there's no demo the assumption tends to be that a game is shat anyway. Whats more, if there's no demo it's not like it's difficult to obtain a playable er... sample from other sources anyway so you're essentially encouraging people to pirate a game you already think they're not going to like enough to buy :| GG publishers.
  3. spm1138

    FPV or TPV?

    First person view with weapon. Crosshairs are a bad compromise. Ideally I'd like to be able to choose between hipped and shouldered modes and I definitely want weapon view for sighted aiming. I don't think 3pv is that essential if you have a well designed lean system.
  4. I could be being monumentally thick here and I don't fancy reinstalling to check but I am fairly certain the weapon in GRAW is referred to everywhere as a Mk48. You could say it had a Minimi but M249 seems to refer only to the 5.56 weapon which is what I was asking for... since I was basically listing the "America's Army" armoury + this or that because I perhaps incorrectly assuming that is realistical. It's not like a vast difference and probably not worth 3 replies argument but anyways... http://www.cryeassociates.com/12.htm http://www.cryeassociates.com/work.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CRYE_MR-C
  5. I don't have the time to check up on alternative names right now so don't know what exactly the Mk48 is, stick to production names and you'll get answers quicker. Er... you were just telling me what a Mk48 was :| M249/Mk46 = Minimi 5.56 Mk48 = Minimi 7.62 http://www.fnherstal.com/html/MINIMI762.htm Apparently the Mk48 has only just started being fielded so I guess it is probably more appropriate for a future armoury. A 5.56 version would be more appropriate for a modern day armoury.
  6. Yeah. I know. I was referring specifically to the Colt weapons on that list missing from most recent Ubi games. My understanding was it was a disagreement over copyright or something like that GRAW had the Mk48? Different caliber and such?
  7. There's little forums full of niche gamers hungry for a product like this all over the place. I am sure we will all be spreading the word as soon as there's more word to spread
  8. An ongoing battle with a genuine front-line and rear area was what made Planetside so compelling. I dream of a "tactical shooter" with gameplay that open ended because honestly it is a real kick picking a target behind a real front-line to pop. Short of an MMOFPS you're not going to see that though. I guess for this sort of game some sort of mission generator possibly tied into a dynamic campaign mode would be more realistical in the meantime although I guess it kind of be generating only a certain kind of mission. What would make such a system really special is if it tied the aforementioned missions into the context of a larger campaign (risk stylee) with different kinds of missions during different phases of said larger campaign.
  9. I'd like the AI to talk more in lieu of HUD indicators. I'd like some sort of ammo check function in lieu of an ammo counter.
  10. I want weapons and sights that are actually in use. M4 M16 SPR SR25 M249SPW M240 etc. Ditto the rest of the gear. Stuff actually in use. Same for the OPFOR. I don't know what Ubi's issue with Colt is but it just looks silly without those rifles. 10+ assault rifles sounds good, but honestly I don't see what all those weapons bring to the game. I'd rather have fewer, well realised weapons.
  11. I like the variety of stuff on "The Unit". I always think it'd make for a more entertaining game if you a bunch of different stuff happening in missi0ns. Maybe not for a Ghost Recon game, but still.
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