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  1. The assburgers version of Adam Smith. Why is the legal download only available in the US?
  2. Black Hawk Down: where Pilla gets nailed and Sergeant Hoot (Delta Force) takes over the .50? EDIT: Mind you, Pilla wasn't 160th. Nope. This was definitely on one of the helos and it didn't appear in the movie. I think it's somewhere in the Q&A. edit This fellow.
  3. Fair enough. I was basing that suggestion on a) the occasions on which the gunners in game got shot b) admitedly only one occasion I read about where a SF dude took over from a 160th gunner that got shot (it's somewhere on Mark Bowden's website). Sorry if I was sounding dim.
  4. Did you patch? The AI are better in later patches. It's also always best to keep your lads at a distance from the enemy. Why? Because usually you have a marksman and they don't. Flanking works a treat, too. Drop waypoints near corners and hard cover and they'll move behind it, especially if you tell them to look in a particular direction. That's what makes them seem like they have a mind of their own BTW. They stick to cover. If they stopped moving short of where you told them to go it's either because their path was blocked or they just don't want to amble out in the open. Re-order them and they will. Ordering the entire team gets you a formation like . : With your "1" team-mate at the front usually where you double-pressed "`". Order them into and around cover and you shouldn't have too many problems as a rule. Your main hazards are .50 machineguns (which your team do not know how to avoid), tanks, RPGs and Mexican SF snipers. Apart from these exceptions you should find them very competent at turning Mexican troops into chop suey. Admitedly, I didn't play through on "Hard" so maybe the Mexican AI now has a CoF the size of a pea and scrape your guys from off cover using their newfound bullethoses.
  5. Sorry, wasn't trying to nitpick with the Glock comment, it's just whenever they do that on film or TV it bugs me (Leon, I'm looking at you) The SCARs in TFW are nifty. I mean it's better than plain weapons and I'm sure I've seen the "chequer" pattern in the odd real photo.
  6. Isn't the Glock an 18C? Wouldn't the port in the barrel render a supressor less than useful? Are you keeping the repainted SCARs from TFW?
  7. Are the lectures/talks up anywhere as videos/audio files/transcripts?
  8. Why on earth would you do that? Ubisoft should be asking me for permission to do things after the mess that Vegas was So far the implementation of weapons in screenshots looks basically identical (did they add variable zoom for the Leupold CQ/T on that Beretta Abortion or whatever it's called?) and the graphics engine looks much the same so I wouldn't be surprised if the weapons were compatible with some modding.
  9. To be fair to the OP I can see ways you could do vehicles without going the route of the XB360 game and making it totally arcaderific. Not tanks but HMMWVs, pickups, Strikers etc. Taking over from a Blackhawk gunner wouldn't be totally out of character either. Not seeing not being able to do that as a big lack though. The maps in GRAW the first only really allow for one kind of fighting. More variety would be nice. Not at all dissapointed with more rural maps.
  10. What's this "Render 3 frames ahead"? Is that "Triple buffering"? "Extension limit" should be off, yes?
  11. And laser satelites. OTOH it does have a cover system and a regenerating health bar The R6Vegas one is probably more faithful to the PC game. It's kind of a "RTS" thing and you get to snake-cam rooms and tag bad guys before going in.
  12. AFAIKnow it's distributed directly from gameloft. I just texted a number and got the game back.
  13. Verheem - Silencers you have to add before mission starts. As for keypresses, I recommend you go to the keymapping section of the options.
  14. Heh. But the mobile version of GRAW2 is from Gameloft (it reminds me of ZX Spectrum shooting games).
  15. It's not really a pro/con comparison situation. GRAW2 is the sequel. It will definitely be the better game in most areas.
  16. Pretty much everybody does need a PC. However, not everybody needs a PC spec'd for high end games. I mean what do most people actually do with a computer? Do they need the kind of rig you can run Crysis on to do those things? Wasn't WoW more or less expressly designed to run on most PCs? Wasn't a cornerstone of Counter-Strike's success the fact that it utilised an already old engine? It seems disingenuous to cite this guy picking out an old strategy game and to then start talking about faster upgrade cycles and new technology on a PC. What's the upgrade cycle on a games console?
  17. He is so right. Games magazines and websites get sued for less than 100% accurate previews all the time. IT IS LIBEL Sheesh.
  18. Then I apologise for my slightly confrontational tone. I also acknowledge that I could be totally wrong about this, but prior experience playing other games suggests that extra hassle / expense will limit the number of servers. Because people are lazy. Fewer servers = worse MP experience. Worse MP experience = fewer players. And so on. Taken to the extreme you then you get into this vicious circle of "Well, pretty much nobody plays this anyway so why are we paying all this money to the one place we could find that would run a dedicated box for us when we could be playing this other game that everywhere hosts and everyone plays?". Doesn't seem very rosey. I'm buying GRAW2 as a SP game, but that's essentially what I meant.
  19. That wasn't my initial question. I was just replying since FlimFlam was apparently having a dig at me without actually reading my post.
  20. I didn't claim it wasn't SADS. See? If I want "the SADS" up as a free download then I am saying that there is a set of SADS files that are not up as a free download. The process you described falls under the heading of btw. People are lazy. Welcome to The Human Race .
  21. Fail. If MP was a priority for me there's no way I'd buy GRAW2 before they had the SADS up as a free download. Why? Becuase I know from experience that a game which is even slightly more complicated to host than the normal is dramatically limiting it's potential number of hosts online. Sorry. I know this issue is basically a dead horse but I don't think it's one you can just shrug off.
  22. How does the xGR2/pGR2 development timeline mesh with the RS:V/R63 timeline?
  23. The state of that forum is entirely Ubisoft's fault. They did it to themselves. Ubi's handling of PC Lockdown, GR2 and then R6V has been a series of grotesque cluster######. They inveigled, obfuscated and deceived. They generally acted more like a third-rate budget publisher than an allegedly first rate publishing house. Really. They've been making EA look good of late. So... given that internet forums tend to attract opinionated blowhard fanboys and given that they've spent the last couple of years antagonising said fanboys (really. Some of the stunts they have pulled have been so bad I've been left wondering if it's intentionally)... well, it's understandable in my opinion. Yeah, I think some of those guys should probably get out more. No, I don't think what they're saying is neccesarily wrong.
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