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  1. Yeah. DO IT. I am playing GRAW2 and noticing all the stuff that works better now it's had sufficient time to be developed and seeing the start of a really good thinking man's shooter... and then all of a sudden there's all this console cheese right there in your face Find a different pub and go your own way. Even EA seem to be doing a better job these days
  2. Those weapons are selectable in later missions
  3. Hej Grin. Nice to hear you're still here listening. GRAW2 is FTW so far
  4. Ubi are idiots then (like that is news ). GRAW2 is a much improved game and it's hard not see some of the improvements in terms of community feedback. Why oh why would you NOT want your developer engaged in dialogue with the target audience for their game? I do not understand. GRiN please do us all a favour and find yourself new publishers. <3 your games but them being made under the "Ghost Recon" label is just holding you back.
  5. "Way to go, Captain!" "Good shot!" Yes. I think they are taking the mickey. I mean come on, it'd just be suspicious if they complimented you that often otherwise. It'd almost sound like they were afraid of you... "Way to go, Captain! Please don't put battery acid in my tea again!" "Nice shooting! Don't beat me with a jeep aerial!"
  6. An ACOG with 4*/5* zoom would be nice although to be fair the enemy don't shoot quite like they used to and I haven't run into a laser-beam MG nest yet so it doesn't appear to be the major omission it was in the first game. I agree though. No zoom - 10* is a bit daft. Isn't the sight on the Beretta RX4 a Leupold CQ/T anyway? :S Draw distance appears to be a couple of hundred metres (it LODs down beyond that, but the bad guys still show) and there are definitely shots in some levels where an ACOG would be preferable.
  7. Well you have got things like Steve Mann's eyetap concept. I believe he's currently using his to overlay advertisements with white boxes. It's sort of do-able in concept, but that's been the case with wearable PCs and AR for years Allegedly eyetaps will one day be just another bit of Blue Tooth Smartphone interfacery. Allegedly.
  8. Serious answer: The big problem is how you implement medics in a game. Look at AA. Three lectures to sit through and a practical exercise and when you get right down to it it's just "Press F". I mean on one hand it's clearly ridiculous to have someone miraculously become uninjured / get back up at the push of a button but then... so is a health-bar style wounding model. Bleeding? That's just Damage-over-Time applied to a healthbar. Really for medics to be a thing ingame you'd want a more complicated wounding model and a list of things medics / regular team-members could fix / couldn't fix at which point you're probably getting outside your average gamers attention span and the constraints of how long your average round lasts/gamer stays alive. Can't come up with good answers to these questions before GRAW2 ships? Better to leave it out then.
  9. The game does take place in the future and some of the stuff in the game is being tested my the US military particularly something similar to the Cross Com that's in GRAW. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology...ws/4215749.html Landwarrior has been in the works ten years . It isn't here yet and GRAW isn't set 10 years from now. Future Force Warrior is probably closer to what they wanted to portray but it still doesn't convince. This is not the first game to feature a real time satelite view or UAV footage. They could just give you a PDA for all that and have it half convincing
  10. Hmmm. Well firstly even though I would agree it was just eye candy and had no real bearing on gameplay it appears that people playing these games do appreciate being able to play "dress up" hence it's not a total waste of time. I'd also say that authenticity was achievable without necessarily putting a lot of extra time into coding hundreds of different permutations. It would just be a case of modelling the kind of gear actually in use (a la GR2) instead of the sci-fi stuff.
  12. Depends why it was pushed back I guess. They might be too busy to give us a demo now.
  13. I've seen a mod for a straight swap. OTOH I've seen a bunch of assorted screenies of the Mexican A7 guys in various camo and I'm not at all clear on what's been released and what hasn't.
  14. edit Make that "US SF" in the subject line. Meh. Typo Just wondering if this was available anywhere? I've seen various skin mods up and lots of screenshots of the Mexican SF guy skinned in various camo but not up for download?
  15. Sheesh. Who'd have thunk GR.net would have been able to "slashdot" a website.
  16. <3 GRiN. Your games have some cool stuff. Your AI has some really clever touches. I like your attention to detail.
  17. Did it seem like the main camera was from different players there at times? I saw a bunch of different weapons and "Beasley" is listed as an orderable soldier.
  18. APPLES OR ORANGES. Personally I am too old and slow for ET.
  19. You crazy kids You should know by now that very, very few games make their ship date and the ones that do aren't finished.
  20. Is the xGRAW2 engine vastly more advanced than UE3 or Crytek 2? :S
  21. Any word on a SP demo / co-op content in the MP demo?
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