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  1. Are there any mods out there that make the 240's belts atleast 100? Cause in game, I'm noticing it's only 50 and that's way too little. And if there aren't any mods that do it, how hard is it to make it 100?
  2. Could someone make it so the USAfghanistan/USSOCOM skin mod carries some of the skins over to MP? Cause I love the way they look(Beards, facewraps, arab scarves, and fleeces) They look hardcore but when I tried playing multiplayer, it was just the regular Ghost skins. If not it's cool cause right now me and my friend are playing with no mods and I also usually play with the SOF or 1990 Delta mods. Just like the SF facial hair look.
  3. Hahaha good one. It doesn't work though. One always over-rides the other. But my fave is the SOF character skin mod.
  4. Anybody know if the SEAL and 1990 Delta mods can be used together?
  5. I love that song! When I saw the post about 15 maps, I busted out laughing. Received Ghost Recon Gold Edition today so I'll probably be uninstalling GRAW 2 from my computer and playing [GR] until Ground Branch comes out. Patch is too little too late. Besides, in late January, I'll be back in school, this time for Spanish since Arabic 211 isn't until fall. And I'm not blaming anybody. GRIN tried their best with what they were given. Ubi, you're okay too.
  6. Four Little Diamonds by Electric Light Orchestra. Remember going on rampages to this song in GTA Vice City. That or car chases.
  7. Yeah I just checked out the Wikipedia for em and it says Hardcore Techno/gabber. I like "Raise Your Fist." Have the video playing in another IE tab so it's like listening to it. Not really a video. Just a few slides. I love their get up(Hockey masks and hoodies). I'm a huge Slipknot fan and I know most people hate em because they say they're too commercial but their music got me through a lot of tough times. My collection's just crazy. 80's, rock, alternative, metal, hardcore, and some techno songs. My friend listens to a lot of underground. But yeah right now I'm replaying "Raise Your Fist" by Anger Fist on youtube.
  8. I'm gonna go with GB from BFS. To hell with anymore AW games.
  9. Hahaha Dokta we're goin back n forth. Listening to "Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic Calm. Checked out Angerfist. Love me some good techno.
  10. Actually I just thought of something funny. The Delta guy looks like a mannequin. Is he modelling that black vest and the DCUs?
  11. Rob Zombie's "I'm Your Boogieman" from the Crow: City of Angels soundtrack.
  12. Well this headset's starting to go out on me. I turn my head to the right and lose sound in the left headphone. Just ordered a new one. I go through these things faster than I don't know what.
  13. Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue
  14. Haha mig I just watched Shoot Em Up last night and yeah. Probably one of the most unrealistic action movies ever but I still liked it. Had some real good music but I couldn't stand the main bad guy. Ugh. I mean yeah he was twisted but some of his lines just made me ask "Why did they pick this guy?" Also watched Resident Evil Extinction. I hope that wasn't the last one cause I'd be ######. Just cause the way it ended. Had a lot of tense parts though. And the other one I have to finish watching is War with Jason Statham and Jet Li. I fell asleep towards the end cause I was up from two in the morning that day. Also have to finish watching Tears of the Sun. I've seen it before but when I was watching it, the TV went out. Need to get a new one.
  15. Well I think I'm gonna go with BFS from now on. Right now, I'm waiting for Ghost Recon Gold Edition cause GRAW and GRAW 2 make me sick.
  16. I really need to get a new monitor. I've had this Gateway EV730 since I was 14. I'm now 21 LOL. That's so horrible. Same with my keyboard and speakers. But everything in the tower should run [GR] with ease. Can't wait til next week. Me and my friend are gonna kick it old school with some [GR] COOP. Not sure which gun I wanna use. Sounds are so sweet. M4. The MG sounds were my faves. No game ever got the M60 right like GR did. That and the M4. Nailed it. I'd love to name more but I'm fadin out so I'm gonna go.
  17. I'm still waiting on mine. Delivery's supposed to be on the 8th so hopefully I'll be playing by next Tuesday.
  18. Yeah Rabbi. I can't wait til next week when I get [GR] and me and my friend can get back to having fun with the game that brought us together as gamers in the first place unlike GRAW 2 which brought us farther apart. And I agree with Toniezz. By the time they release this patch, there won't be many people playing anymore. If you already haven't you should check out Blackfoot Studios' website. Full of people who appreciated [GR] and original Rainbow Six games.
  19. John Parr's "St Elmos Fire" Big time montage.
  20. Oh yeah Kingdom is nice. I understood quite a bit after taking Arabic. I never got around to the special features which is surprising for me cause I always watch commentary and stuff like that. Love learning about how a movie/tv show was madea nd it gives you a chance to get to know the actors and all the other staff. But just recently I saw Bourne Ultimatum(nice), The Brothers Solomon(stupid but hilarious) and Superbad(also stupid but hilarious) Just got Halloween unrated for Christmas and my friend also got me one of those cheesy king fu movies called Shogun Warrior Assassins 3. Definately not for kids. Gotta be the most whacked out king fu movie ever. But it is entertaining. Bout to whip out Tears of the Sun cause there's been so much talk about that in the GR and BFS forums lately. Me and my friend wanna see AVP:R just to make fun of it. I'm just waiting for the new Rambo cause it's like Schwarzenegger coming back for T3. Not to mention it looks like they turned Soldier of Fortune into a movie with all the gore.
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