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  1. Oh it's cool Hatchet. I wasn't attacking him. I think it did him a lot of good taking the HGH. Got him buffed up for a character and he said he felt good. Besides, like you stated, he is 60. So I think he needed em for this part. I've heard a rumor about the next one and I don't know if he needs to do another one after this one. And I couldn't see anybody playing Rambo but Stallone. Reason I said "I dont know if he needs to do another one" is because this one just took action to a whole new level. I mean Saving Private Ryan was graphic but this was pretty hard to watch during some of the scenes. Not really hard to stomach but just brutal. The rumor I heard about the next one makes it sound like it should be a Commando remake. And I also read an article somewhere where Stallone backed the use of HGH and I really do think it was good for him in this movie cause he's done most of the dirty work in the Rambo movies. He's done most of his own stunts is at least what I heard so I don't think that's something an average 60 y/o man should be doing. The two things I respect him for doing are first of all, actually going to Burma(Myanmar) and filming it there and second, for being able to distinguish it from a documentary. Nothing more I can really say about it. Just an awesome movie and I walked out with a lot more respect. Not just for Stallone but the people that are actually going through that over there on a day to day basis. Makes me wish we could do more to help.

  2. Yeah, Ledanek. He's admitted to taking HGH to get buff for the Rambo movies but yeah. For 60, that's still impressive. Could probably break me in half with one hand. And it is a totally different story. I think it was a real cool thing how he shined light on the genocide that's going on there. Was real surprised he went over to actually film it in Burma. And I don't have any of the Rambo's or Rocky's in my DVD collection but that's all gonna change. I remember basically idolizing Rambo when I was a kid. As much as(if not more than) GI Joe.

  3. I'm not gonna spoil it for anybody. I don't care how many unrealistic things there were in this movie. I loved it. A lot of violence but that's to be expected. Also really graphic. The special effects were awesome. A lot of brutality. But overall I think it's gonna prove to be one of the better movies of this year. Was a little short but that's the only complaint I have.

  4. Well the best game they released was Joint Operations. The DF games were awful and a lot of people have been saying the new game is gonna be called The Unit which yeah. it's basically another DF game. But like I said: I'm placing my hopes in GB. Ubi games are done as far as I'm concerned. And Vegas was alright except my game crashed every 15-20 minutes. And there weren't many maps. But I wanna get back on topic. I've already said what there is to say about this "upcoming patch" Too little too late.

  5. Well I had to make it up to him cause I was the one who convinced him to buy GRAW 2 in the first place. Forgive me. That's strange. All the sudden my eyes started bleeding after I said I was the one who convinced my friend to buy GRAW 2. A new patch for GRAW 2 is like a new game from Nazilogic(they earned that name by deleting every post that speaks out against them) Neither matters cause GB's gonna pound em both into the sand.

  6. At this point I don't even care about a patch. The lack of support for this game drove me to join the BFS forums cause atleast they care about us. Don't care about what the patch fixes. It doesn't fix the fact the game isn't replayable after a few months. One or two maps aren't gonna cut it. I really appreciate GRIN giving us all the feedback even though Ubi gave em a choke order or whatever that was. I also appreciate them for attempting to make a game for us PC gamers only but Ubi just went too Hollywood with the story IMO. The only money I gave them after this game was the 34 bux I spent on Ghost Recon Gold Edition for me and my friend.

  7. I think it was just made for SP cause I set it to highest priority and it still showed the regular Ghost skins for the MP kits. And another indication that it was probably made for SP is the new soldiers have their stats jacked up quite a bit I don't mind that much cause I use the 1990 Delta or SOF character skin mods. I just like the facial hair look.

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