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  1. Am I Awake by They Might Be Giants
  2. Yeah it's gonna be hard for me to crank em out now. Just got done watching the Ted Bundy movie and I'm still trying to figure out what makes someone snap like that. Anyways, Dub Pistols - Cyclone.
  3. Rob Zombie - I'm Your Boogieman More easy listening. Tuesday's Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Drink it in. LOL
  4. Time to tone it down a bit with Royksopp's "Remind Me" Might as well throw some Creedence Clearwater Revival in there. A little "Lodi" to calm you nerves. I may have to move a bunch of junk and have a Spanish test on Tuesday but I'm still in this fight. p.s. I sold my soul to the darkside once and then I B-slapped the dark prince and said I'm gonna have the best of both worlds and threw some habanero hot sauce in his eyes and yelled "Bam!" and hightailed it out of there.
  5. Okay I'm sure not everybody here recognizes the name Ed Gein but if you kow who Norman Bates, Leatherface, and Buffalo Bill are then you know a bit about Ed Gein already. I first became interested in Gein when reading about him in a book about American serial killers(lets just say I wasn't the most normal high school student) A few killers such as Ted Bundy, Albert Fish, and John Wayne Gacy caught my attention but none of them as much as Ed Gein. I did a history report on Ted Bundy but that's only because some dude was browsin through that book and was called upon to name his guy before me. Anyways, me and a friend rented movies on Son of Sam(his historical figure) Ted Bundy and Ed Gein. And no I didn't rent Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs or Psycho. There are actual movies on these guys, with the title being that person's name. Atleast for Gein and Bundy. My friend got Summer of Sam. Well I also got a book on Ed Gein which I believe was called Ed Gein. So I'm reading about him and watching the movie and I'm like "Wow this guy was messed up." And the reason I'm writing about this now is cause I just saw another movie on Ed Gein called "Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield" or somethin like that. Should've just been called The Butcher of Ed Gein cause that's pretty much what it did. The story was almost all wrong. I thought it would be good because it had Kane Hodder who played Jason Voorhees in a few Friday the 13th movies but all he did was make Ed Gein look like a wrestler. The timeline was off because it seemed like the bartender Ed Gein killed was just a few days before his last murder when in reality it was 3 years before it. And they made the son of his last victim into a deputy police officer. While he might have been a deputy police officer, they made it look like he got a call about her being missing when in reality it was he who found out she was missing and suspected him. It was just awful. if you want a better idea of what he was like, check out the one made in 2000 about him with the actor Steve Railsback playing Ed Gein. I just knew it as Ed Gein but on IMDB it says it's called "In the Light of the Moon" I know not many of you are interested in this kind of stuff but I saw the Kane Hodder version last night and was just so bothered. And that one book I have about him has pictures of his victims and there's a thumbprint on one of the pages that looks like I was eating doritos while looking at the pictures cause it's orange. I honestly can't say but I do think that's what it was.
  6. The Ted Bundy Song by Macabre. Ed Gein by Macabre. P.S. If you're interested in either Ted Bundy, get the self titled movies on em. The Ed Gein movie with Kane Hodder was horrible just because it was Kane Hodder. Made Ed Gein look like a wrestler. I recommend the one with Steve Railsback as Gein. Think it's called "In the Light of the Moon" released in 2000.
  7. Richard Cheese's version of Down With The Sickness.
  8. Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell" Old school time. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  9. I Want To Kiss You All Over by Exile. All thanks to Employee of the Month. And Grand Theft Audio's "We Luv U" More of a party song kinda guy. p.s. what's with the different avatar's dokta? been moving my bro and his wife out of their apartment cause they got evicted. I'd like to throw everything she has into the dumpster. what kind of woman keeps 2 pairs of slippers and has never opened them? Nirvana - Breed
  10. Sweet thanks for the post, Hatchet. I gotta get Red Dawn on Blu Ray. Loved that movie. Saw quite a few movies I'd like to get on that list.
  11. Yeah I'm done for good. I started laughing when reading the list. It depends on what model 240 it is. The Golf is supposed to be light enough for one man. But I'd still prefer the Mk 48. And even though, I can't help but roll my eyes at this patch, kudos goes to GRIN for trying. Loved GRAW even with the glitches and game freezing but GRAW 2 was just eh. Thanks anyways, GRIN for trying to give the PC fans their own game. See ya.
  12. When they said it was going to be out later in the month, did they man January or February. Cause I'm kinda booked with a few things at the end of February and well, January already passed so I guess they probably had a few more setbacks to deal with. And has there been any talk of a GRAW 3 or any other installments for the Ghost Recon series? Cause GRAW actually wasn't too bad but GRAW 2 IMO was just another bomb dropped into the toilet. I really couldn't see too many PC gamers buying a GRAW 3 or any other Ghost Recon installment unless Ubi completely turned itself around and started looking out for us again. But I think they'll find Jimmy Hoffa's remains before that happens.
  13. Thanks for re-assuring me, Hatchet. My friend also told me HD DVD is pretty much dead. Probably go with blu-ray.
  14. So I take it there's still no winner in this "war" between blu-ray and hd-dvd. We get our HD TV in a little less than two weeks and I'm still trying to figure out which player to get. Until there's a winner, I think I'll just stick with the DVD player. Cause I don't wanna get a blu-ray player and then find out some movie I wanna get is coming out on HD DVD. Never knew movies would be like consoles and PCs. I'm with Colin on this one. Just waiting for one or the other to win so I can finally decide.
  15. Nice dude. Just listening to White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane right now. Ahh man this acid's got me trippin! LOL j/k
  16. CB Song by The Legendary Shack Shakers.
  17. Know I'll get rippied on for this one: Blurry by Puddle of Mudd
  18. Scream Aim and Fire by Bullet For My Valentine. More of a Metal/Rock kinda guy. Every now and again I'll throw in something else.
  19. Well it all depends what my mood is. Right now it's "Blood Ocean" by Dethklok
  20. Hey everybody. Our old projector screen tv's been on the blink for months now so we ordered an HD TV and it's comin the 15th of this month. I was wondering what the best video player is for an HDTV. We have a DVD player and are probably gonna stick with that for a while but I was wondering whether HD DVD is better or Blu Ray. I don't know much about electronics so I was hopin someone could help me out. Thanks.
  21. Slipknot - Left Behind p.s. sorry dokta. been slackin cause of my cold. And Zicrap wasn't workin so I switched to Claritin.
  22. Yeah I read that in SOF Magazine. Said he and the film crew were shot at. Also that he witnessed the amputees and other victims of everything going on there. Couldn't even begin to imagine what that must've been like.
  23. Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward
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