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  1. I say go for it. And yeah a lot of people were real ###### when slipknot came out with Iowa because although they've never been an underground group, they weren't that commercial and then Iowa came out and you had jocks and whatnot listening to it. Although it does make for good work out music. And now Slipknot's real commercial after winning a grammy or emmy or whatever the music award is. But I still like em.

    Autobahn by Peter "Peas" McEvilley. Real cool dude. I told him I liked the song he did from Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo but couldn't find it on any CDs so he sent me a link to the full song on myspace.

  2. Yeah Dope is like borderline rock/metal.

    B**** by Dope and after this it's No Way Out by Dope.

    See I usually make CDs to listen to while gaming. Sometimes I'll have a lot of rock/metal. Sometimes I'll have some rock/metal with songs from a soundtrack such as BHD or We Were Soldiers.

  3. LOL I think it's just me and you dude. I see an occasional post by someone else but it's mainly just me and you. And I know how you feel. I listen to Slipknot, Deicide, or Dethklok while making breakfast sometimes. And back in highschool I always listened to metal bands before going to be and also early in the morning. Nobody ever asked me me how I could listen to it because the only people who talked to me were my friends who listened to the same stuff. Everybody else thought I fit the profile for school shooter. Anyways, back on the topic at hand:

    Survive by Dope

  4. Yeah in one of the articles Hatchet posted on here it said amazon had HD DVDs for like 50 percent off which usually indicates something's gonna die off. I got a shirt a while back from a website and I was gonna get another one but they were in limited sizes and colors. Contacted the manufacturer and they told me the product was being discontinued. You should check dvd empire or cd universe for their blu ray prices. One thing that has me mad is Kingdom is a Universal Studios movie and they're still with HD DVD. I like that movie cause I can show off my Arabic to friends and family. Like "Yeah that means car." or "He's saying no" LOL

  5. Yeah I'm surprised Universal Studios and Paramount are still with HD DVD. I'm sure they'll see the light sooner or later. We just got out HD TV today so now we just gotta get a blu-ray player a re-buy all the good action movies in Blu-Ray. Hooked up the DVD player and all I've been watching are action movies. But yeah from all these articles, it looks like HD DVD is dead.

  6. Well we have songs about pretty much everything here. For instance, I'm listening to Devoured by Desire by ::expletive:: U All. You can pretty much guess the expletive. Got this CD from a dude in highschool. He was cool with one of the bandmembers. They're a metal band. Was going through a box with playstation(old school for me) games and CDs and I found this in here. One of the best finds of the year. Anyways, I'm out.

  7. Is it true?

    Is it true that the new Ghost Recon is in development?? :unsure: Notice I left out the Advanced Warfighter. w00t I guess it will be left out .A year and a half away??? :hmm: No Urban maps??? :hmm: Anyone seen these rumors?? :blush: Maybe we can go back to the forest again to run with the bunnies. :D


    I'm with you on this one, Snake. GRAW 2's been on my desktop for the past few months and I thought I'd get a kick out of the M240 so I DLd the patch only to find it's only available in modes other than campaign coop. Fun times. As soon as I saw this, I uninstalled the game and deleted anything left of it on my computer. Might go ahead and sell it on Ebay. Cause a penny saved is a penny earned. And that's probably how much I'll get for it. How bout that Ground Branch?

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