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  1. Dragonaut by Sleep followed by Audiowaste by Angerfist.

    Here's the story behind Dragonaut. Back in the good ol highschool days, I usually watch B movies just to make fun of em but occasionally I'd find a good movie. Unfortunately, the movie in which I first heard that song wasn't a good movie or even a B movie. It's a movie called Gummo about a town in the U.S. after it's hit by a tornado and it shows the life of the most po-dunk white trash people you will ever see in any movie. Two kids(maybe teenagers) riding around on bikes killing cats for money spent on glue to sniff. That's just one of the many weird side stories.

    What inspired me to search for that song was a part when the two characters on bikes are introduced and that song's playing and it's funny yet hardcore. The song's hardcore but listening to it in the background while these two guys ride down the street on bikes trying to look hardcore is just priceless. A few racial slurs are tossed around in the movie but that's to be expected as I did state it's about white trash rednecks. Anyways just thought I'd give you the background on that song.

  2. Lucky Number Slevin and 30 Days of Night. And it is a coincidence that both of those have Hartnett in them. He's a pretty good actor. My father liked Pulp Fiction so he loved Lucky Number Slevin. When watching the previews for it I didn't think it would be that good but I loved it.

  3. Eternal by Art of Fighters followed by Offensive Warriors by Paul Elstak

    I love the part at 2:35 in Eternal when the guy goes super saiyan and yells "Eternaaallllll!!!!!!!" And I think it's Fight Like a Man when Elstak samples Army of Darkness.

  4. Ah! I can't remember that Paxton vampire movie either, mig! I did catch it on TV once. Was pretty crazy. I think the funniest part about the original Night of the Living Dead is the guy that played Tom. He was like a gee golly type of guy instead of a redneck. Laugh every time I see him. Same with the 1990 Tom cause his tough guy lines just don't come out right. The best part about Halloween last year was I caught both of em through comcast on demand. But if you get a chance, watch Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis. So hilarious. A lot of classic lines that will make ya chuckle. And the music is priceless.

  5. Yeah Preacher. I'm gonna have to watch it again. That's one thing I liked about the 1968 version is they had those little tid bits of info on the news. I liked that. Instead of just going to it here and there and then breaking the TV like a YO YO!!! LOL That guy cracked me up in the 90's version. Goin on about yo yo's. Everytime he says , I do a little yo yo motion.

    And yes. Roco Resident Evil was nice too. I'm only 21 and it's like I'm the only person that recognized Milla Jovovich in Dazed and Confused. She's pretty hott too. But why did Michelle Rodriguez have to die?! LOL

    And I forgot to mention the only thing I didn't really like about the original Dawn of the Dead is the zombie make up. I think they had a low budget cause all the zombies looked baby blue. I really wish they would've brought back the one zombie with the tamborine in Dawn of the Dead(2004). Anyways, keep em coming. I'm always looking for new zombie films.

  6. I dunno. It's like I read these posts and that's when I get into hardcore mode. But right now it's an old school song. Listened to it randomly in highschool.

    Eifersucht by Rammstein followed by Confusion by New Order. And I'd like to add that it's Confusion from the Blade Sountrack. Looked it up on google and apparently there's another band called New Order with a song called Confusion from the 80's.

  7. Yeah Shaun of the Dead was actually really good. Had it's funny parts but it was also pretty serious at times. And I liked 28 Days Later because it gave you more of a sense of survival. But I liked 28 Weeks Later because it was fast paced and went into more detail of how the infection spreads. Each had its ups and downs but I won't get into that.

    Funniest zombie movie would have to be Return of the Living Dead pt 2. The guy that played Joey in that had me laughing so hard when he busts into the church and yells "Brenda!!!!!" Just something about his voice. And some of the zombies make hilarious noises too. In fact that was on comedy central one time. And Return of the Living Dead Necropolis was pretty bad too. Mainly because they didn't even have their own scary music in there. Just threw in rock songs by Powerman 5000 and Godsmack. Some other bands too.

  8. Okay so I know it's not even close to Halloween yet but I rented Night of the Living Dead 3D 2-d Version this weekend and yeah I thought I'd get this topic started. That had to be the worst zombie movie I've ever seen. Plot was out of whack, the weapon scene was the worst ever, and the characters were all opposite of what they were in the 68 and 90's versions. Now one of the guys in the commentary tried explaining this but I couldn't even make it through that. I did however like one line when the main character's brother made a reference to map quest because it set the tone for the date of the film. Anyways, that's my least favorite zombie film.

    Best zombie film, IMO is Night of the Living Dead(1990). The reason for this is, they had decent weapons, the acting was good, the storyline was close to the orginal, and I actually wanted the characters to live(that could be contributed to the acting. Everytime it gets to the gas station part, I'm so demoralized cause grrr! They didn't look hard enough. Trying hard not to spoil it for anybody who hasn't seen it yet. And the rednecks at the end always remind me of people from the eastern shore here in Maryland. But what's key to me in a zombie movie is that the zombies are slow. I just can't stand the runners like in Dawn of the Dead(2004). Cause you gotta have some way to distinguish the living from the dead in a good zombie film. But that's just my opinion.

    Anyways, that's my favorite zombie flick. And I will accept 28 Days/Weeks Later even though they're not really zombies. The director of 28 Weeks Later stated they're "the infected" but I will accept those movies as zombie movies.

  9. Redemption by Art of Fighters.

    Can't get enough of this song. Respnosibility! Redemption! Well........guess my life was pretty extraordinary. LOL I don't know why but that's my favorite part of the song. Just wanna yell it to everybody.

  10. Nice, thanks dude. Just listening to Scream Aim And Fire by Bullet For My Valentine. Already posted it but it puts me at peace.

    Anyways, on a side note, I thought you might be interested to know that Akira is one of the Encore onDemand movies. That's supposedly the movie that's sampled in Take U Back by Angerfist. Can't type right now. Eyes feel like I just woke up.

  11. Oh yeah. I think my most extreme measure was actually contacting Peter "Peas" McEvilley on myspace and asking him where I could find a CD with the song "Autobahn" on it.

    Invisible Wounds(Dark Bodies) by Fear Factory.

    See sometimes, I just gotta tone it down a knotch. I wanna start looking for more songs like "Oy" by Gypsy Kings just so I can get into Spanish mode. Cause I still study Arabic in Spanish class. One of the main reasons for that is we don't get Spanish names so I'm always called by my English(more Irish) name and I can't really get into character.

  12. Eternal by Art of Fighters and The Stunned Guys

    BTW, if I don't respond for a while, it's because I'm fighting another war with my friend that I can't really talk about due to the forum rules. One that takes up a lot of bandwidth.

  13. Yeah a lot of people seemed to think he was creepy but also harmless. They have a piece on him and also Albert Fish on youtube. It's split up into parts from history channel, pbs, or A&E

  14. Yeah I'm always open to new things. And I never listen to music critics. Like movie award shows here in America. You'll never see a big action movie sweep an award show. It's all about twists in the storyline and drama these days.

    Faith No More - Falling to Pieces(Played in gear-up scene in Black Hawk Down)

    So yeah I would like some advice on more hardcore artists to check out.

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