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  1. This really sucks. It makes me wonder who will be working on the PC version of GR4, if there is one. I enjoyed playing GRAW COOP with my one squad mate. never got into GRAW 2. Was a tad too easy. But thanks GRIN for being cool and working on our(PC gamers) version of GRAW and GRAW 2.
  2. I'm not too worried. I've been playing Prototype and the original GRAW when I have time for gaming. I expected this. You can never expect the first release date to be the final one.
  3. Well I just beat the game today and I must say it felt like it was for nothing. I loved coming home from school blowing up vehicles with ied's and gunning down rebels and freaking them out with brush fires. But after the ending, I felt like it was all a waste. I put so much time in the game and just...nothing. I won't spoil the end, though. I know it sounds bad, but The Jackal was probably my favorite character. His voice sounded similar to the actor who played Lake in Tears of the Sun or the ex-Special Forces guy from the Season 1 Finale of Burn Notice.
  4. Yeah I didn't really like Naylor's book when I read it. He mostly bad-mouthed the Navy SEALs and glorified everyone else. And durka, I forget what years it covers but you might wanna check out Among Warriors in Iraq by Mike Tucker. I think it covers the 82nd, 101st, 10th Mountain, Army SF and Big Red One. Andother one I liked was Moment of Truth in Iraq by Michael Yon about similar units but during the time when Petraeus was commanding general in Iraq. The new book Splash mentioned sounds interesting. Wonder if it will ever be released.
  5. Anybody watch that show The Wanted? I wasn't sure if this should be put in Real World Military because it has a few former special operatives but it also has a journalist and a war crime prosecutor. I like the concept but in the two episodes I've watched, it really lacks closure. It always ends with some political type saying "We'll extradite him" but it never actually shows the terrorist in handcuffs. Was wondering why? The first one I saw showed them working to try and extradite the leader of Ansar al-Islam and tonight's episode was showing them trying to extradite an al-Qaeda financier who had ties to bin-Laden and Mohammed Atta.
  6. 1: Tactical 2:Weapons. Always a lot of em and the sounds are great. 3:"Roger that! Aggressive!" I loved hearing my teammates shout that in GRAW. Always brought a "Whoa buddy!" from me.
  7. Hey for those of you that haven't made up your minds whether or not you want to see The Dark Knight and if you have a Blu-Ray player, the Batman Begins BRD has a special sneak peek for The Dark Knight. It's the first scene from the movie. I didn't know it was on there until watching it last night. My one cousin hasn't seen The Dark Knight yet so I'm gonna show him that featurette because it's a great opening scene. I'll probably be watching it until The Dark Knight comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray.
  8. I agree with Ledanek's review. I didn't think Transformers was terrible. I kinda liked it but Michael Bay always seems to use CGI and big explosions. I watched a behind the scenes thing on comcast and they said the truck flipping over was actually a real truck and not cgi. Pretty crazy. This is definately one of my favorite films if not my favorite of 2008. The whole cast was just amazing. The only part I could have done without was the one SWAT guy complaining in the one scene. I dunno. Maybe it's cause I've seen it 3 times now and that part's just really old. But even the guys who played the side detectives and whatnot were good. I'm also glad Lieutenant Gordon had a bigger role in this film. It'll be interesting to see how he continues as the commissioner if there is gonna be another installment to this series. Only villains left that I can name are Penguin, Riddler, Mr Freeze, The Croc(can't remember his official name) and Poison Ivy. Couldn't imagine anybody playing Penguin other than Danny Devito but I also couldn't see anybody playing Joker but Jack Nicholson and Ledger out-did him. Then there's Robin. I say bring back the 1960's Robin costume lol. I know 3rd time's a charm but I'm probably gonna see it one more time in a few weeks if it's still in theaters.
  9. Saw it again at 6:30PM with my cousin tonight. He loved it and as for seeing it a 2nd time, it was even better. I hate to say it but Jack Nicholson and Tommy Lee Jones' Batman characters were both out-done in this movie. Ledger was just so insane, sporadic and twisted. But even though the character was so psychotic he always made things funny and had you wanting more. It really is a shame he OD'd cause I really think this was his best performance yet.
  10. Well I went to the 1PM show for Dark Knight and I won't ruin it for anyone but I liked it. I liked Heath Ledger as Joker cause he played him so much more psychotic and unpredictable. But I think that's because this was based on a completely different story than the Tim Burton film. And I can't say who played Joker better because they were two different stories. But yeah I really liked the storyline. And is it me or does Christian Bale's voice deepen whenever he puts the suit on? It sounds like he's on a roid rage or something.
  11. Anybody else getting a weird message when they try going to the BFS website? I keep getting some popup like a virus scanner advertisement. My virus scanner and anti-spyware clients are all up to date and I never got that message before. Don't know what it could be. Also wasnt sure if I could have posted this in the off topic thread.
  12. I'm reading First In by Gary C. Schroen(About half-way through) and I'm probably gonna buy Jawbreaker as well in order to read into GB as well. And it was the only good book I saw at the book store in the mall. They don't have a good history section. Only cost me about 7 bux.
  13. Reason I'm bringing this topic back is I just started researching Blu-Ray players today and reading reviews on sites like amazon and circuit city gives me mixed feelings. The only reason I think it would be pointless to buy a PS3 is 'cause I only play PC games now. And most people that give Blu-Ray players bad reviews say they just went and got a PS3. But some people that gave them good reviews said the people in stores recommended the PS3 but they ended up liking their Blu-Ray players. I've been thinking about the Samsung one that's like 400 bux mainly because it would be convenient seeing as how we already have a Samsung HD TV. That and it comes with an ethernet port for updates which brings me to the next topic. Firmware. VHS and DVD players never had all these factors to worry about. Just put the DVD or VHS in and you were good. But now people have to download these firmware updates. What I didn't know before researching is Blu-Ray players can play DVDs as well and upconvert 'em to look better which is really cool to me. But I heard Blu-Ray discs are the way to go and as soon as I get the Blu-Ray player, that's all I'm going to be buying. But I have heard a lot of people complaining about Live Free or Die Hard. I was wondering if anybody here has had those problems. And I have also been looking at the Sony Blu-Ray player which is also 400 bux but that doesn't seem to have the ethernet port for the firmware downloads although I heard the process is quite easy without it once you learn it all. Anyways, any help with this would be much appreciated.
  14. Hahaha everytime I see Matt Damon I think of Team America's portrayal of him. I'd have to see the trailers as well.
  15. Papa you forgot something in your comparison to McDonalds. They kill and steal people's souls. I know cause I worked there for a year LOL. I'm not kidding about the souls part.
  16. Ave Maria by Mozart. I know it's not me but come on...Hitman.
  17. Been busy getting ready for my Egypt trip and getting staples in my head from a head injury along with a tetanus shot right after. Then getting them removed and getting three shots right before it. So since I've had metal in my head I've been listening to metal or close to it. Haven't stopped listening to the hardcore but no new songs. Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold. p.s. Also been watching a lot of movies No Pais For Mayoro(I think) Hombres. AKA No Country For Old Men. Also Hitman, Delta Farce, The Hitcher, Beowulf, and The Kingdom.
  18. Yeah Hatchet Dexter's crazy but I love it. And I knew as soon as I saw WytchDokta was the last person to post here that his would be SAW IV. Started watching Rambo First Blood Part 2 but I gotta go through the process of getting a passport and other things to prep for Egypt.
  19. Paul Elstak - ::expletive:: It. Followed by Y.M.S.C.I.H. by Paul Elstak
  20. Bout to be watching Rambo First Blood Parts One and Two(Ultimate Editions) Got both for just 5 bux each from BJ's. Can't beat that deal with a titanium baseball bat. Makes sense though since DVDs are about to be out of style.
  21. Hello everybody. I'm taking Spanish 111 and my teacher is Egyptian. He was born in Egypt and just got his citizenship here in the U.S. Well tonight after our test he announced that there's gonna be a trip to Egypt. He asked if anybody wanted to come along. He said it's 2600 for 13 days and they pay for air fare, food, and hotel. I was like "Word sign me up!"(Not my exact words but yeah) Went to his office and we call a lady tomorrow to get all the info. My first time travelling outside of the states and also like a dream come true ever since I cruised pass Arabic 111 and 112, I've been saying how much I wanna see Egypt atleast once in my life. I'll also have bragging rights in my Arabic class. Be like oh so you partied alot over your break? That's cool I went to Egypt. And whenever my parents would ask my brother where he was going back in highschool he'd tell em "I'm going to Egypt." But I really am going to Egypt. So as you can tell I'm really excited.
  22. Krazy by Angerfist. Are you krazy?!
  23. It's my birthday today so We Shall Not Be Moved by Paul Elstak
  24. Where do you live again, Dokta? Cause we've had SAW IV here in the U.S. Game Don't Stop by Art of Fighters
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