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  1. Hey yall. I'm new here. I first got into the GR series when I had PS2. Then I got into PC games and that's when I started playing GRAW. I loved that game and can't wait for the release of the sequel. It's ALMOST just in time for my birthday. It's release date is I think March 6th or 7th which is two or three days after my birthday. I also noticed the Ghosts are fielding the Army Combat Uniform All-Terrain Digital Camo. That's pretty awesome cause I'm joining the Army and I actually bought the full Army Combat Uniform ahead of time(without unit insignia and branch tag of course) Anyways, I just wanted to say that when I'm looking for news on a new Ghost Recon game, I always turn to GhostRecon.net because they seem to have more news than the official Ghost Recon web site. I'm gonna head out now. Have a goodun.
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