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  1. Hey everyone I used to be a PC gamer up until about 2010 or so. My name on PSN is MWGF-Ghost. Got back into playstation consoles. Was wondering if there are any casual gamers playing wildlands who don't mind playing on Arcade. I work 3rd shift on the east coast so I'm usually on around 8 or 10am up until about 4. Mic is preferred. I don't mind going off mission into far out provinces to get new weapons and weapons parts, but i prefer to stay in one province a time until we take out the cartel buchon

  2. I've been having better luck in SP. COOP started out fun, but then this one dude I gamed with in Destiny joined and his one friend joined and kinda ruined it. He's lightyears ahead. I only wanna stray off mission to find weapons and weapons parts, but that's it. I wanna get back to the story. I took out Yuri and Polito, but tonight I captured Pozolero. Yuri and Polito just sounded insane, whereas Pozolero seems like he may be Autistic. He doesn't seem to know what he's doing is wrong. Pretty cool story. Love the scenery and open world and I cant get over how awesome the parachuting is. Just need to find like-minded people to play the game with. I like joking around every now and then, but for the most part i like to immerse myself in the game and appreciate it. And i think I'm maybe a level 12. Possibly higher.

  3. I'm probably gonna pass on this movie. The movie SEAL Team Six released by Nat Geo is already on Netflix streaming, but I'm gonna pass on that too. My Dad got me the book, No Easy Day, but I'm gonna wait a while before I actually pick it up. I'll keep my reasons to myself 'cause I don't wanna break any rules on the forum. I will say I did like Act of Valor. I already have that on Blu-Ray. I took my friend who was a Marine in Iraq to see it along with another one of my high school friends and they both liked it, but I'm just gonna pass on anything about this for quite a while.

  4. I saw it with two friends last Friday to celebrate my birthday early. Even though it was for my birthday, I paid for all our tickets because my one friend was a Marine who did two tours in Iraq in '06 and '08. He really enjoyed it and so did I. I sleep so much easier know guys like that in the SEALs and our other military units are out there fighting for us.

  5. I was just checking my email and saw that Randy "Macho Man" Savage/Poffo died of a heart attack while driving today. He was 58. Sad day. He was from the glory days of wrestling. He will be missed by me. I'll always think of him while snapping into a Slim Jim.

  6. Back to the topic of Osama being killed instead of choppers. To the person who mentioned the SEALs being trained in hand-to-hand combat if Osama was armed, I'm glad they didn't utilize that training. I'm glad they killed him. If we captured him alive, we'd wait over ten years just for him to go on trial like we're doing for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. That's more tax money I don't need wasted.

  7. I know I'm not well-liked here, but I ahd to come on and just say job well done to the troops and all the intelligence agencies. So huge. My gf called me and told me and so I knocked on my dad's door and told him. Just huge. I'm jubilant and just happy.

  8. I saw the trailer for this movie when I started righting a short story with a friend about a zombie/infected apocalypse. I was trying to get ideas and also see if any new zombie movies were coming out because they have always been my favorite horror films. But then I saw the trailer for Resident Evil Afterlife. I'm sorry, but Milla Jovovich needs to get out while she still can and save her acting career. I knew there would be a new one when I saw the end of Extinction but it's just borderline stupid. Instead of having them crash and all join Umbrella at the end of Apocalypse, they should have just had the chopper fly off in the distance. The whole thing with her having these powers is just ridiculous. I really hope the game series hasn't gone this far off the deep end. I stopped playing after 3. Anyways, watch the trailer and let me know what you think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zZcVrvXlb8

  9. I might see it. I dunno. Will Ferrell is always good for a laugh but his duo movies are starting to get old. Don't get me wrong I loved Talladega Nights, Step Brothers and Blades of Glory, but I think he needs another movie like Old School where he's just part of a group. I probably will see it though just because he's one of my all time favorite comedy actors.

  10. Yeah, I hear ya on the crowd part, Sart. There was one time where I laughed at a death and thought I'd be the only one to do so, but everyone else pitched in. And I kinda understand what you mean about the cameras, firefly. But it wasn't that bad. If you pay close attention to some of the scenes in the latest Rambo, you'll notice the camera's shaky in that as well. But it won at the box office for the weekend. At first, I couldn't believe people were saying Scott Pilgrim would beat it, but then I remembered Meet the Spartans beat the latest Rambo and that movie was just another horrible movie spoof. But it's about time a classic action flick won at the box office. Usually its something that has to do with an intricate conspiracy or something out of this world like Avatar. And I would also like to say that Jason Statham redeemed himself with this movie after doing horrible ones such as Transporter 3 and Crank 2 High Voltage.

  11. I saw this movie today and I liked it. They spent so much time promoting all the stars, but I honestly did not know that Stallone was the director until the beginning credits. I knew there would be a lot of action and it was. Even when there wasn't action, it was good. I wasn't a fan of Statham when he did Transporter 3 and Crank 2 High Voltage, but he definitely redeemed himself in this. I'll admit I had to laugh at some of the action scenes, but in my opinion, it's a classic action film. It's old school which I like. It doesn't just follow one character and they're not built up to have the world revolve around them. It was okay with the Matrix and actually I think Unbreakable started it, but Constantine and the new version of The Day The Earth Stood Still where it's just one guy holds the fate of all mankind in his hands is just overplayed. I know people are going to refuse to see it because of their mindset, but this was just so rockin'. I literally had to stand outside of my car for a while with my cousin while he smoked his cig because I was just so jacked up. Dolph Lundgren was probably the funniest in the whole movie.

    And I don't think Macgruber is an SNL skit stretched too think. I've never seen the sketches, but my other cousin has and he loved it too. There are just some parts that will take you by surprise and will make you laugh. The only SNL skit that was a mistake to turn into a movie in my opinion was Superstar with Molly Shannon. Deuce Bigalow was borderline with European Gigolo but I don't know many people who didn't like Night at the Roxbury.

  12. Hey I don't know if anybody here is into Warhammer 40K at all, but I just got into the books this Spring and saw they are making a straight to DVD/Blu-Ray movie. It's being written by Dan Abnett and it has Terence Stamp as a voice actor. It's all CGI/animated. But it's called Ultramarines. Right now they just have a teaser for it and a website which has just revealed that another Space Marine Chapter, the Imperial Fists, will be involved somewhat.

  13. I saw this movie with a friend. It really wasn't that good at all. It felt way too long and the director tried throwing in way too much. He did a few throwback references to the original Predator movie, Adrien Brody tried too hard to be hardcore and ended up sounding like Christian Bale in the new Batman movies and the director also tried to talk about the Predators and their planet. I actually preferred AVP: Requiem over Predators. The only real highlight of the movie is when they brought back "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard. The effort was there but like I said he just tried to squeeze too much into the movie.

  14. removed initial sentences due to discussion of warez But that's where I saw the screaming bombhead guys. I can play Doom and FEAR at night with the lights off but going up against those guys with headphones on just gave me nightmares. And I didn't think the ending to this game was even so-so. I deleted the game and threw it away after that crap.

    It's because the game was so revolutionary. Being able to steer the enemy into an ambush spot by tossing a molotov cocktail into some dry grass. And the IED's were my secondary weapon of choice. When I saw that, I was like "No way that's the coolest!" But yeah I didn't like how many times it took to kill guys. I was usually able to drop em with one round from the 50 cal and the dart rifle but the other sniper rifle blew. But I got pretty good at mastering ambushes in that game. One thing I also liked was how the games would rust and actually blow up in your hands at times. I learned to always go back to the armory whenever i was close after a mission But yeah all of that ruined by the worst ending in gaming history. It's like "The guy's just too hardcore and the players would have too much fun if there was a normal ending where you could actually complete your mission and kill the Jackal." it's like "What the heck is this Tora Bora?"

  15. I played out both options. Still the same endings. And yeah I had it patched to 1.03. And yeah I was like "Awesome I'm establishing rapport with these people that's real cool" and then they betray you like an army of super prix. And I didn't mind the respawning enemies too much. Could have done without the respawning of the vehicles. That engine roar was as nightmare-inducing as the screaming bomb men war cry from Serious Sam Second Encounter. Watch this youtube vid and skip to about 58 seconds to hear what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=448iHJR3sYI

  16. I like being able to customize my weapons in GRAW more than GR. I thought the kit system in GR was flatout dumb. Another thing I like about GRAW(not GRAW 2) is the insertion. It makes it feel a lot more personal. Everybody was telling me "Well you can edit it to get it to the point where you can have insertions like that" One: I dont know a thing about mods. And two: It should be in the game already. I shouldn't have to make a mod for that. That's what was wrecked in GRAW 2. And I too liked all the high-tech hardware even if it's not in production or being used a certain way. It's like someone complaining about everything that can't be done in movies because Mythbusters proved it wrong. I know you can't curve a bullet around someone's head and hit the target behind them but it's still a cool concept let me watch the movie(even though I find Angelina Jolie to be extremely annoying)

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