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  1. PS4. Upgrading my ACR. Started doing the P416, but the damage is just so low. Think I'm at Tier 45 now. I kinda like it because of all the SB reinforcements, but the convoys are getting rough. Dang Unidad keeps intervening.
  2. Thanks fellas. I'll probably hop on it tomorrow since I'm off tomorrow night.
  3. Can anyone say if this is worth doing? Or are the rewards pretty much meh? The season challenge rewards have really gone downhill.
  4. I wish i had my one friend to play this with. My TF consists of a lady friend, a guy fixated on playing like Steven Seagal (sneakin up crackin necks) and an old guy who gets fed up with the game way too fast. My one friend and I used to play the original with Jungle Storm and Island Thunder on PS2 on Elite. I know he and I could do it on Extreme, but he's PC and I'm PS4. My PC died and working minimum wage plus night time differential doesn't make it easy to rebuild.
  5. So I'm one of those people who is all about Merica and so I was on iHeartRadio searching for playlists or songs titled "Patriotic" "American" and "Merica" I found a song called "Merica" by guy called Granger Smith aka Earl Dibbles Jr. Since then I really got into his music and I'm going to see him this Friday in Silver Spring, MD. Pretty excited. Last concert I went to was Rolling Stones in Baltimore when I was about 12 or so. I'm 31 now. I'd recommend checking Granger Smith out if you like country music. Pretty good stuff.
  6. Better than Narco Roads for sure. Love the new Sniper Rifle. Just wish they added all my guns from the stock game to it. Really don't see why they can't do that. But I love the story line and having my mates sith me. Anyone else have a problem with the voices not matching their characters? Weaver had Holt's and vice versa. Hope to see more patrols in the woods.
  7. I just want the vehicle dropoff changed to be like the Diversion and Mortar strike so you can control it instead of it being dropped like 500 meters next to a tree or on the side of a mountain where you gotta chase it.
  8. Yes! I love those songs even though they're praising the enemy. Just have such great rhythms.
  9. I was kinda disappointed by it. Also just went for the face paint challenge. Not gonna waste all that time summoning him and fast traveling to come back and do it all over again. Besides we already have snow camos for our characters and weapons.
  10. Yeah I wasn't too sure I'd make the shot since the SR25 and L115A3 are my best ones.
  11. So I was on my way back to a Unidad base after losing a patrol and I saw a random jeep at 750+ meters so I decided to back up more and more until I got to about 800m or so away. I got to a vantage point of 898m and backed up just a bit more. 901 meters is now my longest shot. HTI no suppressor. It was a feat for me because I'm on PS4. I figure PC you'd be able to see guys further away. Gonna be uploading the video on YouTube.
  12. I did. Made sure i followed them and mentioned the experience on Twitter.
  13. So I've had a few peoblems with certain patches showing up for the Peruvian Connection DLC and also for this week's Task Force Challenge (Flames patch). Each time I contacted Ubi's live support and each time they resolved it for me pretty cool.
  14. The drone/binoculars not working for me every now and then. And being a nerd, I'd like all camo patterns for the crye precision uniforms instead of the select few they have now.
  15. Yeah I'm trying to get into playing with less hud. One reason is setting markers and an enemy being marked instead. Tried marking a generator the other night for my teammate, and it kept marking an enemy instead. But i agree with the OP. Tweaking the compass would be much obliged because I wanna know where I'm going too.
  16. Challenges are definitely refreshing. I kinda wish you could still edit the color of your weapon parts with the paint presents. I always black out the individual parts. Like the scope, grip/grenade launcher, etc. But the copper is a cool color.
  17. to be honest, the Vulture patch is my fave. We got it last night. It took me a while to find the challenges though. I felt like an idiot when i did. I was like "Oh derp"
  18. I really like the challenges. I think that will make it more interesting and give peeps some motivation.
  19. So far I'm not too big on it due to lack of weapons and a lot of rainbow theme vehicles. You don't get all the weapons from the regular game I guess to look more like a mercenary? And when I used the Spotting command, a SB guy came over comms saying "We will pass you intel on enemy positions!!!" Reminded me of the scene from Kung Pow "He just left!!! With nuts!!!" But we'll see. I like the live season challenges more.
  20. Yeah you get a sick guitar riff when you go through them successfully. Excellent! Lol
  21. I'd look but then I'd be sad since i can't access it even with my season pass. Sent Ubi an email. Don't even see the challenges.
  22. Question. If you have the season pass, is it supposed to automatically download? And if so, what time is it being released? I saw something about a live stream, but wasnt sure if that's the release time or not. I ask cause I'm one of the people having issues with my season pass. It doesn't show up in my library/add ons for my PS4, but i know i have the unlimited xp booster.
  23. I'm so with you on the Nidia speech. Like nothing or noone is gonna stop her from what she chincada madre wants. That right there is why I'm disappointed we dont get to choose to kill or capture buchones.
  24. Not g9nna let the vehicles kill it for me. I just want new enemies to merc. Gettin tired of hearing "La Santa. La Santa. La Saaaanta BLANCA!!!" But this is definitely one of my fave games ever. I'm growing out my stache. Right now my character has chevron, but once it gets to Fu Manchu length I'm switching to the trucker stache.
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