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  1. Yeah me and my friend haven't played the game for weeks now. From what I heard it doesn't sound like many of the issues we brought up were patched. I downloaded the patch but I just lost interest in the game. Only things that might bring me back are Brettzies' M468 mod and Snowfella's Magpul Masada mod but that's it.
  2. Man that gun looks like total sweetness, Snow. And thanks for pointing out the desert sight, Caprera. I didn't notice that when I was checking it out before. There's a lot of detail in that. I like how the EoTech sight says "For Law Enforcement/Military Use" Very good. He really paid attention to detail. I love how you have the grenade launcher that slides forward. I use the M416 a lot and I love it but the only thing I don't like is it has the sideways disposal. Yours is more 203 style. This and the M468 might be what brings me back to this game. Either way, the mod looks great. The blood of the rebels is gonna floooow like the rivers of ancient Babylon. LOL
  3. It's okay, Snow. Take your time man. From what I've seen so far, I'm lovin it. You even got it down to the sight. And don't worry about the different ammo types. I'm sure it's already tough making just one gun. Couldn't imagine doing multiple versions of one gun. And what I meant by you getting it down to the right sight is so far all the vids I've seen on this gun, it's had the eotech which leads me to believe it's meant for CQB like you've stated before. I know I'm nothing more than a supporter but you're doing a great job man. Keep it up.
  4. So I heard this Magpul Masada's here to stay. Heard you might even be able to get it in the civilian world soon.
  5. To make my WP's go away, I usually right click but I haven't even downloaded the patch yet cause I haven't played in weeks.
  6. Oh man that's awesome. Yeah I'm looking to get into heavier hiking and hopefully hike parts of the Appalachian trail sometime. But the Sierras. Wow. That is some rugged terrain. I was just hiking the dirt road by the powerlines one day when I found my trail. I love it. Anyways, I'm out. Keep up with the feedback.
  7. Hey everybody. I'm kinda bored so I figured I'd start this up. Is anybody here into hiking/backpacking? If so, where do you hike and what's the terrain like? I hike here in MD, USA and I hike along a dirtroad in a field of powerlines near my house and then I cut off into the woods. The terrains rocky and sandy near the powerlines but the trail I hike is a dirt path used by four wheelers and dirt bikes. I also just got a pair of Merrell Sawtooth boots which have been holding up very well considering what I've put them through so far. You can see em in my avatar pic.
  8. Alright thanks for pointing that out Tinker. Didn't see that there before.
  9. Um, Ballistic? WHat was the point of posting the link for this thread? I know we're making measly requests but Brettzies already started on a mod for the M468 which is an indicator that someone has been reading this thread. So lets keep the ideas rollin.
  10. I dunno it looked like he cared a little bit. Cause he didn't have a smiley afterwards. He had a madey(?)
  11. Well I think that's because shotguns usually cost less than assault rifles. Especially something new like the Magpul Masada. Anyways, keep up the good work, Snow.
  12. Yeah it's good to see you can do all of this on your own without any help Brettzies. Good work man.
  13. Yeah deleyt it's none of the modders here. I made a mistake in my assault cause it turned out to be someone else who nobody here really seems to like. Just PM me and I'll tell you who it is. I'll give you a clue. It's a real amateur who THINKS he/she is a modder when in actuality they're idiots. Here's another clue. They've been getting their posts edited for bad language and for flaming. But if you still don't know who it is, PM me and I'll tell ya.
  14. Yeah very frightened. I get so fearful when I'm insulted for not being a weapon modder. I just broke down and cried like a ten year old girl. Really couldn't handle it. Anyways, I found an article of a 12.7 M16 if that's what you're looking for. Closest I could come to what you're talking about. Here it is: http://www.strategypage.com/military_photos/m16_50.aspx
  15. Okay I'm sorry but I really don't get the logic behind the modders' attitudes. It seems to me like they think that if you're anything BUT a modder, your opinion doesn't matter. It's fine if you don't want to add our weapons, character skins, maps, etc. Work on whatever you want but don't expect us to sit around like a bunch of women in Saudi Arabia, covered in burkas and living in fear of getting our heads, tongues, and hands chopped off. Us requesters or whatever you wanna call us have opinions too and whether they matter to you or not, we're still gonna post em. And yes I know the hard work and all the time that goes into the mods and what-not that you make yet you constantly put us down with your negativity and take everything out of context. Here's a few ideas for letting out your stress. Buy a gun and go to the range and light up targets. Play the game and kill some rebels(could understand how you might not wanna do that after playing it so much to test everything). Pump some iron. Go for a run. Take a hike. Get a stress ball. Anything that helps you relieve stress and not wanna behead us requesters for simply asking to add a weapon or a specific character skin. Oh and don't tell me to get the tools and start modding myself cause I don't have the time and I've heard it all before. It's like oo I'm a modder I'm so high and mighty shut up requesters! What do you think I have that machete on the wall for huh?!
  16. Yeah WP33 since I'm a weapon requester and not a weapon modder, I better put my burka on so I can be covered in public so I don't get my head chopped off or tongue cut out.
  17. Yeah it looks amazing. I know a lot of people who would love to have someone finish this. A lot have requested this exact rifle. And I can see why. Look sweet.
  18. I'm with McGhost. I think it's questionable. But if there's not a patch in the next few months, there's gonna be a lot of sore midgets from me punching em cause I WILL go on a midget punching tangent.
  19. Well it just looks like it could cause som serious damage and I'm looking to try it out. Looking forward to tryin it out.
  20. Yeah I checked it out. Think I'm just gonna go ahead and stick to Brettzies' and Snowfella's weapon mods.
  21. Oh my lanta. That is my weapon! LOL But yeah dude very nice work. I might start playing again just to be able to kill Rebels with that weapon. Go on a Rebel killing tangent. Be all like BOOM HEADSHOT! all up in their grill piece!
  22. Yeah after reading his post, I'm not sure he does either. I've done a few searchers and nothing. I claim bogus.
  23. Hell yeah man. Good luck with that.
  24. Yeah Kurtz. I think you're referring to Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester. She also was awarded the Silver Star for her actions. First woman to ever be awarded that according to this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/17/national...and&emc=rss If you read the whole article, it does say, "Under a Pentagon policy from 1994, women may not be in direct ground combat units smaller than brigades, because the smaller units typically have a greater likelihood of engaging the enemy." But I understand where you're coming from. I used to play Joint Operations and they had female soldiers/marines in there that you could choose from. But it got a little weird and some of the guys chose the female characters to make it more humiliating when they killed you in game.
  25. Awesome. Rock on dude. GL with that and thanks for the encouragment.
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