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  1. Yeah House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects were a little much for me but I think you're making a big mistake by missing out on this one. I personally loved House of 1000 Corpses just because it had some historical facts in it like the history of Albert Fish and Ed Gein. I'm not a psychology major or anything like that. I just find the whole concept interesting. How one person can spread fear in a whole town. And that's what Halloween was about. A psychotic killer. Not a real person but atleast Zombie went deep into Michael Myers' psychotic background instead of having Loomis saying, "He's evil. He had the blackest eyes" And he also did more than give Michael Myers one minute of fame and spending the whole rest of the movie focusing on the stupid teenagers. Don't get me wrong though. I think Halloween was the best horror movie of all time. Just because it started a whole new genre of movies. But the thing it lacked the most was character. They made Michael Myers seem like some mindless monster. Some people said the original actor who player Dr. Loomis would be rolling over in his grave because of this one. I think that's a load of crap because with all do respect, Malcom McDowell didn't seem to play the role any differently than Donald Pleasence. I think Halloween 1978 was the best horror movie in its time and Halloween 2007 is the best horror movie today. All the Saw movies do is gross people out and they're nothing short of a snuff film if you ask me. The timeline seemed different to me. It starts out in the 70's and the adult Michael Myers is like modern times. But don't let Rob Zombie's past movies steer you away from this cause it really is bossome.
  2. I don't know if anybody's seen this yet but if you haven't go see it. It's half prequel and half remake. Not to mention it has some new twists in it but I won't spoil those. It's gory and very intense. Definately a horror/thriller. If you liked the original Halloween, go see this one. You'll love it. I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone but the girls in the row in front of me jumped and screamed quite a bit.
  3. I go hiking in the powerline field by my house. It says "No Trespassing" but I figured people go dirtbiking and fourwheeling there so why shouldn't I be able to hike there?
  4. Oh Snow that's thuper! Ahhh! LOL
  5. Hahaha that one video of the kid plopping on the ground at the party was hilarious. I've seen the explosion one. Here are two funny ones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ket56RUM6AM&NR=1
  6. Oh no doubt man. If the opportunity arises, I'm taking it. I love the wild and am really hoping to get a chance to hike in Montana. Anyways, I'm out. have a good 'un.
  7. Bidibodi Bidibu by Bubbles. It's the techno song played in Super Troopers and Beer Fest.
  8. Wow D. That must've been amazing. I heard Montana's like heaven for backpackers, hikers, and campers. I'm actually thinking of doing an outward bound course for about 10 days and the one I have my mind set on is the Montana Backpacking course cause it just looks so awesome. Cause I've lived in the suburbs here in Maryland my whole life and when growing up, my brother and cousins would always go build forts and stuff back in the woods near my cousins' house and now those woods are gone so I just found a trail that's about 3 or 4 miles in the woods in a field near my house. I usually hit that trail in the daytime cause I've only hiked it by myself but when my friend gets some free time, I hope to hike it with him at night. There's actually a lot of makeshift shelters where homeless people have stayed in the woods so I don't feel too comfortable going in there by myself at night. My pack holds 25 liters. My sleeping bag is under the house. And for food and water, I usually take a bag of jerky and fill my canteen up with bottled water. That holds one quart. I usually wear a boonie hat, recon wrap(like a bandana. do a google search on it) or a shemagh(also known as a keffiyeh worn by Arabs) to keep the sun out of my face and neck. As for clothing I usually wear cargo pants with a moisture wicking shirt. Reason I wear pants is cause of ticks but regardless, I always shake out my clothes and check myself when I get back to make sure I don't have any hitch-hikers on me. I used to run cross country in highschool. Never could get into track cause it's so repetitive and boring to me. Just going around in a circle until you're done. Cross country had differen't terrains that could be effected by the weather. But I am really hoping to hike part of the Appalachian trail soon. My main goal is to hike the Grand Canyon some time in my life. But right now, I'm not shape for that. Well I'm gonna head out before this gets any bigger cause I could talk about this all day.
  9. Yeah Ruin the guy that couldn't dance in the laffy taffy video made it hilarious for me too. Just comes out of nowhere with that crazy no rythm dance. I have a lot of funny military videos but I don't wanna post em all cause it really is a lot.
  10. I saw this a long while ago but it's still pretty funny. You can't beat this one though:
  11. I feel a sense..of pride...knowing I agree with him. And dere's dat. LOL. But the last line confused me. Did you mean that it WAS fun and cool to play with or did you really mean to type WASN'T? Cause I do like most of the stuff but it's missing the zaaaaz GRAW had. I liked being able to fast rope into a mission in the first GRAW but when I found out they weren't gonna have that feature a little piece of me died inside myself that day::Look of hope:: Sure you can fast rope into one mission in here but I like getting all the news and info on the chopper/stryker ride to the mission and then fast-roping in from a Black Hawk or hopping out of the back of a Stryker by pressing X. Gives the game a little more zazz. But I agree with Madsen. The developers did make a good decision. And I think we've put the ZEUS being too futuristic rumor to bed already. We all seem to acknowledge the fact that it's the same thing as the Predator SRAW. Just with a different name.
  12. Yeah Hoot I knew the CX4, RX4, and PX4 just by doing google searches for each one a few months back. I didn't know wether or not the ZEUS was real until someone on here mentioned it being the Predator SRAW. I don't think this discussions about whether those guns exist anymore. Now it's basically about whether Stryker Brigades and the cross-com and some other issues at hand about whether or not this game's too futuristic or whether or not some of the things are actually being implemented onto today's battlefield. So far nobody can really argue that except for Eric and the other military/ex-military guys. You can do all the internet research you want but that doesn't come close to first-hand knowledge of the gear, uniforms, weapons, and tactics we're using today(not that I'd know since I' haven't served yet) But I do think we should drop all this and get back to the game cause I think this thread's getting close to being put under the real-world military forums. I agree with krise that UBI's PR department shouldn't have hyped the game up saying this is the future of warfare and all that stuff. I think they should clarify their reasons for putting some of the stuff in game. Whether it's used in real life or whether they thought it would be a cool gun/feature to add into the game. Anyways, I'm trying not to sound like a know-it-all because like I'e stated before, I haven't even enlisted yet. So I don't know too much about all this.
  13. Yeah I figured Brettzies' mod wouldn't work with yours, Snow cause his has all the different gun sounds . Just thought I'd ask though.
  14. Yeah Eric that was about as well put as I've seen. I'm trying to gain weight and also get my head checked before I go into the Army to be an Infantryman and I've ate my words a few times trying to post on military weapons/gear and all that. I've basically learned just not to be a know-it-all getting all my stuff from Wikipedia. I've done google searches on the Predator and Javelin and I've seen the differences but I didn't wanna post too much since I'm not actually in yet. I play this game and other games like it to get stress out. I'm glad they went with the ACUs this time cause I've only seen a few pix of soldiers wearing Multicam in the future force warrior program or whatever it's called. I also agree with you on the Strykers and what-not. I've seen mostly Bradleys and Humvees in the videos I've seen of units such as yours. Another thing I agree with you on(if not all of it) is the weapons that GRIN chose for this game. Ever since I saw videos on the HK 416, I've been suggesting that it be put in games and that was one of the guns GRIN added. And the MR-C I haven't seen much of but like you said it's probably a gun that GRIN thought would be cool to put in game. I know that just because people like me aren't in the military that we should keep our mouthes shut but there are some issues like this where it's best(atleast IMO) to leave it up to the military guys. And correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the Predator SRAW also just being used by the USMC? That's what they made it sound like in the video I saw on it. Anyways, I think Eric's post was the best by far in this thread and I just hope it doesn't get moved down to the real world military forums for getting a little off topic.
  15. I know one thing. I'm not gonna be paying attention to a forum to decide whether I wanna buy my next game or not. Just gonna base it off of my experience with the demo which unfortunately with this, I still couldn't tell. I'll either do that or wait for someone I know to buy it and see what they think. Cause the forums to me just got the game too hyped up and I seem to disagree with a lot of people about this game. I think the concept was good but it's like everything great about GRAW they took out in GRAW 2. I mean they've fixed a few things with the patch but the main reason I'm still playing is cause of Brettzies' weapon mod. A lot of people though GRAW was horrible cause it was full of bugs but most of those were fixed in the 1.35 patch. So I was looking forward to GRAW 2 cause I saw they had ACUs and some sweet new guns but after playing it, I really doubt I'll be buying a GRAW 3 if it is ever made.
  16. Yeah I guess I'll just have to stick to Brettzies' mod. I'm nowhere close to being a modder. I just give ideas which is a small part of it and I'm sure gets annoying at time.
  17. After trying out Brettzies' mod, I'm definately gonna give this a whirl. I was wondering though. Will I be able to use this and Brettzies' mod at the same time? Anyways, keep up the good work, Snow.
  18. Yeah why I didn't get this mod in GRAW1 is beyond me. I love the sounds of all the weapons. The M468 is like a 2 in 1 rifle. I can snipe with it and I can do CQB. I went silenced with it once but it was too loud. I could hear Beasley from pretty far away when he had a silenced one. But the M16, M4, and MK12 are nice. And the MK23. Spaghet about it! LOL sorry but that's my favorite pistol now. So loud like a 45 should be. Very nice man real smooth. I love having the ACOG for all those guns cause I can pretty much snipe with all of em now. ANyways, I'm out. Good job Brettz. Very nice. And the M468 being loud aint a bad thing. I love it. I remember it being loud in the vids I saw. Have a good 'un.
  19. I don't wanna get into this discussion cause I'm not in the military yet. And I can't say which does what and all that.
  20. Yeah Fred we got it all straightened out via PM so we're on good terms. I think that looks good Brettz but it's your decision, man.
  21. Yeah even though I don't play this game anymore, I think you should buy it if you want this mod. Cause this and the M468 mod are probably gonna be what saves the game for me.
  22. Never said I was in the military. Check the real world military forums. I am going to enlist when I gain some weight. And I'm just sayin the guy's too smug when it comes to weapons. So yeah sorry. Can't be a poser if I've stated I'm NOT in the military. And I use the ACU's for paintballing so ahhh thanks bud. So smug! Anyways, lets get back on topic. The only thing tough about the mercenaries is they're a little bit more accurate than the regulars. Seemed to go down fine with the M416. Same with the MSG90 sniper rifle. Why they didn't go down with a 50 is pretty odd to me. I think it's up to Brettzies to decide on this.
  23. Sounds like you're really comin along good Brettz. Keep up the good work, man. And I'm sorry but I can't stand the guy from Future Weapons. He takes too much pride in all the new technology. My friend's joining the Navy soon for the SEALs and everytime he sees that guy, he gets so mad cause he says he disgraces the SEALs and I can't blame him. One word to describe the guy is "smug" Anyways, back on topic. I think you should do what thrillseeker said if possible. Make the recoil higher than the SCAR-L but lower than the SCAR-H.
  24. Oh mylanta. You are my modder. LOL. Nah can't leave Brettz out cause everytime I look at his M468, I do the look of hope. Cause I feel a sense...of pride. Knowing I requested it. And dere's dat. It's cool to have military guys to give advice on all this stuff. And good work on the sight as well, Snow.
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