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  1. Flim, if you're right then we're screwed. Unless RSE comes back and gives us an oldschool GR, I doubt many people will buy the next game. I'd say 50 max. Cause if it's a direct port from the console versions, that would mean it would be in 3rd person. I couldn't see any hardcore PC GR fans buying that. I could say something messed up but I think it would just be too wrong.
  2. Please tell me you meant "Messes you over" instead of messes over you. Cause if a girl messes over you, first she needs to get her head checked and/or potty trained and then you warn every other guy in town before you get a new one. I think COD4 and GRAW 2 are two different games. Almost like comparing it to BF 2142. But I agree with you that you've given them enough money only to be neglected. I really thought they could make a major improvement from GRAW if they just got rid of some of the crazy bugs like crashes and also if they put you in Juarez which they did in this game. I think the ACUs were perfect for this terrain. I think TFW's ACU skin mod worked well with GRAW though. To me, it really seems like GRIN took a step back. I've said it countless times and I'll say it again: I loved the first person Blackhawk/Stryker insertions. The weapons in this game rocked. M416's always gonna be my fave. But the game was ruined IMO when they removed the 1st person insertion feature. Even though you get like two of em that you really don't get to control. And I also wish we had more than one team of four and the [GR] modes from Ghost Recon. I'm even thinking about buying the GR Gold Edition for me and a friend to play. Kinda wish somebody could make an ACU skin mod for those games but I don't see that happening. I just loved Firefight and Recon modes. And not with just 3 maps. We got all of the campaign maps. But I think if GRIN were to take an example from infinity ward, we'd probably have an even more linear game with less weapons choices and customizations. I'm a coop/sp guy though so I can't complain about anti-cheat programs.
  3. Ah man how could I forget Seinfeld? I also forgot two and a half men cause I'm a huge Charlie Sheen fan and also Rules of Engagement because it has Putty from Seinfeld. And I'm gonna go even more old school than All in the Family. Leave it to Beaver. Wasn't around when it first came out but I love watching it on TV Land. It's so swell. I also like Military and History Channel. Walker Texas Ranger(come on it's Chuck Norris) Oh! I have one! American Gladiators. Classic. And MASH.
  4. Nah all time shows are good too. Cause South Park's only re-runs right now and most other shows are off because of the stupid writers' strike. Oh yeah how could I forget Cops? One of the most hilarious reality TV shows out there.
  5. Well for that genre of gaming it's a very slim choice. Atleast in this we get to customize our weapons and have weapons mods. I'd rather play BF 2142 or JO over COD4. BF may only have two sides but that's more of an all out battle game. COD 4's just a let-down in my opinion. I'd rather have a whore as a sister than COD4.
  6. What's everybody's favorite TV shows. I like The Unit, South Park, Dexter, Kid Nation(just ended) and Double Dare 2000 even though it's just re-runs. Reason I watch DD2000 is the host. Jason Harris. Man does he get into it. Especially when he's instructing the families what to do on the Slopstacle course. All like "Climb up the ladder, jump into the gak vat, grab the flag, hand it off and win THIIIISSSS!!!!!!" I'm serious. I can't stop laughing cause it's just too hilarious.
  7. Yeah I reall wanna buy COD4...NOT!!! Marines, SAS, and some foreign country. Lot of options. I'd much rather wait for the patch.
  8. To tell you the truth I could really care less about a new game. I just wanna know whether or not we're getting a patch because I'm too frustrated with GRAW 2 at the moment. Same old maps. Usually only play maps 1 2 3 and 7 on SP. I just wanna gouge my eyes out with a spoon in mission 4. I don't know how I beat it in the first place. One thing I'd like to see fixed is the Get Me Rosen mission which is #7. At the end the chopper always goes away. So yeah I could really care less about GRAW 3 at the moment. If it's anything like this game, it's gonna bomb. Curious to see whether they'll stick with ACUs or go back to Multicam. I like ACU's but the Special Ops team in Transformers was wearing Multicam and I wouldn't be surprised if they went back to multicam because of that, being a big Hollywood movie and all.
  9. He doesn't just hate Ubisoft. He hates em in the face. I'm glad I'm not on Rabbi's bad side cause I don't even wanna begin to imagine what it's like getting hated in the face. LOL Sorry man but that was too rich. I really doubt Ubidouche would make GR an RTS. I think what it's saying is Endwar's gonna be RTS and might include Ghosts and R6 and Splinter Cell. If they made GR an RTS, I'd be one of the first people to actually die of laughter. Then I'd rise from the dead and hate Ubisoft right in the face.
  10. I dunno though. That paintball mask Mitchell has on in that pic is pretty nifty.
  11. Yeah it's like "Clear!" Oh no you didn't have to shock him I was talking about the room. We cleared it.
  12. Hey I wanna convince my friend to start playing this again but I was wondering can he just install patch 1.35 and be done or does he have to install any other patches before that?
  13. I wanna se The Kingdom with I think Jamie Fox as that FBI agent. A girl in my Arabic class said she watched it and was like "Hey I know that word" because they were speaking Arabic when jackin a car or something.
  14. Who said anything about a game being tactical if the Army is involved? Also why wouldn't it be? I think this game is somewhat tactical but it's a little too much responsibilty for 4 guys to handle. Anyways, I wonder how that "patch" is coming along.
  15. Well I did it. Aced my exam. I was so stressed and I pretty much let everybody know. Didn't have any sleep cause I was too busy triple checking everything. Watched all the stories on the DVD from the chapters we covered and went over the vocab. Told the teach I was nervous and he said the test was gonna be easy but I wasn't sure. Thought we'd have to do dictation on the vocab we'd covered in the 6 chapters we'd been through. When I saw the test I smiled cause I knew I'd crush it. And it had my favorite saying. In chapter 3 or 4, the girl on the DVD told us about her extended family and one of em was an uncle named Adel. And she said "Ahmee Adel dawbit kabeeeer fi geysh" which means "My uncle Adel is a highranking officer in the Army" and it was just the way she said it that was funny so I always repeated that when one of those words was brought up in class. Well in the story we had to read, it said "Ahmee Hassan dawbit kabeer fi algeysh" and Hassan's my Arab name so I was laughing to myself the whole time and it even asked what uncle hassan did so I put that in there with an exclamation mark at the end. And we also had to write a little bit about ourselves and our families in Arabic which we basically covered in the oral exam so I wrote about 8-10 sentences. It was actually a bummer the way it all ended though because there wasn't really any real hangout at the end of class. One person left without even saying goodbye which I can understand cause she had wisdom teeth pulled and I know how that is. But for the rest it was just like "See ya!" Definately gonna miss that class cause as I've said before we started off big and ended half that size. Now we lost two others. And since I'm the quiet guy, I really don't know who's gonna step up to entertain the next class cause I'm a lot more focused than the rest except maybe one lady. Only thing I'm somewhat worried about was the matching part. I wrote the numbers of the english words but I'm sure he knew what I meant. Like instead of putting the english words in I put the numbers but I think he said we could do whatever. But yeah I'm definately gonna miss that class cause I was talking to one of the 111 guys and I was telling him how we sorta helped eachother out and that we made our own and we made the class fun a lot of times but most of the life brought to the class was from the two people leaving. But I'm still going to continue studying it over the two semesters that I have free. It's funny cause it turns out for the Arabic we had to write everybody said they either liked Arabic or they liked studying it. Definately the tightest group I've ever been with in school. Even though we're probably not supposed to, I'm gonna start on chapters 7 and 8 and finish those cause we were supposed to get through 8 chapters but sometimes they'd ask questions that we're relevant to the class and take up time and I'd just be translating a story from Arabic to English for the fun of it. So yeah I definately wanna get those out of the way. Even touched on the culture videos of each chapter. Never did that in class. I'm gonna head out though. Been nice being able to share all this with you guys and also hearing all your experiences and also your ability to learn other foreign languages. See ya.
  16. I just watched Scrooge, Scrooged(Bill Murray), A Christmas Story(classic), and Task Force Devil which is a doc that covers the Army's 82nd Airborne and SF in Afghanistan on mostly humanitarian and training missions. Training missions as in training the Afghan National Army. This weekend, we'll probably start watching Band of Brothers cause that's our tradition.
  17. Kinda the same with BF 2142. People were really just waiting to get promoted as opposed to living and staying alive. What games should have are awards for high kill per death ratios. That's what I liked about 2142 is it gave an award for every 5-10 straight kills. But that game was more all out battles instead of small unit tactics. I like both games but GRAW 2 took a step back in my opinion and I'm glad you don't have to watch the insertions in COOP. But I think this is getting off topic so again I have to wonder whether there's really an actual patch or not. And if so I'd really like to know what it has to offer instead of just keeping it a secret. You'd think they'd be close in releasing it if they've begun testing it online. But I have bigger things to worry about like my Arabic final.
  18. From what I've heard Dokta, you could go far with all of that. It's one thing to take great interest in the language and culture but learning where it originated and history of it is amazing. Wish me luck though. Have my written exam tomorrow. Been studying all weekend and today for it but I'm still nervous. And the two people leaving is gonna be tough on us since we're like a family. So even though I'll do good on it, it's still gonna be a rough time. We're probably gonna spend a half hour to a full one talking afterwards cause it's such a fun class and we're so tight. Anyways, I'm out.
  19. Man Blueberry, you're crazier than me, dude. And that's saying a lot cause I know how to get people to hate me pretty easily. But I understand you're trying to get someone to bite. Real classic though, dude.
  20. Well to tell you the truth, we always have a big stack of newspapers and unwanted catalogues to put out when it's trash and recycling night so we don't just throw em away. I was just joking about throwing em away and getting yelled at.
  21. Yeah I agree with charlie. I played JO for so long it wasn't even funny. But eventually all that was left were tank noobs and cheaters. But I kinda got tired of it. I crushed the COOP. Used to own it night and day. Anyways, I don't wanna get off topic with the woulda's, coulda's and shoulda's. Just not worth it. Get wayyy off topic. I somewhat agree with the lack of beta testing but then again, it's not like we get unlimited time and also unlimited people to test it. I also agree with whoever said Ubi shouldn't be withholding information about a new patch. That's not a should have. That's a should not therefor I'm not off topic. So come on already, Ubi. Are you pulling the plug on us, releasing a new patch, or giving GRIN the Ubishaft and bringing a new company in? Sick of waiting it out. Do that and all you end up with is a flooded house and a complaining community. Not a threat. Was talking about people who wait it out during hurricanes.
  22. Yeah I get unwanted catalogs all the time. Then I get yelled at for throwing em away. Doesn't make sense.
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