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  1. Yep. Why me and my friend are switching to [GR]. GRAW was fun for a few months but we only played GRAW 2 together for like a month and he uninstalled it and we moved to other games and lately we've been playing Hellgate London but the most fun we ever had was when we played GR on PS2 and we know it can only be better on PC cause it's so much easier with a keyboard and mouse and it's much funner because as you mentioned there are like 100 mods. It's funny. I'm participating the delivery for Ghost Recon Gold Edition more than the release of GRAW 2. And while the new patch for GRAW 2 will fix a few things, it's not gonna completely change the game. And I'm ashamed to say I bought GR 2 for PS2 but it was the game that made me move to the PC. And [GR] was what brought me and my friend together as gamers. He has always been a PC gamer and I started out with Nintendo, then Sega Genesis, then PS and then PS2. Now I'm a full-fledge PC gamer. Seriously, I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on that delivery box cause we're two of the weirdest guys and when we bring that to gaming, it makes for a lot of good laughs. Just saying random stuff on a mission. And don't get me wrong. I think GRIN had good intentions but I just don't think they had the resources to make this into a good game and that's all thanks to Ubi. I'm really glad someone started this thread because when we saw the Ubisoft intro me and my friend would sing the tune with joy. But when I saw it in GR 2, I wanted to cry and in GRAW 2, I skipped it completely. And I already have quite a few mod files downloaded and ready to be installed.
  2. It's not waiting for the patch. It's just that the patch isn't gonna fix anything major. Might add a few missions that will be fun for like a month but that's about it. I'm probably just gonna stick to GR:GE until GB is released because that's 3 games with countless mods and like 25-30+ missions to enjoy. Plus the custom maps and campaigns.
  3. I got an XGO Flame Resistant Foliage t-shirt, 5.11 Tac ACU Tan Loose T-shirt, socks for hiking, Halloween Unrated on DVD, 3 war/military books, a barnes and noble gift card, pajama pants, a pic of my nephew, a DCU hoodie, and Mountain House Freezer Dried food packs for when I hike/camp. My faves were probably the pic of my nephew, the XGO shirt and the Barnes and Noble gift card. Already spent most of the gift card on a book by Dick Couch called Chosen Soldier about Army SF's Q-Course.
  4. Yeah a friend of mine just got one of those and told me about that. Sounds awesome.
  5. I'd like to add a few: 1:Keep ACU(Love that uniform) 2:More terrains like jungle. 3:Caves for CQB. 4:More than just cat and mouse storyline. I'm talking camp and compound raids, search and destroy, and more rescue missions. That's pretty much all I have. Give us all the old school weapons as well.
  6. Me and my friend just ordered [GR]. Big chance we'll never come back to this game until they fix everything that's wrong with it. Glad I could be so specific. I'm delightful you're welcome.
  7. Yeah me and my friend just ordered Gold Edition and I already downloaded the zips/rar files for some of the mods so I'm set. Just can't wait to have fun again. We used to love GRAW and then GRAW 2 came out and we couldn't even stand the sight of either of the AWs. Just not fans of root beer(lame joke) So I decided we're gonna kick it old school and he agreed. So it's time for a lil [GR] action. Might even set a pic of the game as my desktop and whenever somebody asks what it is, I'll say "What a game's supposed to be shazam!" I'm just psyched cause me and my friend have been struggling for years to find a good game we'd both rock at and we've found a few but [GR] is what brought us together as a gaming duo.
  8. Well although me and my friend aced a few of the games on PS2 on Elite, I'm still starting off as recruit cause one: it's PS2 and 2: I haven't played GR since I was about 19 and I'm 21 goin on 22 in March. But I think I'll get the hang of it pretty quickly and I finally got hold of my friend and he said he's definately down for [GR] on PC so I'm getting it ASAP. How do I do that? Keep starting new pages! LOL
  9. Yeah same here Roco. My friend hates it though cause it made him almost never wanna play a PC game again even though that's all he's ever really played. But I'm getting GR:GE because it's three game and each has more than just 4 fun missions. Not to mention a lot of mods. I don't get on x fire that much but my id is "mwgfghost" or "MWGF-Ghost" Me and my friend used to do nothing but watch Navy SEAL documentaries and that's how we got our squad tags. Men With Green Faces.
  10. That would be awesome mark. I'll let you know when I get it because I'm so bored of GRAW 2. Even if that new patch comes out, I'm sticking to this because there's more mods, more missions, and it's just a way better experience than GRAW 2.
  11. Yeah that's another reason I moved to PC games. I love all the mods. Now if I could only get a hold of my friend, I could decide whether or not he's gonna be playing with me. If not, I'm still getting it causeI can't stand just 3 or 4 missions in each GRAW. I've seen mods for just about every camo and every weapon I'm interested in. Even the M110 SASS which was adopted by the US Army in Afghanistan in the last year or so. That hasn't even been put into GRAW but I heard modding in GRAW and [GR] are completely different things and I don't know the first thing about modding so I'm not complaining. Just can't wait to get this game. Have some oldschool fun. Gonna be so different battling Russians and whatnot instead of Mexican rebels. Gonna be different in a fun way though.
  12. Yeah your teammates aren't any better. We're waiting for a new patch but a lot of people, including myself, are doubtful it will fix anything big.
  13. Yeah I'm tired. Not drunk though. I used to play JO but all they play is AAS now so it's pointless. Nothing but tanks and whatnot. I used to be good though. Actually I was a little too good. I was constantly called a cheater by others who were banned for it. Eventually it just got too boring. Custom COOP maps were usually too hard and pointless. TDM died. And I owned stock COOP. BACK ON TOPIC THOUGH. I'm really curious to see what's gonna be included on this patch. I doubt many fixes but I've been proved wrong before.
  14. Yeah I'm thinking of getting me and my friend the Gold Edition because he won't play GRAW 2 and he would play GRAW but he just doesn't feel like installing it. I find GRAW 2 way too boring and GRAW has its perks but I remember playing GR on PS2(I know I know) for the first time one Christmas and I was so hooked. But when GR2 came out, I vowed never to play any more console games ever again. I've heard nothing but good things about [GR] on PC. Only thing I could ask for is a skin mod for ACUs because I love that uniform. But GR on PS2 wasn't much different from the PC version because my friend had it on PC and lost it and he said the main difference is you got a few more guys. I'm looking forward to the wide array of weapons like the 240, M60, M4, and all the other greats. But I want to bring the fun back over the winter break before I begin studying Spanish. And I love the M416 in GRAW 2 but game play's more important to me than today's weapons. That's it from me.
  15. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  16. Yeah BFS looks pretty cool. Wondering what that Ground Branch game is gonna be like. I'm sure it will be nice because I heard a lot of good things about those guys.
  17. I'm sure we won't get the answer to that until few weeks after the game's released. I'm not buying another GR game based off of what I thought of the demo. GRAW was alright in my opinion but I don't think GRIN learned anything. Sure they put in the recon mode but eh. Didn't really do much IMO. I don't think anybody could learn much from Infinity Ward for this series. The whole reason I kinda liked Call of Duty and Call of Duty two were all the historical things. COD4 just seems like an attempt to compete with BF which I'm sure it's better but it's not a tactical shooter. And I'm more of a COOP person so my main gripes are from that. Never really got into player vs player modes with this game. Only thing I could think of is an anti-cheat and also make it harder to use the M99. 203's supposed to annihilate people so deal with it.
  18. Yeah Michelle Rodriguez! And it is a game. At first I was like no way but if I had a chic on my squad and she was talking over teamspeak and we were playing GRAW 2, I'd probably laugh and be like "Wow Beasley has a very feminine voice" Realism hasn't really been a factor this whole series. Never heard of a 9 man ODA, much less a 4-man one. I don't know about the PC GR but the PS2 one that was still first-person had female specialists. I don't think it's really a bad idea to include women. Besides, I usually play games as an escape from reality. But I do like to have some realism in there like weapon sounds, uniforms, and stuff like that. And I disagree with women being put in combat units in the future. Struggle for new recruits isn't that bad.
  19. Yeah I saw that movie Rocky. I loved it. Unfortunately I just got done watching Return of the Living Dead Necropolis. The funniest parts are when they're riding their dirtbikes cause there's always a new rock song.
  20. That story's dated sometime in 2006. I remember a similar story last year where a boy opened his x box early and was already playing the game. They did the same thing and called the police. Can't believe kids these days. I'm only 21 but still. I never did anything like that and it's just so disrespectful and greedy.
  21. Oh yeah I almost forgot. Human Weapon where the two guys go an study a martial arts style and put it to the test at the end of their journey.
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