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  1. It shows huh? It wouldn't be so bad if the game-play was unbareable. I would box the game up and set it on a shelf or throw it in the trash. It's the fact that the game has so many shining points that are unenjoyable because there are so many defects that makes me this unsatisfied. And when I say "everyone" that brought this game to market, I mean those that brought it to market when they did. The engineers, art, and sound people did a good job. The executive staff that decided to push this live when they did are the ones that I hope are suffering a thousand fates worse than death.
  2. Same problem here. I have to disconnect and reconnect each time the map on a server changes. This game is undoubtedly, the number one biggest piece of ###### I have ever seen. I mean, how in the ###### does something like that Enter key press after filling out each account field get by quality assurance? I REALLY wish I would have trolled all GRAW related forums before I wasted a penny on this pile of ######. I hope everyone involved in bringing this game to market is now unemployed and paralyzed, or better yet - dead.
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