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  1. Yes, but it had a lot of problems. Unfinished missions, buggy missions, and in the case of mission 4 ( I think it was 4? ), an impossible to complete mission. And you always had to get way too close for the shots.
  2. I still think you should go for it. I mean sure, you can have the great effects like, hands shaking, breathing, heartbeat, wind, and gravity. But shooting isn't the biggest part of being a sniper. Being a sniper is about stealth, and finding targets. Anyone can shoot a rifle, but not just anyone can walk through a heavily guarded area, without being spotted. And that's something ghost recon can simulate. So even tho shooting is just point and click, it'll still be really fun. Also moving targets at 300+ meters can be difficult to hit. And you're also thinking the wrong way, if I made you
  3. haha yes, excluding all of the mods on my other computer, I have a 16.7 GB mods folder...
  4. I'll also recommend using a lot of maps that aren't used much. I've played a lot of good missions that were brought down by the fact that they were made on maps I'd played too much.
  5. hahaha yes, you should use Ayu's hyper stealth cammo for the enemy snipers.
  6. Well if you decide to make it, I'll recommend either CentCom, Force Recon II, or Alpha Squad 2.6, for the required mod. Hope you do decide to make this, ghost recon really could use some great sniper missions.
  7. Not very good. You'll only find a truely good sniper mission, every now and then. So a sniper tourney would probably be a good idea. Little advice tho, have you ever played sniper elite? That's how your missions should be set up. Hard as hell unless the player plays the mission the way it was ment to be played, and thinks like a sniper, not relying on his speed with the mouse, but rather on range to target, and concealment to keep him alive.
  8. Well if you like ghost recon now, you'll love it after you get some mods. I'll recommend: Alpha squad 2.6 Barrett rifles Centcom F-18 strike Force Recon II Frostbite H&K Assault special Kalashnikov armory LW15.499 mini 50 M110 SASS M4 sopmod mod Sniper cannon Sniper cannon 2 Sniper cannon 3 Year of the monkey (YOTM) And the other 30+ mods I use a lot, but can't remember.
  9. Hmm... Ok two things, @xxxooo 1. To make it multi-player compatable, you'd need to make .kil files, which are kit restrictions. Now they're a pain to make, but if you really want to use the mod in multi-player... @Rocky 2.Would it be possible to get Spetsgruppa-Vympel, uploaded to filefront? I was interested in that mod also, but I'm not going to pay a download site just to play it.
  10. Do you mean you want to play more too? It's a shame you hop off a LAN, or we could play. Thales gets off at 11:30 ( GMT -5 ) usually. =( And we don't usually start playing until 8:00.
  11. Hmm... Well then I guess that was your problem. The AI must have just overlooked them since they were hostages. Of course I could be way off, I've never attempted a hostage rescue, so this is all just speculation. But glad you got it sorted out anyhow.
  12. Just out of curiosity, when the guards were triggered to execute the hostages, did you set the hostages back to normal, or were they still set to hostage? Not positive this would cause your first method to not work, but it seems like it might.
  13. My best kill was on the "road of death", 136.2 meter headshot on a running tango, using the M85A1 from DVS1 weapon mod.
  14. @Natsanwa: Sorry to hear that, but I hope the data recovery can recover a lot more than you expect. It would be a shame to see great models for ghost recon lost. Good luck
  15. Hey CC, If you're looking for a mod to get involved in, check out my thread at ghostaholic. Thales100 and myself are starting a mod called DEA Operators. Currently the team consists of: Myself - Mod lead, mission designer / scripter Thales100 - Co-lead, modeler, and generally the one that knows what he's doing. And I'm sure Ayu_Taiyaki will join as a texture artist, mission designer / scripter We're just getting started, and could use help. Thanks for your time, Shadows
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