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  1. Got my DVDs today and it looks great. Can't wait to get home and play. Thanks a million, Rocky.
  2. Is the full set still available? I just noticed this the other day, absolutely brilliant.
  3. Any plans to add EOTechs to the various weapons? I noticed only the MRC gets it, but it's a pretty common sight in most modern militaries. Oh, for people having sound troubles (full auto/semi auto fire cutting out) try turning EAX off. It did the trick for me. I just wish the stock GRAW2 weapons sounded as badass as these ones do. Great mod.
  4. Great game guys, had a lot of fun... especially on Farm Day. Poor Pyro with his crazy charges right out into the open... Let's do it again next weekend. Also, Zeb, I heard they're issuing a new patch for the Tuna drivers, don't get it. Apparently the changes they did mess with the flavor.
  5. Blue team with an M4 if I can get it...otherwise M16.
  6. Wrong forum. Try the skins forum for all your modelling/skinning questions.
  7. Although I was only there for 20 minutes or so, it was great fun. Hope to be there next time.
  8. He's talking about the size of the installed mod. I believe he means GRM is taking up approx. 1.8 GBs of HD space, and 22nd SAS is taking up 1.6 GBs, which is way off because my GRM takes up 112 MBs of space. Therefore, his mod directory takes up 18 times more space, which seems to be way out of whack.
  9. The top gun is kinda blocky....can't tell what it is from this angle, but it kinda looks like an HK33. The G3 model is incredible though, good work.
  10. Can you guys put an M14 in? Frag backup or a good pistol. ...With default GR crosshairs
  11. That occurred to me, which is why I edited it and added a second idea. If it can't be done fully, weapons-only would be perfect. There's many a time I've wished for a kit in GRM when I'm playing some of the near-impossible HX4 missions. I don't think it would really require any actual changes to the mod, IE changing a weapon's stats or something, it just takes all of the kits from both mods and puts them all in one BIG kit pack. So instead of having to choose between GRM6's 200 rifleman kits and HX4's 150 or so, you have 350 rifleman kits to choose from. The maps aren't such a big issue (at least with combining these two mods) since GRM6 doesn't come with any. Still, I'd love to have such a huge variety of weapons. You would give credit for such an endeavour, of course. If not a mod mixer, having someone take both mods and mix them as a custom job for me would be great
  12. A mod mixer would be nice. For example, I have GRM 6.0 and HX4, and I'd love to run them both at once, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna have conflicts everywhere if I do. Some kind of program that would take both mods and mix them into a new mod (IE, mixing HX4 and GRM creates a new mod/directory on your system called "GRMHX4", with both mods in it but some of the files renamed/changed to make them work together. It wouldn't add anything, just mix both mods so you can run them both at once.) I don't know if it's possible but there's a similar program for Total Annihilation to let you mix mods...it's called Conflict Crusher... Or, a program that would let us take the weapons from both mods and create our own kits out of them would be nice. IE, in GRM 6 there's a silenced FAMAS and in HX4 there's a Glock 20 pistol, they're both in different mods but this program would let you take them and make a kit out of them. Hell, better still, a program that takes all the kits from both mods and combines them. ....I seem to have rambled on there for a bit, but if any of those are possible I would love to see one released.
  13. I think the new missions only work in Quick Mission, or Multiplayer. Don't know about multi, however. I think they're whole missions, but they might just be firefight maps. I haven't unlocked much so far on my copy but when I do I'll try and get more details.
  14. It'll work with anything...it's what Windows uses to run games. Without DirectX pretty much anything but a DOS game won't run.
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