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  1. I have a Sony DVD-ROM DDU1615 drive in my pc that will play/recognize some disc but not others.

    It will play some movies,but not others,the same with games. Arma Combat Operations (Atari copy) it'll recognize and install,but I've been unable to get it to successfully recognize/read and install Arma II (Idea games copy).

    I've noticed after ejecting a new/unused disk,that it has scratches.........hmmmm.....thats not good,is it.

    PC has a few years on it,but meets min. requirements for Arma II..........I'm stumped.

    Ran dianogstic test on said drive......same story as above...........didnt recognize Arma II at all,but passed test after Arma Combat Operations was put into bay.

    Any ideas,suggestions,advice and help will be appreciated .

  2. Wk, I wasnt meaning to be giving Evil any grief.......just pointing out the possiblity that his weapon didnt care for the ammo being shot thru it.

    Evil, Im in total aggreement with those suggesting getting into reloading. I havent priced a press/scales and other needed stuff lately,but I'd guess one could get started on a $200.00 budget. And if you plan to do a lot of shooting,reloading will be cheaper in the long run.....and it's fun,for me anyway.

    One other thought.......A lite,crisp trigger pull,2.5/3 lbs, compared to a 6 lb pull, will improve your groups considerably.

    As others stated.......I havent been doing any shooting lately either.Need to break out the 17 and run a few rounds thru it.

  3. Evil,

    Not meaning to be rainin on your parade or anything,but I would NOT be satisfided with that grouping at 25 yrds,with a 4x scope.....should be cutting the same hole. That weapon will shoot/group better than than that. My "WAG" (wild ###### guess) is that your weapon didnt like the ammo you were shooting thru it. Try some different brands of ammo and bullet weights,I bet you can get to shooting a hole in a hole at 25 yrds when you find the ammo your gun likes.

  4. 4x' date='Jan 14 2009, 11:26 PM' post='532960']

    We're missing some kinda obvious ones

    Havent seen Serellan mentioned yet......................whaaaaaaaaat ya'll got your head up your arses >_< or just mental block done kicked in ? :lol:

    Well, thanks, but I only ever technically released one minor mod for GR. :) Don't think I belong on this list.

    Now RS... :D:D

    I stand corrected,however having a look through the GR mod forums here reveals that you have indeed helped others with your knowledge. And who knows,without said help their mods might not have been released ? So I thank you for your contribution . :thumbsup:

  5. Alpha Squad has been mentioned,but I've not seen any of the members names brought up,so I'll start it off with the first that I remember having a big hand in scripting the early tournament missions. Lets all give a nod and hoora tooooooooooooo..................................................................


    There are others,and I plan to mention them(per topic rules) when it's my turn again.

    Best regards


  6. My thoughts exactly Creatch,concerning the article mentioning co-op for just 2 players.Dont they know this is 08.........years ahead in "tech" from GR,which as mentioned came with 9 man co-op and then expanded to more.The article,to me,seems to imply that Co-op is something new and groundbreaking.

    It has been mentioned in this thread that maybe one reason for less/no Co-op is it being a "resource and bandwidth hog". I dont buy into that ,because a lot of us were using dailup connections/less PC power for GR co-op and were doing just fine............well until you go to try playing "As Mod 2.6"/Rattenkrieg and a lot of players..........that doesnt/wont work on a dailup.

    I dont have an answer to the "why they don't cater to "reasonable" amounts of Co-op slots",it may be that the "cost/return" numbers to create a good Co-op mode dont look good to the "higher ups".But it ISNT because it "can't" be done,we know better than that.

    Just because someone has a "degree" in busniess management,doesn't mean they have good ole common sense. Colin pointed out,ie.......more= more players= more sales.....which should equate to more profit,and that makes sense to me.

    I think and truely believe,if someone were to make a new game (squad based tacsim),which has the features/options of GR,.......includes Mission based Co-op for at least 9 players........good modding tools.......decent netcode..(just to name a few).....that would be "playable" on a midrange PC in todays terms........,it'd be hard to keep copies of said game on store shelves.

    I don't think/claim to be the "sharpest knife in the drawer",but I fail to see why the above statements and other's mentioned in this thread isnt a goal for Devs/Producers,guess I'm "dull" at the moment. :unsure:

    I guess the question is..........Do devs/producers want to create a "flash in the pan" game every 10/12 months ,try to cash in that way or do they want to create one with "staying power" for which "expansions" can be sold as long as they are produced,until time to update to better/more advanced engine. It appears to me,they have chosen the first option,which is a shame,IMHO.

  7. Welcome to the GR PC forums Dr Death,

    I didnt see the first "stupid "question in your post.I saw some I cant answer,pretaining to number of players,but I will strongly say that I dont think it would be a "waste of time" to get GRed up,and have a go at it.

    I cant speak for PvP/TvT play,and how many players you might be able to find,as Im a Co-op gamer.If you are interested in Co-op gaming,there is but one place/server to connect to,IMHO,which is Alpha Squads puplic GR server.You'll need "Teamspeak" and a few mods to be able to connect,plus the password,which can be found by reading their rules here http://alpha.websmart.ro/forums/index.php?topic=277.0

    The mods needed to play there,can be found in the download section here at GR.net. I see players daily on their server,which is very orderly and "tactical". If you have any more questions feel free to ask ,folks around here are friendly and helpful. I hope you do give GR a try,then maybe you'll understand why this "old" game is still clicking along and is still a lot of fun to play for a lot of us.

  8. In arma you get hawks & seaguls

    In the words of digger69, "Can you shoot 'em?" ;)

    Don,yes you can shoot AT them :D ,but I have yet to be able to hit one :wall: In a coop game,when you die ,you become a seagull and get to fly around and watch all the action below( which is a lot of fun at times). I played on the AS server back when the demo first came out. One of the players were "seagulled" and I thought,"what the hell,lets see what happens",and started shooting at him with my mg,................wasnt long that a voice came on TS,asking who the smart ###### was that was shootin at em w00t ,said I was gettin close but "no cigar"

  9. Does anyone know where I may be able to find a guide,that explains what to do for a "pushing,loose ,tight in/loose off" ect.... car. What different spring rates do,bigger/smaller anti sway bars,shock adjustments ect....

    I'm foolin around with the rFactor demo,have a decent setup but,left front tire is 25-30 degrees hotter than the other 3 tires. Car pushes in a hard right hand corner( It's "rolling over" on the left front I think) . I added some left stagger and bigger spring in right rear,which helped the temp of said tire(now right front tire is cooler than the other 3 tires),and helped it turn better,BUT now it's loose.

    I would appreciate some help from someone in the know about such things (car setups),Ive experimented until I'm blue in the face ,to no avail.

  10. Chiles :thumbsup:

    I am familiar with that on The Farm map made by Biro and used by AS as a tournament map for Final Encounter.

    I think it is map and vid card related. I had the trees rendering as square rectangles with my old card but with the newer card I have, I don't get that problem. What AS recommended and which worked for me, was to go to options and turn the tree model detail to high.

    "square rectangles "..................... :hmm: ummmm Don,could draw one of those,I'd love to see it :P

  11. he does have wireless

    What kind of "wireless",as in "evdo" or something similar or a Satilite connection? I can tell you from experiance,that if he's on a Sat connection,TS doesnt like the latancey that comes with a SAT. connection.

    Ive played [GR] on a Sat. Connection (coop) with little/playable "lag" ,BUT Teamspeak was "ears only for me",my transmissions were always broken,but I could hear fine,until my provider did an "upgrade",which by the way raise pings from 700-800 ms to 1000 plus ms.When the infamous "upgrade" took place [GR] became unplayable,and TS acted like your friends,I got broken transmissions.Hope this gives you an idea . Have him check his ping,and expect what I've state above,if they're in those ranges.

    I can't comment on GRAW and "wireless" because I never bought or played the full version ,because four man coop just didnt cut it for me.I like to game with my whole team,not just three of our 10/11 members.

  12. Man, it's been ages since I accidentally TKed any Nighthawks. :(

    Yes Cob, it has been a while since you"accidentally"? :hmm: TKed some [NH]s. I miss those 5am Sat.morning games with you ,Digger,Kel,Wommy and the rest of the crew.Always had many laughes,maybe we can all hookup together sometime and do somemore TKing.

  13. Don,if memory serves me correct you're supposed to already be on the dark side of the moon,seeing as how you missed the boat and got left behind during the "DFW Shoot the Moon Mission" :blink: .My question to you now is,how did you get back to earth?I dont recall a rescue mission ever being launched. :hmm: Maybe "Mark" came to the rescue? :P:D


    I am still stuck on the Moon because DFW switched from GR to AA. :lol:

    I have thought how a rescue mission would work and yes it did involve Mark and an X15 rocket plane riding to the rescue...but that is about as far as I got with an idea for episode 3.

    What's this I hear about you and a new main squeeze?

    As an old friend would say, "Are ya bullin'?"

    And OF COURSE Mark would be ridin it "Pacos Bill style",hollerin"yee haaa,getty up mule"

    "New Main Squeeze" ? Done fizzled out,guess I was "bullin" too much :D OR not enough :blink::wall: ,dam if ya do,dam iffin ya dont. Back to lookin now.

    You about ready to release your "[NH] members mod",this should bring a lot of laughes. Miss gaming with ya'll,guess I'll have to just go rent a motel room with a good connection on sundays ,move PC there, just to game,seeing as how it doesnt look like a fast connection for me is anywhere in the near future unless I move,and that aint happenin.

  14. Mini Fire effects at set heights in the alleys work well.

    Like Roman Candles on the Night mission.


    But please don't choose me from the player platoon to be inserted by myself on the dark side of the Moon. Other then that, looking forward to it very much.

    Don,if memory serves me correct you're supposed to already be on the dark side of the moon,seeing as how you missed the boat and got left behind during the "DFW Shoot the Moon Mission" :blink: .My question to you now is,how did you get back to earth?I dont recall a rescue mission ever being launched. :hmm: Maybe "Mark" came to the rescue? :P:D

  15. well as long as results continue to flow through

    thales and anyone else - the time limit of 4 hours duz not mean you have to give the result back in 4 hours.

    you just have to be honest and play only 4 hours worth on it - when u play those 4 hours is your choice.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me ,I was thinking we had 4 hrs to return results,from the time we got mission and couldnt see myself able to do that.I now have all the needed mods,is it too late to insert in mission 1,if not I'll give this a go.

  16. "The character I was having trouble with was yours Clay. Figures?"

    Yeah,it figures that I'd be the one causing all the trouble fer ya,must've been "The Beard" :lol: Can't wait to see this finished and in use,but on second thoughts,we might all look at eachother,and fall over dead from fright :o ,thereby leaving all tangoes to go about their merry way in safety,not that us ole farts are much of a threat to them anyway :hmm:

  17. I had hidden a subfolder in the character folder. I changed that and now my characters new skin is working.

    Why did I hide it? Ask Cob and Harelip. :P

    Having one of those "senior memory laps",were you Don? :hmm: Might oughtta check under the mattress ,in old shoe boxes,or maybe the freezer,could possibly be a fortune laying around,that you done hid from yourself. w00t

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