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  1. as the problem is solved, we need a little script to do the generation of the map_downloads.xml automatically. i've wrote a simple PHP script. place it on your web server, on the same directory as your maps. after then, just enter the URL to the script into your web browser and you will get a downloadable map_downloads.xml. it's a very simple script and may be buggy. <?PHP define (V_TAB,' '); function dl_urlencode($url){ return str_replace(" ","%20",$url); } function walk_dir($dirname='.'){ global $url_t; $verzeichnis = dir($dirname); while($datei = $verzeichnis->rea
  2. i ask you to remove the link because of the misbehavior of the site, the tool is hosted on. i will ad a few screenshots, so you can see what i am talking about.
  3. Lol. I guess a spawn dummie was placed in a bad spot so the physics engine sent it packing... i think this happens a lot in the last few days and will happen a lot in the future because the editor manual - shipped with the editor - missed to mention that you have to place one spawn-dummy at least, if you generate deathmatch or other multiplayer maps. if there is no spawn-dummy on the map, it is on to the engine to find a place where players can spawn. this is sometimes in objects or even not on the map, resulting in players falling down. in the [GR] tutorial it is mentioned. edit: i fi
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