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  1. I just got a 30 day sample from Discreet. Its says a full version so Maybe I can learn the program in 30 days haha..
  2. What I am trying to figure out how to do it edit things like head bands and other itmes that you can stick on folks so that I can make some new head band colors. Thanks for any input. Maxwell_Silver
  3. Great Great MOD, I grab this and took it for me and a few of my friends to play on my LAN at home. Outstanding, Lots of good tight scripting I think it works very nicely with multi player. The First Mission is especially fun to try to get the cordination down correct Anyway thanks alot for the mod and your hard work. Maxwell_Silver
  4. That is so much better with out having all the clutter with the converted files. Thanks alot. Maxwell_Silver
  5. I suggest reading the Advanced Igor Guide all the way through. Then taking and scripting the mission that they have laid out. I learned so much by scripting the mission and looking at the script summary and trying to figure out how to get mine to look like that as well. Anyway good luck to you. Maxwell_Silver
  6. Yeah I made skin just fine, I just wanted to make a few folks for my little mythical special forces team I am making and I need a CHR with a Radio modeled in it. So I was trying to use one of the IT radiomen. I will check to make sure I have the right plug in installed when i get home. Thanks for the answers guys. Maxwell_Silver
  7. I am working on some skins. Converted some of the files in the enemy folder to TGA so I could open them with PS7 Anyhow when I try to open them it either comes up as a blank white field. Anyone havea remedy for this or know what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance for your help. Maxwell_Silver
  8. Wouldn't Invinciblityonplatoon work then have it go away as you leave the area?
  9. I would like to know where I can get ahold of 3D Studio Max And what is the best price I can hope to get. Also what kind of System Resources does the thing take. Thanks alot. Maxwell_Silver
  10. I use Dial up and if I connect to the net the computers on my LAN will not see me if I make a game server on that computer and it will not see a game on any of the computers on my net. I dont know if that is what the problem was but i hope it helps some one. Maxxwel_Silver
  11. Thanks guy I will PM Jack. As far as what I want to do with this I have alot of ideas. But one thing I think would be cool is actually building your team to six during the course of a campain.
  12. I thought maybe I could devide the teams on the player platoon up by teams and spawn the character on one of the teams but that did not work LOL. Oh well I guess I will just have him be a hostage haha. Thanks for you guy's answers. Maxwell_Silver
  13. Is there anyway to add a actor to a team while the game is playing. For Example I want an allied actor to perform some actions then join up on the player platoon. Thanks in advance for any answears. Maxwell
  14. I there a way to limit the amount of actor availble to the player in the selection process. Like say limit the selction of characters to less than 6? Thanks in advance for any answears. Maxwell
  15. Thanks Alot Jack! Maybe one day I will script something everyone can play Maxwell
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