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  1. Hi Wolfsong and thx for your work. I've been through your tutorial about GamesModes and did a bit of work, which is working except for some bugs? i've found with the templates and the way they are displayed : For example : <xdefine name="inv_kit_assault_m416sw()"> <weapon_unit name="m416" clips="5" gui_slot="1"> <mod name="aimpoint"/> <mod name="qd_suppressor"/> <mod name="m416_frontgrip"/> </weapon_unit> <weapon_unit name="beretta" clips="5" gui_slot="2"> </weapon_unit> <weapon_unit name="mp5sd" clips="
  2. Hi all, Campaign Coop map does not work anymore (end of load, cannot connect to server). It's a big drawback. No testing team before patch release or is it that no one care about coop/mission play?
  3. Hi all, Played GR1, Graw and Graw2 now. Most of the time coop or coop mission, small team with coordination. I'm another one wanting the choice between classes and manual selection for coop mission (and soon i hope moded missions). The actual "choice" of Grin not to keep the original system for coop sounds me to me like a "stand aside" feature because of lack of time. And yes, customers have the full right to complain when a product have regressions and does not allow anymore basic features. By the way the new patch stops all hope of having a decent mission coop... you just cannot
  4. Hi all, Is anyone kind enough to share the xsd files for Graw? I'm especially looking for the one for mission.xml and world.xml. I've seen that there's an extract on this site under the Glossary folder in the Modder section (made with xmlspy which i use). Could the admins share their source please? Many thanks and regards. Mingala.
  5. Wolfsong, i've just downloaded your paper aboutt scripting and i just want to say thank you very much for this pro work. Just a little question (anyone with the answer please feel free) : is there any xsd files anywhere to qualify/verify the xml used in GRAW ?
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