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  1. Ick, Thanks for your post and the link to your site...will check it out. If there's anyone out there who's a little SLOW like me (in getting GR1, that is), I'd appreciate it if you could answer my questions. Thanks
  2. I just picked up the original version of GR for Xbox a few days ago and me and my son are hooked. I'm already a Tom Clancy fan as I've read all of his novels, and GR just adds to it. Have some newbie questions for all you GR experts... 1)Xbox manual is very light on details regarding...this is more of a comment *Specialists *Medals & Campaign Ribbons Q) Is there a more detailed Manual of GR for Xbox I can get my hands on? 2)Regarding Specialist Will Jacobs, we've completed M01 a number of times and have captured Papashvili and got him back to the Extraction point OK, but Will
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