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  1. mig.....I actually finished mission two last night.....as you said you have to be thorough or you'll miss them! ....just curious on mission two.....I peaked at your (I am guessing its yours) scripting....I noticed script referring to SA-18's being destroyed.....can mission two play out a different way?....once I found the manpads and all the mission completed....now if I can just salvage my squad from the mess they are in at the start of mission three.........
  2. thanks for the reply mig.....well, last night I reinstalled everything just like I had done the night before....exact same order...the issue seems to be gone...but I know what I saw...stalker was capped at 120 just like gr....gotta say its the weirdiest thing I have ever seen...... anyway, a fantastic mod......I am stuck on mission 2....there seems to be no more resistance left on the map...I have destroyed the helo and secured the device but can't seem to complete the manpads and the secure man made emplacements.....I noticed the abandon farm at the one far end of the map, but don't see a way to it...I have secured the house at the bridge and the nearby emplacement as well as the emplacements on the ridges....been over the map several times......thanks!
  3. mods, please move if this is not the right place...greetings fellow gr gamers...I came across an issue last night that has me puzzled at the moment. I downloaded p2 and heros, thinking I would do some old school gaming. Installed original GR, DS and IT. Then patched to 1.4. Finally, I installed p2. Everything was fine (aside from getting my butt kicked, kinda out of gr gaming shape I guess )until I looked at my fps, and this is where it gets strange. I have a decent pc(q9650 oc to 4.2, gtx 280 sli...yeah I know extreme overkill for gr). Whats weird is that my fps became capped at 120. So I tried stalker, and sure enough frames capped at 120.(I have a 23 inch dell lcd with a 60 refresh).So I uninstalled gr, but my frames on stalker were still capped at 120. Finally, I uninstalled my drivers (the latest 186.18) and reinstalled. Bam, no longer capped at 120. I then proceeded to reinstall GR, DS and IT and patched to 1.4. Frames still uncapped. The second I dropped p2 in the mods folder and fired it up, my frames were capped at 120! I don't get it.Keep in mind that the frames are also capped on stalker and I presume other games as well. I just don't get it. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks!
  4. problem solved. reseated heatsink/fan and installed new 480 watt antec psu. not 100% sure what the culprit was, but all is good for now.
  5. Thanks guys...all fans are spinning. The shutdown temp setting on the mb is a possibility. I didn't see a setting for telling the pc when to shutdown due to thermal conditions. The only setting related to thermal that I saw was one where I could specify at what temp the cpu fan would kick up to high speed. I was running my zalman cooler with qfan enabled, but it would run the fan way too slow so I disabled that and the fan appears to run at full speed. I presume since my pc goes through post fine everytime that the cpu is ok? I am not sure how to test the video card. I don't know anyone who has pci-express and since the a8n5x has no onboard video, if you yank out the video card you get a quick reminder on boot that its missing. I have not tried testing the ram sticks one at a time. I figured if they passed memtest86, they were good. But none the less, a good idea and an easy thing to do. Is my shutdown a symptom a bad motherboard would give? Ok, bear with me I have a theory and want to know if it holds any water or if I am reaching for straws. I suspect the power supply. Heres why. It has 2 12v rails and according to the manual, these rails are independent and provide seperate power to the cpu/mb, drives ect. Since the pci-express/x1900 xtx really draw on the 12v power (ati says 30 am on 12v rail)and my psu has two 12 v rails one with 18 amp and one with 17 amp, is it plausible that the x1900 xtx is trying to draw on one of those 12 vrails and not getting enough juice? And if so, when that happens, the psu notes an overdraw/overload on that rail and thinks there is a short and trips a circuit to shut the pc down? Perhaps it does not work this way. I do have enough amperage on the 12 rail in total, 35, but if these rails are independent, each feeding different components, that might be my problem. I was trying to figure out exactly what is taking place or trying to take place at shutdown. Windows setup has partitioned, formated my drive. It has then copied over its files. It then saves my configuration. Then it reboots to continue the install. When it brings the pc back up, I presume windows is now reading data from the hard drive to continue the install? Is there a major draw of power at this point as compared to the demand that was on the system prior to that? Silly question, I presume I don't need to install any drivers since I am running an ide drive, is that correct? I know that you go to a gui,graphical user interface, upon the reboot I mentioned above.
  6. hey guys, I really need your help on this one. I migrated my pc over to pci-express. The following parts came over to the pci-express and are known working parts: fx 53 600 watt enermax(35 amp on 12 v rails) 1 gig mushkin ram(2 sticks of 512 pc3200) sound blaster audixy 2 zs western digital 120 gig/7200 rpm 8 mb cache new parts for the pci express upgrade: asus a8n5x powercolor x1900 xtx Everything went fine until I tried to install windows xp home edition. The install will reach the point where it reboots your pc for the very first time. Then wham, my pc just shuts off. No beeps, no error messages, nothing. Sometimes I will see the windows splash screen and once I actually seen the screen after that where it shows the over all progress of the installation. Here is what I have tried so far: 1)-ran memtest 86-2 passes-standard tests-0 errors 2)-ran western didital diagnostics,both quick scan and full media scan-0 errors 3)-microsoft article id #305681 describes my symptoms to the letter and said the fix was to upgrade to newest bios or hit f7 during windows setup and change the HAL to standard pc instead of ACPI HAL. The reason for the shutdown according to the article was that the BIOS was notifying the system the pc was too hot to run. I also cleared my cmos. Upon restart, I got a "cmos-checksum error-defaults loaded" error message. According to Phoenix Technologies that is possibly the result of a weak battery. Silly question, but I need to rule stuff out: Is it possible the cmos battery is weak and when the install gets to that point I mentioned above, the cmos battery craps out causing my shutdown? Well, I flashed my BIOS to version 902 and still shutdown occurs. I also tried changing the HAL, no effect. 4)-Temps on the cpu ranged from high 40's to high 30's, per BIOS depending on whether I had my window fan in or not. Last night after running all the tests and so forth which was maybe 4 hrs of continuous running, the BIOS cpu temp was 39. The shutdown still occurred. So I checked the heatsink of my zalman cooler. I felt around the base and it was by no means hot. Oh one more thing as a side note. I checked the temp in my room and the temp in the BIOS upon start up and found this: room-22 / BIOS cpu-37. When installed the cpu, I used maybe a bit more than a bb of artic silver 5 and placed it squarely in the center of the heatspreader. I then sat that zalman heatsink/fan directly on top of it and rotated it left and right. I of course completely cleaned the heatspreader/heatsink off before applying new compound. Is there anyway I used to much artic silver 5 and am somehow still triguring a thermal shutdown? The zalman cooler is of such a design that there is no way the heatsink could get hung up and not be sitting squarely on the heatspreader. 5)-I tried another copy of windows xp home edition(both copies are legit) and still shutdown at the same place. 6)-Well, here we are. Power supply. I know the x1900 xtx taxes the system. ATI states 30 amp on 12v rail. My psu provides 35 amp. I figured that since it was a brand name with more than the required amperage, I was ok. I am starting to wonder about that. Since my psu is not pci-express compliant, I had to use s 20 to 24 pin adapter for the motherbaord and a 4 to 6 pin adapter for the x1900 xtx. I know this is not ideal as these adapters are creating weak points, resistance in the power flow. Not much,theoritcally, but still. I also realise that the 600 watt rating is peak and that power supplies lose efficency as they get hot. I read somewhere that the x1900 xtx draws like twice as much juice as the x800xt p.e., the card its replacing. Hmmmmm ....... What do you guys think? PSU?...............anything else I should check?.....common setup mistakes I could have made?....any help is greatly appreciared.......
  7. @Kurtz...yeah thats the easy way . But I know it would bug me so I tweaked the mission last night and now it runs fine. I shifted the tanks path to the presidential palace a little to the right. This prevents the last tank from running into the light pole. I then tweaked all three tank's paths that lead past the presidential palace both in terms of placement and timing.
  8. yeah, I gotta say it suprised me too . Well, time to do some tweaking in igor!
  9. thanks everyone for replying. @KRP 56: nope, never touched the any of the stock GR missions. Here is what I found: On my old rig with a gforce4 mx 420, fever claw and the tanks play fine. On the rig I am having issues, it has a 9800xt. Currently running cat 5.6. I know there is a v sync issue with GR and ati cards. If its set to off in the control panel the tanks will creep along. Mine is set to app preference. Well, I tried all things last night. I reinstalled GR. Tried fever claw with and without the patch to 1.4. I rolled back to cats 4.12(I know, way outdated, but they still rock. Especially in situations like this). The results were the same. The last tank would get hung up, sometimes when trying to make the first turn to the left at the end of the first street. It would try to make the turn too soon and drive up over the rubble and into the bombed out building. The last tank will also get hung up when it restarts after the tank takes out the first bmp at the presidentials palace. It makes a sudden and sharp turn to its left which makes it run into the light pole. I noticed that on the mx420 rig, the three tanks stay together whereas on the 9800xt rig the three tanks become some what seperated with the first tank jumping out to a fairly large lead. Turning off aa on the 9800xt seems to help. I know I read somewhere that there was a problem with tank movement and it was fixed by running a refresh rate of 60. Well, that aint an option. I think that somewhere in the mix of aa, v sync settings and refresh rate, there is a quirk that disrupts the tanks ai/plans/speed. Thats why they fall behind and want to make turns too early and so forth. I'll deal with it. Just never ran across something like this. I guess I am just use to stock GR missions working, no questions asked.
  10. I have been playing mods alot lately, so I thought I would go back and play some stock GR. Anyway, when I got to mission 10/Fever Claw I ran into an issue. When the three tanks get near the presidential palace they decide its time to act stupid . The tank that edges around the corner will fire at the first bmp, but not kill it. Then I look back and notice the last tank is stuck along the sidewalk, having ran into a light pole . Soooooo I have one tank stuck and the other two are sitting there in front (more or less) of the presidential palace having neither killed the two bmp's or continuing on. I realize I can kill the bmps myself. Everthing is ok until the presidential palace. The tanks take out the bmp's before that. I thought for sure the tanks were suppose to make it to the cathederal square and take out the bmps there? This is a bone stock mission running on GR version 1.4. Whats the deal?
  11. far cry is awesome, presuming you have a rig to crank up the goodies. BIA is ok, runs a little slow and there is no AA. @Jack57:Any chance we'll be seeing a new mod from you? Your mods rock and I was just hoping Sorry to go off topic there.
  12. great news! I can't wait to get my paws on it
  13. @Portuguese.....you can get Bravo 2-5 at Sixpence Mod Works Sixpence makes great stuff!
  14. @Kurtz...very interesting. I had wiped out both east and west camps and the objective eliminate camps completed. I did have to do some running around to get this to happen. The first time, I found a guy stuck in bush down over the hill from the east camp. After killing him, both camps were wiped out and the objective completed. The other time, I wondered back over to the west camp which was already wiped out and I found three guys there which I promptly took out. After I did that, the objective completed so obviously those three guys were from the east camp! Thanks for your input, thought I was missing something!
  15. On mission 13, I can't seem to get it to complete. I have secured both the east and west camps. The problem is that the convoy never starts , which means, of course, I can't ambush it in the ambush zone. Any ideas? Am I missing something? Thanks!
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