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  1. Nope, except for the 4 centcom remix missions which I added to the centcom mission folder.
  2. Well I've played through the whole campaign, awesome mod! Now I'm having some really strange issues though. Whenever I try to play a quick mission I get the same team no matter who I pick. It lets me select a team as normal and then the mission starts and I end up with six guys I didn't pick (same guys and kits each time). Also when doing a restart mission a couple of times it's put me in a completely different mission than where I was??? Tried to deselect the centcom mod and it won't let me. I go to the mod screen and click deselect, centcom script disappears as normal, I click on accept and then it goes to the home screen for centcom??? Also tried to deselect from GR mod manager with same results. Very strange, never had anything like this happen before. Ideas???
  3. I'm having the same problem with mission 6, it says all objectives completed, everybody is at the extraction point but the game won't end???
  4. Figured out my problem: I unzipped and ended up with Centcom_Mod in my mod folder, if you open it you'll find a single folder with the name Centcom Mod (note the line is gone between Centcom and Mod). This is the folder that must be in the mods folder, otherwise it won't show. Maybe you did the same thing.
  5. Dying to try this mod but I can't get it to work. Unzipped and put the centcom folder in the mods folder, looks like its all in there but when I start the game it doesn't show up in the mods menu - no blank space either. Also tried using a seperate GR mod launcher, it shows up in this menu and can be selected but when I start the game... nothing, just goes to IT with no mod. Ideas?
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