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  1. Hey guys, I know this might be a sin, but I was in need of some help. I'm a gear guru, and personally I don't like black gear/boots. If there is anyone that knows how to reskin (I can only do weapons because its okay for them to look spray painted) and can make the gear and boots tan (easy way to do it is to make it the same color as the Marines' gear and boots) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. I might just make a new version with it included. Any requests on color scheme?
  3. Sorry for the typo, I usually catch those things. Anyways, finally uploaded the ACU compilation. Enjoy it (whoever choses to try it out). Let me know if there are any problems. Link: http://files.filefront.com/Sgt_Olsens_ACU_...;/fileinfo.html NOTICE: the file is 90 megs (I dont know why) so if thats a problem dont download it, but I think its worth it!
  4. I tried to host it but its more than 50 megs. It's 90 megs so I need another host.
  5. I think I'm done with this one. Now its time to enjoy it. It's not much, just some camo skins, if I get enough people who are interested in it, I'll pack it up. Thanks to Brettzie for 4 wonderful weapons and thanks to Task Force Wraith for their ACU skins.
  6. Sounds good to me. Authenticity is always great.
  7. Someone needs to animate and incorporate this gun into this game now! Ive been waiting for an M14 and I do not want to wait for GRAW2. I think Brettzie could do amazing things with this, talk to him.
  8. Some more progress, but not quite tweaked how I want it yet. I need to adjust the alpha channel on the SPR suppressor, so it looks kinda weird. Feedback encouraged.
  9. The acog does not belong on the SPR.
  10. I'm trying to model them somewhat like what SF operators would do in today's world and in the future. My experiences with camouflage is that it should be subtle differences and nothing drastic. I like the subtleness of the two colors, they are similar yet different.
  11. You bring up a good point about the 18C. I guess you'll just have to use your imagination and pretend its not an 18C. As far as the SCARs go, what's your opinion? As of now, its kept with the TFW paintjobs. I feel as if it fits the futuristic look of the possibility that the military could produce the weapons with synthetic camouflage pre-installed on the weapons. Thanks for your comments.
  12. Ok, heres just a few images of what Ive been working on for the ACU version. No, its not acu camo on the guns, Im not that dumb. Here are the images: Paint the optics or no?
  13. actually, when you look closely on some parts of the guns, there are scratches and wear points. I didnt do anything extravagant like sandblasting (since it's not in iraq), but I did do wear-points that I remember from when I used to have a painted m4 (only an airsoft version, mind you, sorry no military experience, just a geek I guess). Since I have a month of summer vacation, I might update it a little and add more wear-and-tear and also use an updated skin for the MC. Also like I said earlier, Im going to make an ACU version with Brettzie's latest M4/M16/SPR/Mk23 masterpiece.
  14. A cardinal rule in my book to say the least. A) its not truly necessary since its usually hidden in a holster and B) lots of moving parts to screw up by gumming them up with too much paint.
  15. The sidearm isnt painted, its a model of the .45 called the "Desert Warrior". I know its a cardinal rule not to paint your sidearm, but this one was designed by Kimber for desert environments. No custom painting involved . The real thing: Trust me, I've done my research
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