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  1. However, the unique feature of this gun is that it has additional gas vent that leads some of the gases into a chamber located BEHIND the bolt. As the bolt moves backward, it's gradually slowed down and then softly stopped by a gas cushion, rather then coming into an abrupt stop as it reaches it's most backward position, causing recoil.

    Neat concept, but can you say "don't over oil the bolt guide rails"? I bet the action on that thing is a pain to clean and it could develop problems if unburnt powder accumulates in there. Does it not use any form of recoil spring?

    Any kind of optical sight can be mounted ontop of a carry handle, which is also equipped with iron sight that shooter uses with both eyes open- apparently, this feature is common in some hunting rifles...I'd appreciate any additional info on that. (I'm familiar with military rifles, but know next to nothing about hunting rifles or shotguns...)

    Unless it's something new used in Europe, only thing that comes to mind is your standard aperture sight. Some optics can be used with both eyes open, mainly red dots and so on, but irons are tricky. Anyone else have some info on that?

    The VHS is developed by HS Produkt, the same factory that makes HS2000/ Springfield XD pistols.

    Nice handguns... Too bad they're now in the $500 range since Springfield took over importation rights. They used to be in the $300 area.

  2. I've never seen cloud formations like that, but then most of our severe weather arrives after it's dark. Closest I've come to a tornado is seeing some remnants of one across the road that had destroyed a barn a mile away. Some small debris and wood was still twirling in it, but it was mostly gone. As a side note, some guys were having a cookout at the house that had the barn destroyed and had a cooler outside with beer in it and it sucked the ice out but left the beer. They now have an annual "Twister party" at the same time each year. :lol:

  3. Militiaman, do as I said in another thread:

    -Stop 5.56 production. Stockpiles will be used up by existing weapons in the war and the Marines who have said they'll stick with the M16A4.

    -Start mass production of 6.8 and issue contracts for weapons.

    -As supplies of 5.56 run out, start collecting on contracts and transitioning weapons to the troops.

    Excess stockpiles could have been sold off to civilians (which they could even profit off of), but I think Clinton had a law passed preventing that. I know he had one passed that prevents weapons from being sold, which is why the military has huge stockpiles of M14s and CMP can't transfer them to civilians. The only problem left is NATO.

    Prozac, 6.8 ammo has been available for quite some time to the public, you just had to know where to look. People were handloading it way before that thanks to die makers being on the ball (brass could be made from the .30 Remington).

  4. but in emergency situations when you run out of ammo it's better to have crappy ammo than none.

    or you try it with yelling "BANG BANG ya dead, ya dead!!!!"

    I don't think you understand what crappy ammo means... At best it means your weapon constantly jams, at worse it can mean a KB from a squib lodging a bullet in the barrel, case seperation, or even a KB from an overcharge. Some .308 Indian ammo, from their military no less, is on the US market as surplus. Anyone sane won't touch the stuff no matter how cheap it is because of how bad the quality. More than one firearm has suffered destruction while using it. One guy bought some of the stuff planning to use the bullets for reloads, while pulling the bullets he found one case was loaded with sand instead of powder. Scary.

  5. Aren't there a lot of people still complaining of Break Free and wanting to use a dry lubricant? I know I don't like the stuff, but then I'm not the one having to use it for all weather conditions in combat.

  6. Hatchetforce, what's that saying? Cleaning wears out more firearms than shooting them? The guys in the AR community have preached the reliability of the rifles for ages, even ones with NFA legit M16s that they rent out as range guns. They have thousands of FA ammo through them without cleaning or a jam. I think the only complaint they have is unburned powder dumping in the FCG making the trigger gritty, but it's not a reliability issue.

  7. The M-16A2 is a higher maintenance rifle than the M-1 Garand or the M-14.  The M-1 and M-14 can endure longer periods of time than the M-16A2 without cleanings and still function.  I think some of this has to do with the carbon fouling in the chamber of the M-16A2 because of the gas system.  It may also be because the bolt is tighter in the chamber than the M-1 or M-14.

    The function is directly a result of the close tolerances and gas system. That said, the M16 gas systen does not foul the chamber; the action, bolt, FCG, and buffer tube are fouled, but not the chamber. That should be on par with all other semi-auto weapons with the exception of blowback and delayed blowback.

  8. Militiaman, the gas system in the AR is not Eugene Stoner's design, I believe it came from the Ljungman. You'll have to look that up. Anyway, it blows gas back, into the bolt and into the lower, it does not dirty the chamber any more than a normal rifle. Tests have shown them to last 10k rounds easy without cleaning, but apparently people aren't cleaning them like they should and a lot of weapons that need servicing are in use.

    The use of a barrel over 18" for the 6.8 is almost a waste. Guys that have been playing with it ever since its introduction and have tried different barrel lengths with various loads. The velocities from the 18" are optimized, those longer than that give better velocities but not enough to warrent the length. Also, the 6.8mm uses a .277" bullet, not .268" as the metric designation would have you think. ;)

  9. With the way the xB looks, you could have bought a fleet of other crappy Japanese cars and had the same gas milage and better looks (only when compared to the xB). No doubt the thing waste 5mpg due to bad aerodynamics. By purchasing your Scion and Element, you have only encouraged the Japanese designers who were zoned out on opium to design more cars.

  10. Not to make anyone mad, but ARMS SIRs are really unpractical these days. They were originally made to offer a rail systems for people not wanting to take break down the upper assembly to put on a permanent solution. The side effect of this is tons of weight compared to the most modern of RASs. I believe the best of the current ones available are the Troy, Daniel Defense, and Larue offerings. They're astounding in size, weight, and durability.

  11. $20k, even $16k is expensive for someone in college with little to no income. My 2000 GP cost me $3700 used. As for typical car prices... the cheap compact cars here are in the $10k-$20k range new. You can buy most mass production "fast" cars (Mustangs, Neon SRT-4) for around $25k~. Like I said, you guys may like your fancy suspension and high hp/ltr... but all that does is make the cars more expensive. That's why our manufacturers don't utilize them, and if they want to make hp without increasing displacement they slap on forced induction.

  12. Lowered trucks, if done for performance and not 'lowrider' type things, is great. With the right engine, you can not only haul wood from 84 for construction, but race the Camaro at the stoplight on the way home. I'd like to see what people have done with the new Colorados performance wise. You can have a 2wd model with the inline5 with 220hp for as little as $16k new, all you need is to slap a turbo on it to have fun. The Z8Q package has a lot of handling improvements, but it bumps the price to almost $20k.

  13. His name is Jerry Miculek (sp?) and he's a great shooter, not just fast. Just look at the groups he's hammering on those targets despite his speed. All the revolvers are custom numbers by S&W. The first one with a string is a 8-shot .38 Super number with a record of 8 shots in .99 seconds. The one with the reload is a 5 shot .45 acp revolver I believe. They load via a thing called moon clips. It's a little piece of metal that the rims of all the cartridges clip into one assembly that can be loaded into the firearm and ejected together:


  14. Those specs and price range fit the MR-S and Miata almost perfectly. I think I've found who their target competition was. Now, As I said before, slip the Series III 3800SC V6 under the hood with a 3.4 pulley and it should be spitting out around 275hp. That would be sweet.

  15. It doesn't matter if a car has leaf springs, live axle, or rubber duckies for all I car. What does matter is the C6 can hold around 1g on the skid pad, which means it can hold it's own with the best European cars at a lower price. US cars may be less refined, but we can still hang with everyone else while preventing your wallet from being milked dry.

    DS: Let me restate that then. It's a nice car, but I think that's due to the fact that GM's US Division didn't have a hand in designing it. Look at the new Lumina they're selling over seas, that thing is nice. Yet they won't get of their asses and sell it here.

  16. 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix SE




    Saving money right now to (hold your breath):

    L67 Swap and accessories (smaller pulley, exhaust, etc.) I want it spitting out 300whp.

    GT bumpers/side skirts, '03 LE spoiler with center support removed

    WS6 Hood

    245/45/R17 on Mustang Bullit rims (with Pontiac center caps ;))

    Fusion Orange paint job with Charcoal trim (side skirts, lower bumpers, top of hood scoops, spoiler perhaps)

    May lower it later on (1"~), I'll have to see.

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