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  1. That doesn't even count the fact that to have an FFL you have to actually have a store front with business hours and abide by local regulations and zoning laws (which is the most difficult part). You would probably have to be 21 to have those FFL/SOTs anyway, because that is the minimum age for owning the legal version of these firearms.

  2. Just one problem with that... It makes my front view the back and my back the front as if I had just turned the objects 180 degress. The perspective view still shows everything as being on the wrong side. :wacko:

    Sorry for being such a bother. Is there any way to reset all the settings in max back to default? I'm thinking I might have hit a button or combination of that screwed it up.

  3. Actually I think it's the fact that the blueprints weren't 100% scaled to begin with. Anyway, I would start over or with better blueprints, but no matter what I do the same thing happens... So I'm pretty sure it's a program setting. I'll send you the file in a bit.

  4. Took me a while to take them...


    All views. Notice how the perspecitve is showing the front as the back and the back as the front. The part I made, although in front, is also upside down. I know I can flip that (minor prob) but the perspective view is still screwed up (left/right/front/back reversed)... yet the left side view looks fine.

    Here's bottom perspective:


  5. Only thing you have to worry about legally is the Magpul/Crane/VLTOR because of assault weapon bans in states. Still, I believe it is the responsibility of the owner not to install it. Owning it uninstalled is perfectly legal.

  6. Ok, need some help. I've started a model (thanks Zeko) but ran into a problem: my perspective view is really screwed up. My front and back views in it are reversed (left side view is fine) and when I started making part of the hood, it looks good in front/side view, but in perspective it is on the opposite side of the vehicle and the faces are pointing down instead of up.

    I'm sure it's a reversed or mirror setting, but where is the option to change it? This is 3dsm7 btw.

  7. Rook here are few links for u.

    And a lot more... Some sites might require free registration.

    Good luck m8  :)

    Thanks! Mind if I put some renders in here if I get anything worth posting?

  8. That's the way I modeled firearms in 02. I'd do one half then the other, mirror it and attach them. At that point I added the round parts (barrel etc) and unique things like sling swivels, scope windage controls, or bolt handles.

    Anyone know some great sites for beginners with 3dsm 7? I *obtained* a copy some time ago from a friend at college and would like to learn how to use it and see how I like it before shelling out money for a student version, but of course I don't have the files to try out the tutorials.

  9. A load of bull on most counts.  Next!

    this from a man who has ridden many hummers. i think i might listen to EJ on this one, not the other rubbish getting thrown around

    if EJ tells me hummers are crap, i'll beleive him. if he tells me they are great, i'll beleive him. and guess what, if he tells me they have ejection cabs and rocket propulsion, i'll beleive him. why, cause unlike most, he knows what he's talking about.


    Not saying EJ is wrong, but don't blindly follow anyone. Life lesson.

  10. Looks a bit thin on that rotor. If you're going for 100% realistic, the rotor would have a protruding section in the center with holes that slip over the wheel studs. I didn't know if you're going for correctness, or 'looks good, don't make what can't be seen.'

  11. He sounds like someone who stepped on his own toes and is now whining about his mistakes by making the other guys look bad. I personally wouldn't trust him or his info as far as I could throw him. One has to wonder, as well, if this vehicle is truly as good as he says and if it could compete with the HMMWV off-road, as has been proven by even the civilian market.

  12. Best way to go about is usually to get dealerships in your area to compete for the buy. It takes some effort and running on your part, but it can force the price down. Be aware though, depending on what model you want, some "high demand" ones pull MSRP or higher. The Ford Mustang is a good example.

    I don't know how accurate this is, but it supposedly gives invoice pricing: http://www.car-prices-costs.com/

  13. What was the purpose of taking and killing the animals? They would have gotten the same treatment if left at the facility unadopted, but at least would have had a chance of adoption. Makes no sense.

  14. The guys that actually took that pic were having fun. That's a real rifle/accessories (not airsoft) and they just put some on it and decided to go all the way filling up the rails just for the pic. From the looks of the muzzle, it appears to be a 5.56 SPR clone.

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