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  1. Remove the Christian slant and it is a pretty good article. You don't have to be a Christian to have compassion and help. Still, those last comments ring true: for all the whining some groups are doing about how the hurricane was handled (NAACP in particular comes to mind) they sure aren't doing a darn thing to help but rather turn us against ourselves.
  2. Heh, an AK cleaning kit is exactly what I thought of when I saw it, cept that looks to be a wee bit bigger in diameter. I also noticed the lack of an extended muzzle like jchung, but didn't put much thought into. jchung, if you want to, you can handload the 5.7 (I know dies are out there). Then you can cook up whatever recipie you want. I'd say some lightweight fmj bullets under a high pressure load would penetrate more kevlar then I'd like to buy.
  3. RooK


    If you're racking it, then you're doing something wrong: A: It wasn't loaded when it should have been. B: You just ejected and wasted a shell if it was loaded. C: You gave your existance/position away.
  4. RooK


    Not to get too technical or political, but those that can't afford to evacuate probably aren't tax paying citizens, or at least if they are they already get back more from the government in food stamps, wic, hud, or health insurance than they contribute. There is a point where you have to draw the line. If the gov't can help, fine. But they shouldn't be persecuted for trying to help and failing. I think the worst part of the Katrina crap isn't the lack of food/water assistance but rather the lack of information to the people so they can help themselves and local/state governments contradicting each other. People were even having houses and businesses robbed and looted, sometimes even by cops and then some wackos were shooting at contractors (some firearms were stolen from a Wal-Mart as well). What was NO's response? Confiscate guns from everyone. They don't even have enough cops to stop the looting, how are they going to enforce that?
  5. Ditto, didn't know if it was that or a funky cleaning kit. Would be pretty useless beyond muzzle/blast flash elimination though, the round is super sonic and will still crack...
  6. Dang. Well, I thank you guys for the high compliments. Sadly, I don't do much here anymore than the occasional look-around. Working over 20hrs a week with full time enrollment in a University zaps your time (and funds... even if I do squander what I have on guns ).
  7. I know. I'll trust FN to make a good product, it just doesn't look at durable as it actually is. A testament of how far polymer tech has come I guess. I hear ya on the preference thing. I love Glocks and XD/HS2000s, some people loathe their grips with a passion. Eh?
  8. I held one of the newer 5-7s for the first time last weekend, one of the local shops has one just like yours pictured. It was unreal how the thing felt... almost like a toy due to the polymer frame and polymer-overcoated slide. It was also unbelievably light. Still, the thing just didn't feel right in my hand. I don't know if it's the ergonomics or because of the lightweightness. Oh, and the grey saftey and mag release look just at fragile and cheap in person as they do in the pics. Their performance speaks for themselves, but certainly are one odd creation. Leave it to those Belgians.
  9. Just went and bought a new handgun today: Witness Full-Size in 10mm. Yummy. Got the stainless-like wonder finish, 4.5" barrel and 15+1 capacity. Shot some of the weak factory rounds (180gr @ 1050fps) in it for a test run and it was great. Can't wait to get my hands on the good stuff (200gr @ 1200fps). Probably have to be handloads for what they're charging for ammo in this caliber. I'll supply pics as soon as I find the stupid cord to my cam.
  10. jchung, I've seen him before, back when he did guest spots on American Shooter. Darn these people and their quick reflexes.
  11. Bob Munden? Ah well, close anyway. He can shoot a single action faster than a semi-auto.
  12. I've not watched it, but chances are it's Jerry Miculek. Holds the record for the fastest revolver shooter. The scary part isn't the speed, but check out the accuracy. He's still drilling the black even going as fast as he can.
  13. I live in southern KY and can never make it. I'm always working or something else. Oh well.
  14. Truncated nose? Sounds like they're just now learning what Elmer Keith taught the big bore handgun community ages ago.
  15. RooK


    The cartridge is known as the .223 Remington period, no rimfire because it's a centerfire cartridge. It's used on small game with expanding bullets because the thin skin offers little protection from it, the trajectory is fairly flat, and ammo is cheap. What is 'traditional western powder'? Nonsense. The true story on that is the gun was made with a specific powder in mind. All modern gun powders are smokeless but differ in whether they're single based (nitrocellulose) or double base (nitrocellulose w/ nitro glycerin coating) and their shape (flat, cylindrical, ball, etc). The AR-15 was meant to be used with a specific stick powder I believe, but the cartridges were loaded with ball powder which was probably a different burn rate and led to unburnt powder clogging the system. As for standardization, they had a hell of a time getting the gun adopted at first. They got the foot in the door of Air Force for security duty with experimental models and then kept pushing for small lots to troops in combat during Vietnam until they got it adopted. Sounds similar to the XM8's life, eh? One last comment: Stoner hated the AR-15 and 5.56. He thought going to the smaller round was idiotic and didn't want a hand in it. He designed the AR-10, other guys, under his supervision, reduced it to fire the 5.56. Same goes for every other firearm he designed that fired the 5.56 (expect maybe one of the last ones he ever made).
  16. Taurus' automatics are in a different category from their revolvers. Their revolvers are top notch, semi-auto are hit and miss. The Beretta clones are good, but their 'self-designed' handguns seem to be lacking. I personally don't like their automatics, but then I'm 80% a revolver person. I'll probably never own an HK, I think they just overcharge for the name stamped on the slide and none of their firearms call out to me. I'd just as well go with a Glock or Sig.
  17. Taurus' firearms have increased ten fold in quality since the mid '90s. Ever since they introduced the Raging Bull and Tracker series, I'd say they're right on par with S&W and Ruger now. The RB in .454 has less recoil than the Ruger for one reason: the barrel is ported. I've been really tempted to buy one of their titanium trackers, especially since you can get them fairly cheap.
  18. And ever since then, people have copied their lockup in some fashion and not S&W's. The Raging Bull has a secondary lockup on the cylinder crane, as does S&W's new X-Frame .500. S&W could probably fix their 'shooting loose' problems in the (6)29 by just adding a secondary lockup.
  19. How about instead of getting headaches, you write your reps and tell them to pass a law removing the FOPA '86 amendment that banned registering new firearms. It might be a fruitless effort, but at least it is something toward correcting the problem. I own a 4" 629 myself. Muzzle blast with that thing is wicked. Only bad thing about the Smiths, unlike a Ruger they will eventually shoot loose. People have been begging Ruger for a mid-sized .44 for a long time, they have yet to answer the call. I remember one time Bill said they could even chamber the 10mm in their autopistols at the drop of hat, but he just didn't see a purpose in it. As much as I love Ruger firearms, sometimes their politics/decisions just ###### me off. I've sworn never to buy a new Colt so long as they keep their company policy of preventing the sale of "AW" featured ARs to the public. They even threatened dealers over the sale of LEO models following the ban demise and made it harder to order them.
  20. Wasn't the cracking in Beretta slides an isolated affair to really just a handful of operators? From what I understood, been some time though, they were using SMG 9mm ammo in their M9s and that's what caused the failure. SMG ammo is loaded much hotter than anything you would want to chamber in a handgun. jchung, a genuine FAL/G3 or would a quality build suffice? If the latter is true, check out Ohio Rapid Fire. Everyone rants and ravs how good his products are. He even bought some genuine HK stamping dies earlier this year to start making some more diverse HK products. He also might have some .308 Galil parts kits/builds, if you ask nicely.
  21. The Super Blackhawk only comes in one caliber, which I'm sure you know. That doesn't mean that other Blackhawk rounds can't do the same, namely the .41 and properly loaded .45. Even the .357 with 180gr bullets is an easy 75yd gun. I think that right there is where the whole problem of these past few posts originated. I just told what handguns are capable of in response to Phantm's comment on shots past 15 yards, and everyone keeps trying to apply it to one situation (namely combat/defense) when I have acknowledged that those circumstances are different. That doesn't mean that the handgun isn't an effective or useless tool at longer ranges though because other legitimate and practical uses do exist. Oddly enough, this whole thing went to pistols used in long range when I was explaining why the 5.7 rounds tumbled and why the same methods won't work in service rifles (inaccuracy at longer ranges). I think we went off the deep end somewhere. So anyway back on topic, how about we revive that good ol' 10mm? If you want the full power stuff, doubletap ammo (small internet based outfit) does some custom loades for 165gr-220gr at full velocity. I believe the heaviest is still pushing 1200fps out a Glock 20's 5" barrel. They also have 9x25 loadings if you're into that sort of thing.
  22. Phantm, you keep going back and applying my comments to one scenario: defending yourself in a dark alley. Mine are applying overall and covering all aspects of handgun use. We could even go down to the fact that a bar and V style rear sight is better for defense because of speed in use, even if a partridge and square rear sight is better for long range accuracy, but slower. Don't get caught up on technicalities, you can find an exception to every rule if you look hard enough. If you're trying to shoot anyone at 25 yards with a handgun in a civilian defensive capacity, more than likely something is wrong here: either you are not using it in a defensive capability (and will be prosecuted as such) or a situation got really out of hand. jchung, not neccessarily. I know of one person who took an elk at 100yds with a Dan Wesson 1911 in 10mm (5"). That's far from a long barreled, bulky magnum, even if it does pack some power.
  23. No one has any business shooting a pistol past 10-15 yards ANYWHERE accept the target range. Pistols weren't designed for that; that is what rifles are for. That is unless you are sooooooo sure of yourself in a situation like that that you KNOW you will down the enemy with a pistol round at long distances. Good sense says you shouldn't try if you have a choice. And depending on the pistol(anything less than a magnum round), you don't have much chance past 50 yards. ← I don't want to start an argument. My information on the Five-seveN was listed for the purpose of why such rounds/terminal performance cannot be obtained in rifle rounds without problems arising, which has been brought up in this thread. I wasn't suggesting you use it at long range, even though it would be quite possible with a modified bullet (although terminal performance would suffer). When you look at handguns, you're being very narrow minded as to range. It all comes down to shooter skill. I frequently shoot and hunt with my Ruger 22/45 out to 25yds. I know some guys I chat with who can get good groups at 50yds with the same guns. Me and my brother-in-law were shooting pretty nicely with a Ruger Super Blackhawk at 125yds, which could easily translate into woods hunting around here. If you think a handgun is useless past 15 yards, ask someone who hunts with a handgun and they will laugh in your face. Yes, when it comes to defensive situations, 7yds I believe is the average. I'm not going to tell people what to choose to defend themselves, that is their choice. They do, however, need to be confident in their weapon and their abilities: practice, practice, practice. A .380 in the chest is better than a .45 in the foot.
  24. I'm not hatchet, but the articles I read years ago told it had a heavy front, not base. Anyone that knows ballistics and firearms know that this is an unstable design from creation (why do you think competition bullet has a hpbt design with the weight to the rear?). This causes it to tumble on impact. They even had pictures of ballistic gelatin shot with it after passing through a kevlar vest. The bullet always penetrated and then it tumbled making an odd upward "J" pattern (with the top of the J being the entry). It only penetrated something like 8-10" but did what it was supposed to. Unfortunately the inherent instability of the design is what makes it impractical for adoptions to standard rifle service rounds. That is also why FN only puts it in their 57 and P90 and targets CQB operations.
  25. 5.7mm FN rounds tumble because they have the weight forward in the bullet instead of to the rear. Great for terminal performance, terrible for long range accuracy. Five-Seven and P90 might look good on paper up to 100m, try 200m and see how big the groups are.
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