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  1. Onboard graphics, even with the nforce2's being gf4mx level, SUCK. Just about any board includes some form of onboard sound (which I suggest you use), the only one that doesnt that comes to mind is the Abit KX7-333. Just check the stats before you buy the board.

    The only boards that still use pc133 ram are utilizing the kt133 chipset and are unbelievably slow compared to new chipsets and ddr ram. Plus it would cost more to upgrade to a ddr board (which all are). Rambus ram is out of the question along with Intel, it's money that doesn't need to be spent. Besides, the performance gain from rdr1011 (the 800 is crap) would be stupid on such a low end system as it is.

    The most stable chipset for AMD atm is either a kt266a or kt333. The nforce1's are also a good choice, but are slightly slower than the kt333. Nforce2's are wonderful, but are a bit expensive compared to a base kt333 model. Still, it maybe an option if you find a cheap version (all nforce2s perform within 2% of each other!). Another option (and cheap at that) is the MSI board with the Sis 745 is slightly slower than other options, but I hear it is rock solid (and better than ECS). Plus... it has some nice overclocking functions you might want to secretly fiddle with sometime. :rolleyes:

    I would stay away from MX cards. They are a piece of crap (no offense Stinger) and you would be better off buying a GF3 ti200 or ti500. What I mentioned above in my first reply stays true. Get them a decent card, cause they may find a game to play that will use the better graphics plus, as I said, it makes it a good backup for you.

    The 1600XPs are fine. Games really depend on graphics more that cpus anymore, so any cpu over 1.2ghz should last over a year performance wise.

    Stinger, if you had any brains, you'd be contemplating how to get your parents to buy your system from you (for a slight discount ofc) and you would be building your own system from the money. You could even take one of the sticks of ram out of it to use in your new system. They'd never know. You'd also learn how rad an AMD cpu is :P

  2. Your looking at a high ghz Duron or one of the slower Athlons (somewhere around 1.2-1.4ghz) They out-perform and out-price anything Intel can offer. Running a kt266a, kt333, kt400, nf415 or nf2 chipset (if you build).

    It should be easy to make due with 256mb ddr ram, maybe 512, but I doubt it needs that much.

    Hdd... just pick one of the capacity they need. My 40gb is still only half full after half a year.

    Graphics: Ati. They're 9000 or 8500 chips offer great performance and are usually cheaper than a ti4200 while offering fewer headaches (is it just me, or are nvidia people always in the search for drivers that work, new or old?). If you want, pick up a ti4200 64mb, still cheap but effective. This will also allow some better gaming in the future, plus you can use it as a backup if you screw your own pc up :P

    From there you can add basicly what you want. All this can be had for a small bit of money (computer wise) while still offering complete upgrading ability if you build it yourself.

  3. Stinger, that was the low rpm fan alarm. If you can't find those option via the menu keys, then it is in fact hidden and you'll have to accidently find it again or search on google to see if someone might have posted about it.

    Most OEM boards are made by people who make these overclocking boards, but the manufacturers redesign the bios to limit what you can do.

  4. It should be, even if it isn't. They're advertising/talking about a product they're selling and trying to outright lie about it.

    Afaik, freedom of speech covers mainly opinions and whatever you want to say about a specific issue, but I don't see how someone trying to make you buy their product can be allowed to be deceptive about it.

  5. I'm in Kentucky.... Schools closed last night before the storm even came, and today my college classes got closed (yay, got till next Tuesday before I have to do anything!).

    It started covering the roads about as soon as it started, and there is approximately 4" outside atm and still coming down hard. Here in our hilly/mountain type terrain, it's very dangerous to even attempt driving in this.

  6. What Super-Bob said aside... LCDs are terrible for games unless you buy one of the top-of-the-line models. The screens don't refresh fast enough, thus you get ghosting. Also, there are problems supporting anything other than the native resolution the monitor was made for.

    You're best getting a larger CRT for the same price or, if you're set on a LCD, get a good graphics card (to play games at the native resolution no matter what) and try them out in person before you choose a model.

  7. Pascal is a programming language, simple as that. There are many out there, but only a few popular ones used today.

    HTML is mainly for websites, and is simple as can be. You could teach yourself that in no time. After that, I'd advise looking into both php and asp, if you intend to do webpages or something along those lines that is web-based.

    Also, if you can get ahold of 3dsmax (or download gmax off discreet's site and give it a go) and like 3d modeling, there is a lot of oppertunity in that area. Everything from games to movies to automobile companies need 3d designers. Not to mention good pay.

    Stinger, if you pick something based on income, such as accounting, you could be so tired from the work and eye-strain of numbers, or have stress from some big meeting that could make or break you, that you would rather go to bed than play with your expensive toys. Picking a job you like is much more important imo.

  8. Ha! I might still be a cop :P I'm just now doing my general ed. requirements in college, and might do something in that area. If I did, I'd be a 3rd gen (sort of).

    State police (here anyway) offer a lot more options and pay compared to local, but they typically require at least 1 year law enforcement experience or so many hours of schooling.

    Also, if you take that path, shoot a gun first (if you haven't). If you can't take the sound/recoil or the resposibility, you'd better stay away. It's your life line and you had better practice regularly with it, beyond qualifying requirements. I've been around firearms all my life and technically own a 10/22, 22/45 (exact same as in sig), Super Blackhawk, SKS, Savage 10F, and a S&W M1000 20ga. Technically, cause I'm not of legal age yet, but they were bought for me, I even own a reloading press and equipment. Also, recoil to me isn't a big deal. I can even fire a .44 magnum without my hand hurting or any other ill effects, but the muzzle blast is a bear.

    Whatever you chose, good luck. Remember, if pay is your main concern, you'll be unhappy at any job you pick.

  9. Well, what do you like, and could stand doing the rest of your life?

    Programming, imo, is not for me. I've done my fair share of stuff in that area, and staring at code for any extensive length of time looking for a simple error I made gives me headaches.

    Networking is somewhat more 'hands on', but programming could still help you here in unpacking configs and preping computers. You'll also be fixing a lot of other peoples mistakes if you do support after the initial setup.

    If I did anything with pcs, I'd be more adept to building/customizing them. Besides, I wouldn't have to deal with the majority of people in the world that think Intel is the only cpu and AOL is the best internet service you can get, and try to tell them how to get their network or printer working. :)

  10. The thing with the FX and why they might be running 1gb of ddrII mem is caused they screwed up, big time.

    They ran the card off in 128bit (last time I checked) and the Radeon 9700/9500 cards are 256bit. Thus it needed that more powerful ram to regain a bandwidth lead and so on. Bad thing is, Ati has had a ddrII 9700 running for a few months at least and their newest card (9900?) will be released BEFORE the FX and offering the fastest speeds that can on the 9700's core (say 375-400mhz) and possibly ddrII.

    Nvidia says the FX is almost 50% faster than the 9700, but I think they're just bluffing. Time will tell.

    Also, the cards available atm go in the order of fastest to slowest: 9700, 9500, 4600 Nvidia is losing :)

  11. Firewire, yes. That's how most overclocking jobs that go bad happen, the cpu or another component fries from the heat. How it works, is each component is rated for a certain speed, and then down rated to what the customer gets (good quality ram, cpus, etc) for reliability. Thus, you can push it to its actual limits, temp and stability willing.

    Stinger, that probably means the pci slot for your card is bottle necking it. Look in bios for something to increase pci memory or pci bandwidth. Then max it out, if it exist.

  12. There is no way they can really be held accountable... They just sale 'sharing software'. The people who are doing that bad stuff are the ones sending it back and forth to each other. Kazaa is doing nothing illegal.

    Too bad our law systems have forgotten common sense.

  13. Windows will use ram as it pleases. If you're in the middle of playing a game, and you exit it and pop open task manager, you'll probably notice a large memory increase.

    Memory managers can also be more hassle than help. They take processes to constantly monitor the ram as well as occupying ram themselves. Although they clear memory, they don't clear certain parts of the system that are allocated to it and built up over time. Just ditch it and lets windows do it itself.

  14. Well... Graphics cards can work simultaneously, but on different things all together, but not in unison. For example, you watch a movie from a graphics card output on your tv while another is displaying something else on your monitor. This won't work with integrated graphics however.

    Cards are not designed to work together, but to do all the work. And with the new ones staying right at the edge of technology, the combine effect would only be useful for old cards, and you would have to buy two of em at one time, so it wouldn't be very cost effective. You might as well just buy a new card and sell your old one on ebay or to a friend.

  15. Well, most systems have a time out of GTA3, no matter how powerful, very poorly written code.

    Try reducing to at least 800x600x16bit. This should cause a huge jump. Also, try turning off every graphics option except vsync and in sound, only use the 'miles' sound option.

    Try that and see what happens. BTW, 3dmarked it yet? I wanna see what a pci mx440 is worth.

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