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  1. Well, picked up a newstand edition of Maximum PC that seemed to have some pretty good stuff. In it they benched a GF-FX (beta) against a 9700Pro. Take note that the GF-FX has 500mhz core (with a huge ###### hsf taking up an additional pci slot) and DDR-II mem (no mention on amount).

                     Quake3     UT2k3     3dMark Test 4
    GF-FX        209fps      140fps     41fps
    9700Pro    147fps      119fps     45fps

  2. I'm only using 1 pci slot myself, for my 56k (mine also has a built in lan), but I have 2 other pci areas occupied with additional usb adapters.

    As for fans... got 2 80mm exhaust, 1 80mm intake. Plans are for another intake and a 120mm exhaust in the top.

    Don't know about that shipping, but newegg.com ships same day and is real cheap on fedex 2-5 day delivery, and both times I've ordered from them I recieved it in 3 days or less :)

  3. Price? Well, the GT40 MkII, when auctioned off, sold for around $2,000,000 :)

    XRW, the only problem I see with that corvette is low skidpad numbers. Apparently they didn't tune the suspension very much since a stock Z06 gets those kind of numbers. For that much money, I'd want it pulling more g's so it can corner better.

  4. Stinger, a Honda Civic!? If you're gonna be a ricer, at least pick a decent looking/performing Japanses car, like the Skyline you mentioned, a Supra or even a RX-7.

    Plus, with the latter, you can see what kind of looks you get when you say you're car is powered by a wankel. :lol:

  5. Afaik, someone correct me if I'm wrong. The 2 hard drives have to be the same size. Since it writes and reads from both drives at the same time, they need to be identical.

    Uh... his load times benefited? You sure about that? Raids are beneficial in servers cause they can write data fast (think putting half data on 2 disk in half the time = full data). But loading is actually slower, and very bad for game load times because it has to search and load data from 2 disk rather than one. At the most it would equal a single hdd in load times.

    I would advise running a new 8mb buffer WD drive and the 40gb in a conventional 2 disk type format. The WD will definately increase your game loading times.

  6. Ranger, if it won't except the new I/O plate without mods, just go ahead and buy some cheap case to stuff it in. You can carry over the goodies like the power supply. That would be a much more worth while investment instead of a new psu (seeing the one you had allready was overkill).

    All nf2 come with Lans, and usually 2. Even other chipsets like the kt400 are including them, so might as well get used to the extra goodies :P Also, remember that an nforce2 benefits from 2 sticks of the same sized ram, rather than 1 big stick. This allows dual data channels. You won't see any worse scores than your current board running one stick, but you will see an increase running 2.

    You're worried about post count? Some people like to post in every topic and spam crap, do that and you can catch up. I'm doing fine with my low post count :)

  7. What can I say Stinger? People fear the unknown, sorta like my mom and me building a pc. But I've had fewer problems out of this pc, and the ones I've had are easy to fix. Same can't be said about a HP we aquired, it is and always was a pain in the ######.

    The pc they're replace is a 800mhz AMD, right? If so, it is 2-2 1/2 years old. We've come a long way since then.

  8. It's terrible that marketing hype that people use to get consumers to buy expensive things. Bad part is, they fall for it :angry:

    Stinger, 4-5 years? Seriously doubt it. Maybe 2 years at the max. The last time I had a pc 5 years old was when I had a 486 dx2 (50mhz) and top of the line was 600mhz. Mine could barely run Win95, let alone do anything useful :P

  9. Working websites is generally more fun imo. Especially when they become popular and you have a lot of users, makes all the work worth the effort.

    I could even make this pc a server if I had the line (would need to buff up security though). Currently got Apache w/ PHP and MySQL running on it. Though I still don't know a lot about any of em :)

  10. Go with an nforce2. If you cant afford the Asus solution, newegg carries basicly all the nforce boards and epox and msi's solutions run around $100. Epox usually makes good oc/performance boards as well. Not to mention that the nforce can handle all current AMD cpus as well as the upcoming barton the the 400ddr bus.

  11. Jealousy? no... Just the fact that I see Toms sporting P4 overclocking instead of Athlon, and even if they did overclock an AMD, theyd say it didn't do any good.

    Besides heat, core, chipset, components, ram, power supply... list that can make a difference goes on. But like they're doing, Vapochill is a product that supercools AMD cpus and lets you pump up the voltage and overclock it to all heck.

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