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  1. AGP/PCI is the slot for it. Most cards now use AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) cause it's faster and offers a direct path to the chipset and cpu. The pci slot has limited bandwidth and it must also share it with other pci cards and go through the southbridge before it reaches the chipset and cpu.

    Morale: Get an AGP card if you have an AGP slot.

  2. First pick a cpu, then pick a chipset, then pick a board manufacturer.

    As far as AMD goes, top chipset is the NF2, next comes the KT400 and KT333.

    As for board makers: Abit, Asus, Epox, MSI and Chaintech seems to be making a name for themself. As for the others, look at reviews and compare speeds/options. With the nf2 chipset, it isn't that big a deal since they score within a few % of each other. The KT400/333 chipsets are a different story where board manufacturer makes a big impact on performance.

  3. Dark Ranger, great! :D If you're using the Antec stuff, it still can't compete with Artic Silver. Might want to try it next time you remove the hsf.

    BTW, might want to correct your sig... How are you running a 333fsb and your cpu is still at 1.8ghz?

    Hotdog, might want to try it yourself, then if it doesn't work have a pro do it. PC's aren't that hard to build, just a matter of following instructions and connection cables. If you're handy with a screwdriver, it can be done.

  4. I won't buy one. Last thing I bought was Xbox, and mainly cause I wanted a portable PC substitute. PC games are and always will be superior to any console. Especially when they are tuned for high-end rigs with options to de-tune for lower system specs. Not to mention the options a PC can have as far as controllers etc.

    Killer-Poptart, your sig disturbs me :P

  5. Harsh? Wasn't drilling you, just nvidia and real crappiest OS ever made :P

    If I truly wanted to compete for a fast machine, I would have allready purchased a 2000xp (and oced), abit nf7-s board, and a 9500pro.

    Thing is, there is more to life than a fast pc. Something with medium-fast speeds that does all I ask of it is fine by me.

  6. I have an older HP Pavilion with integrated Intel 810 graphics. I got sick of that and moved to a pci Radeon 32mb SDR. It made quite and improvement in my games, but I'd say the best pci card atm is the GF4MX440.

    As for installation. You'll need to disable the old graphics somehow. I had to uninstall mines drivers and load a standard vga driver in their place. You may also have an option to disable in bios. If you're unsure, and see nothing in bios, send an email to your manufacturer. They're the ones that told me what to do with the HP. :)

  7. 10003 3dMarks on my rig. It was around 9600 before overclocking.

    To verify my claims: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=4922796

    Meth, best way to define adequate cooling is to see how hot your cpu runs. Mine, as it is now, overclocked, runs 38c/100f idle. It runs the heatsink in my sig, as well as 2 80mm exhaust and 1 80mm intake. I'm planning another intake and a 120mm top exhaust and calling it quits at that.

    Drivers do matter, but I'm not a GF man, so can't make any recommendations.

    Edit: Wanted to comment on some things...

    Stinger, yep. You won't ever complete the nature game and maybe the pixel or vertex. The GF4MX lacks the programmable shaders to be able to complete these test, and also you miss out on these effects in games. Thats another reason not to get that lousy card. Just so you know... WinME is the worst OS ever made. Even though it's a stepping stone to 2000/XP, it was built of 98SE and is the buggiest and worst coded OS I've ever seen. It has memory leaks, constanst crashes, etc.

  8. Those number, from what I understand, are the ones that will be released first. They will probably release more later.

    As for Intel being the same price in cpus... Only the 2700 and 2800 are priced similar, and mainly cause they can't keep up with demand. From there down, the AMD cpus take anywhere from a $30 lead or more.

  9. The cars in the fast and the furious are all show no go... a riced car. Even if you went with Honda's best Vtec engine and put a turbo on it, you still wouldn't be hitting 300hp. Plus, you'd probably blow it up trying to put nitrous in it. :rolleyes:

  10. Actually, there are 64bit only OS, WindowsXP64 and a 64bit version of Linux. But the best part is, unlike Intel's Itanium, AMD's Athlon64/Operton work with both 32bit or 64bit. So you can run 32bit WinXP, like your are right now, no problem. Even if you did get a 64bit OS, you couldn't run 32bit apps on it, and the only 64bit game I know of is UT2k3.

    As for mhz and fsb. The cpu multiplier is multiplied (funny eh? :P) by the fsb to get the actual cpu speed. Say 24x100 = 2.4ghz and 18x133 = 2.39ghz (2.4 ;))

  11. If I'm IRC anywhere, I'm usually on irc.netgamers.org servers. It's actually a place for online web browser based games, but I've been around there for quite a while and it's great compared to anything AOL can offer.

    Not only do you get yelled/laughed at for ASL bs, but there are a lot of knowledgable people there. I go by RooK and idle in various channels, #php and #html among them.

    Also, mirc.com has a great irc client (I use it), that can be fantastic if you customize it (looks terrible in it's stock form). Also, have a look at klient.com and bersirc.com for alternatives.

    Common commands, if you're new, are:

    /server irc.server.com
    /join #channel
    /part #channel
    /me action I want to say
    /quit quit message

  12. I can't name off Intel cores too well, but I believe that is it. The previous were williamette and northwood. The 2800 will ofc compete agains the 2.8ghz P4 :P (are you getting what these 4 digit numbers are meaning?) I assume they want it as the affordable version of their flagship cpu.

    The current XPs will be replaced by the Barton cores running 400fsb, and that will be a 'sort of' Duron replacement. They will also continue making current XPs (up to just 2800?) in the 266 and 333fsb flavors at bargin prices.

    Sorry, no links off the top of my head :(

  13. Cooling will probably be the same and expect other cards in the future to have such drastic cooling solutions. These gpus are becoming mini cpus.

    As for the nvidia AIW answer... don't expect anything as nice. Ati has spent years developing and making a nice entertainment suite out of their AIW cards, Nvidia has no such software or even past models that can compare to Ati. All Nvidia has to go on atm is its reputation, which might carry it. Who knows?

    AFAIK, the FX is expected in the May-April time sector. Ati's next card is expected in the March time sector. ;)

  14. Yeah, my socket is the same... had to remove my psu to install the heatsink. Most manufacturers do this though, so it's a common problem. If you decide to get a new heatsink, try a thermalright. I have nothing but praise for them.

    Actually, cutting a hole or series of vents in the psu cover is a good idea and will help keep it cool. Just be sure to place a fan guard over a hole if you go that route so people won't accident stick their finger in it and get shocked.

    Stinger: 92mm won't fit my heatsink without some sort of reducer, so I opted for the 80mm.

  15. Probably around as much as the Intel top performers, or just below. They will debut at 2800, 3200 and 3500 performance ratings during the 2nd qtr. What can I say? Intel is going to take a beating next year... AMD has a new cpu that can run 64bit and at faster speeds than a P4 can without switching it's socket every 6 months. :rolleyes:

    No, the current nforce chipsets will not work with the new cpus. You will have to buy either the new nforce solution made for the hammer, or via's solution for the hammer (both are not yet released).

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