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  1. That Dual Xeon would compete nowhere near a Radeon 9700 equiped 2600XP or 2.6ghz P4. It uses basicly stuff for servers that are meant for stability and the ability to process certain 'workstation programs' faster, not performance in gaming or general stuff. Not to mention, that ram is old and can be beat by any modern pc3200 ddr, which is cheaper.

    That aside, Alienware is in the top 3 of retail pc sellers. Only matched by Falcon NW and Voodoo.

  2. Use the old one... Surely you have seen those monitors HP includes with their products? They say 17" but they look like a 15" and have terrible quality imo. Get a ViewSonic, NEC or Mitsu if you really want a decent monitor, and those would cost extra either way.

    Wanted to also note, you can bring price down with smaller hdds and cheaper components. Mine are mainly good namebrands.

  3. The most powerful card on a pci slot is the GF4MX440. Nowhere near as good as a ti4200 or R8500 and it can't even compete with an agp version of itself. Not to mention, agp slots run at double the speed of the pci slots and have a direct path to the northbridge chipset and thus the cpu. Pci on the other hand have to go through the southbridge, which controls all your pci, hdds, usb, and firewire addons (thus haveing to compete for bandwidth), then head to the northbridge. In short PCI = BAD!

    Now, on the HP Pav... hate em. My old 700 celeron was an HP Pav. It crashed more times then I can count and I'm glad I built my own pc. Never seen such stability compared to it or any other past systems.

    Now... here's what I'd get on newegg :P

    Case: Antec Solution w/ 350w Antec PSU - $73

    MB: Epox 8RDA Nf2 - $88

    CPU: AMD 2000XP Retail w/HSF - $93

    Ram: Kingston PC-2700 512mb - $92

    HDD: Maxtor 60gb 7200rpm - $87

    Video: Ti4200 128mb - $140

    Floppy: $16

    DVD: Lite-On 16x DVD - $40

    CD-RW: 48x24x48 - $53

    OS: WinXP Home OEM Full Ed. - $93

    Total: $775

    I think that is everything. Besides being custom built, it uses top performing parts in basicly every area. Plus, things like cdrw and dvds you can take off your old system. Only $75 more ;)

  4. The case is actually the simplest part. All it does it hold the components in place, nothing more or less. You can take a cheaper case if you want and cut some holes and install fans with custom grills, if you need more cooling.

    For all the components care, you could leave them exposed in various places on your desktop, so long as you're careful not to touch them while the power is on :)

  5. I'm with NC on this. But besides that, there is no way you can play with 1000 people all at the same time and not get lag, at least with any decent game/netcode. Not from the server being overloaded (as you stated about using multiple servers) but how could they transfer all that info to your computer? I doubt even a 2mbit line would be near enough for reasonable pings.

  6. P.S. Before you do the Warp Coil Calibration you need to polarize the Transistor field matrices or else the feedback pulse will discharge. ;)

    Or... You could just forget the whole thing and hit the degauss button. If your monitor doesn't have one, just turn it off then on. :P

  7. With the exception of a couple of people, I'm beginning to think I'm the only one with a 'true' arsenal :blink:

    Also, I have a couple of Tasco 4x32mm scopes lying around unused, the Savage has a 3-9x40 Simmons and the 10/22 currently sports a BSA reddot. Guess I should mention that I also load/reload my own ammo (sans the shotguns). :unsure:

  8. Ah... here we go again (had a thread like this on the old board). I'll just state what's currently floating around the house right now:

    S&W M629 4" .44 Magnum

    S&W M49 Bodyguard (Nickel) .38 Special

    Ruger SuperBlackhawk 7 1/2" .44 Magnum

    Ruger 22/45 5 1/2" Bull .22 LR

    Crossman .177 Air Pistol (pump)

    Daisy .177 Air Pistol (co2)

    Ruger 10/22 .22 LR

    Savage 10FM 18" .308 Win

    SKS Chinese 7.62x39

    Crossman .177 Air Rifle (pump)

    Daisy .22 Air Rifle (pump)

    Daisy .177 Air Rifle (pump)

    S&W M1000 20GA (Didn't know S&W used to make shotguns/rifles? :))

    Cherokee break-action 16GA

    no name break-action 12GA

    Some of the models might be off, but then again, that's off the top of my head.

  9. Basicly, just go download WsFTP (free) for the ftp program and learn some html. Lots of sites out there about it, and it's pretty simple to learn with everything being put between tags. Not unlike those used here when you post images, quotes and so on.

    Later, when you get into fancy stuff, you can learn css, php (server needs to support this), javascript, dhtml... the list goes on. But html is all that is needed for a basic website.

  10. Stinger, Linux is basicly a stable platform for servers and not much else. It's doesn't accept any Windows based programs without some emulator, and even then it isn't garanteed to work. Not to mention, all hardware must use special linux drivers which aren't that optimized due to lack of popularity for such things and thus are way below what their performance would be on a Windows system.

    Unless you're running a web server or gaming server (CS can run on linux), forget about using it.

  11. Well, they've been a great competitor in the P4 chipset market, but their only real competition was Intel. Now it seems they've finally decided to make a decent socket a chipset and it is now on my 'to get list'. Especially when I saw the webpage for Iwill's mb stating you can lock the agp/pci at 66/33mhz allowing you to overclock fsb more. That was one of the nforce2's main selling points for enthusiast!

    Plus, being SiS, they'll probably debut in the $70-80 range.

  12. SiS has just released it's newest chipset for AMD, the 746. In the test performed by OCworkbench with an ECS board, it out performed the Kt400 hands down and came very close to the Nf2 in many areas and beat it in a couple of test. It was even overclocked to a stable 191fsb, but has limited options in bios with the exception of 1fsb increments.

    On another note, MSI just announced their board with the same chipset. We should be seeing reviews of it in a few days hopefully.

    The SiS 746 chipset features support for-

    AGP 8X

    USB 2.0

    IEEE 1394

    6 Channel Audio


    UltraDMA 133/100/66


    ECS L7S7A2 Review

    MSI 746F News Release

    SiS 746 Chipset Info

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