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  1. Blasphemy! You should be hung for not having a .22! Run immediately to the nearest gun store and buy the first used 10/22 you see! :)

    Speer has quit selling the old 200gr 'flying ashtray' in +P form (unless you're refering to the Gold Dot). You can still get it in the Blazer line, but only loaded to 950fps. Slow. I'm planning on using it myself, but only in home brewed stuff. Makes me more than a little ticked off that no one loads it hotter. Now, if you want some really hot .45 ammo, check out Double Tap http://doubletapammo.com/php/catalog/index.php He has one load that he says is just below +P rating but pushes a 200gr Gold Dot to 1100fps out a 5" 1911 barrel. Sounds good and McNett (owner) isn't one to exagerate.

  2. What do you mean by nastiest smelling? Does it smell like burning carcasses or something?

    I have never shot the Aguila stuff, but I can personally back up the decent quality of PMC.

    You have to smell it to understand, but everyone recognizes it. Pick up some of their .22 ammo sometime and find out for yourself. As I said, I don't know if the centerfire stuff exhibits the same 'qualities.'

    Ruin, I believe the .45 ammo with the best record of one-shot stops (by Marhsall and Sanow) is the Federal 230gr Hydrashok. Something to consider at any rate. I'd also go with +P just for the extra velocity and be sure to do some shooting with your defensive ammo of choice before you use it.

    Whisper, 14 rounds? Had a Para or something similar?

  3. Go with PMC. I know it's quality. I don't know about Aguila centerfire ammo, but I have some of the rimfire stuff. Let me say this: It's good stuff but some of the nastiest smelling ammo I have ever shot. They make it in Mexico, but they must use bat guano for priming components. It's also dirty as well.

  4. Any cheap ball ammo is good for general practice. American Eagle, Blazer, and Winchester white box are fairly common. They're major brands (Federal and Speer for the first two) and won't cost you an arm and leg.

    For defense ammo in a .45, I'm partial to the 200gr Speer HP. Makes sure it feeds in your gun before buying more than one box though. The large HP has a habit of choking some handguns. Otherwise any 200-230gr HP with a modern bullet should suffice (Hydrashok, Golden Sabre, Gold Dot, SXT).

  5. I played with my cousin's S&W Simga in .357 for a bit. The gun was terrible as far as feel/trigger, but it functioned fine. I loved the cartridge though. The thing to remember with the Sig is it maches the .357 mag in velocity of light bullets, like the 125gr. Get they heavier ones and velocities drop fast. It's meant for flesh work, not barrier penetration. I'd still go with a properly loaded 10mm or .38 Super instead, or even (dare I say?) 9x25.

  6. I haven't got the money for an expensive 1911, otherwise I'd bought a Dan Wesson Razor. Retrofitting a slide/barrel should be less than $500. Besides, it would be fun to build it myself. :) Sure, send them an email and ask. I haven't looked at the catalog yet to see what they offer, but a 6" barrel and possibly 6" slide would be perfect.

  7. We'll wait to hear back from you RooK.

    Anyone here have a lot of experience with 10mm 1911's? I have been thinking about getting an Ed Brown or Les Baer in a 10mm, but I have heard that the 10mm cartridge really gives the gun a beating. I guess the steel slide on a steel frame causes more stress?

    I have never owned a 1911 10mm, and the only 10mm I have shot were a couple Glocks and an STI, but supposedly the polymer frames will absorb some of the shock. However, I question this because even the STI frame is actually steel and the handle is just polymer.

    Anyone know the actual "facts" on this?


    That should be helpful. I've even considered doing a 10mm swap on my RIA, with a new slide. It would be tempting if I could fit the slide/barrel myself. Got any info on that?

    Whisper, there is a reason the Bren Ten isn't made anymore. It had 'teething' problems that were never quite fixed. If you can afford one of those that do exist, more power to you, but most modern 10mms are infinately better.

  8. Gaming has turned to consoles almost exclusively, I could care less about that because I'm a computer gamer. They keep making these games for the consoles and they either delay and/or just half-ass port them over to PC, it makes me not want to buy the product.

    Currently I'm waiting on TES: Oblivion. Nothing else on the PC interests me atm and I'm not into playing online games that charge a monthly fee.

  9. G18? Well, seeing as US civies can't even own any (there weren't any in country and registered to civies before the '86 ban), it's a moot point. Still, using any FA firearm for defense is a big risk when it comes to liability.

    Double-stacks aren't that bad for concealing, but a lot of that comes down to your stature. People with different builds can hide certain size guns better than others. A slim, small stature person is much better off with a small, single-stack auto. Big guys can pack a full-size double-stack or even a large frame revolver. That's something you'll have to figure out for yourself. Just make sure the gun feels right to you before you buy it. Also, polymer frame guns are great for weight savings and keeping you comfortable for extended wear.

    As for caliber, bigger is always better. End of discussion. Capacity: More is better, but not at the expense of concealment or handling. You don't want to find yourself shorthanded just because someone says you only needed 5 shots. Find the firearm you like first, worry about the capacity problem later.

  10. Glock 20 10mmAuto, G29 for carry along with a G27 during summer.  The 10mm is capable of getting bounced up to some unreal numbers.  The loads I use, at SAAMI spec, are near 700 lb/ft of energy for the G20.

    Ditto. I'm gathering supplies for handloading mine (and I need to buy a 22lb recoil spring). I got dies, some 165gr Gold Dots, and primers. Now I just need the brass and powder... Seems I can't get the brass locally.

  11. I'm so jealous bro.  Do you have the LDA or the SA version?  FYI, you can get two-round extensions for the 14.45.  A couple of the SWAT guys I know have them.  Must be nice to have 17 flying ashtrays in your sidearm.  :)

    It's the SA, and it's heavy enough with 14+1 :) & 4 spares, if you can get them to the point that they feed reliably(mine always has) then I can't see a reason for a single stack.

    Anything that carries 14+1 will be heavy. The 10mm I got has 15+1 capacity in a full-size all steel frame. Fully loaded it weighs more than my 4" 629. :huh: Now I'm having a hell of a time finding supplies locally for handloading, looks like it's time to resort to Midway or some other retailer with online access. Heck if I'm going to pay the $18+ they want locally for a box of 50 for the 'cheap' stuff. Not to mention it's underpowered.

    PS: Still looking for the stupid camera cord.

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