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  1. Welded MB might not be preban. It might exist just because it's an easy way to attach one to the Saiga. They have oddball front sight assemblies that won't allow most slip-ons and there isn't enough material to thread.
  2. Serellan, what FCG did you go with? Run into problems with the safety not working? I have the 16" Saiga in .308, identical to yours except for barrel length. Yours really needs a wooden forend.
  3. Check out the RIA's newest additions: Amazing what a dremel, file, and sanding block can do, eh? Also, cut down .44 magnum case heads and some machine screws make an excellent jig (made it myself and cut the frame myself). Still likes some blending on the lower side and refinishing. Next improvement: sights. I'm thinking Novak, but I'll have to contact a local smith and see. Here's the before for those who didn't see it, just standard GI:
  4. I think there's a reason they didn't end up coming back to his truck and taking him out: something else distracted them. Had to be US forces. It would be a cold day in hell before I went unarmed into a war zone. No amount of money is worth that trade off.
  5. The 6.5 is almost just a 7.62x39 necked down. I remember getting in a heated argument on ARFCOM with devs and their distributor at the time. Can't even remember who. Anyway, I was mad that they wouldn't offer a 6.5 barrel for people to put on a 7.62x39 bolt (same case head). They whined on about cartridge differences and blah blah blah... fact is they wanted to rip you a new one ($1000) for a whole upper with crap you don't need and not just $200 for a barrel. The 6.5 is a superior round, but the company can shove it where the sun don't shine imo. I'll stick with the 6.8, mainly due to wider availability (in comparison) and the larger bullet diameter. I've wanted an AR for the longest time... maybe I should act on that impulse.
  6. Don't blame Stoner on the 5.56. He disliked the cartridge as well. He developed the AR-10 in 7.62 and tried to sell it to the military without much success. Armalite, who owned the AR-10 design since he did it for them as an employee, had another person scale it down to the 5.56 under Stoner's supervision. Once the military started trying to sabotage his gun design (AR-15) with complaints of failures to keep the army from adopting it, he did step in to prove them wrong. The gun works when you don't have an idiot at the controls. It works even better in it's original caliber.
  7. This (the italicised portion), my friend, is simply untrue. You will find out sooner or later that everything you do has the potential to become public knowledge. Everything. Anything you say or do, can and quite possibly will make its way to someone you'd rather not have know about it. God. Help. You. if you ever go into any kind of public service with that attitude. I posted it because it has truth to it. We usually never find out about it until decades later, but it happens. I'm quite an ethical person and have never even got so much as a warning while driving, never been in trouble with the law or anything. I stick to the rules (even if I slightly bend them sometimes). No need to worry about me actually following the second part of the statement. Just because I post it, doesn't mean I reflect it in my behavior. Call me cynical if you wish. Jchung, you picked the more potent stuff of the factory fodder. Winchester Silvertips are one of the few you can get loaded above .40 S&W spec, about 1250fps for the 175gr bullet. Yeah, my reloads of 200gr XTPs at 1200fps shouldn't have a problem with light armor.
  8. Rules are nothing more than a set of guildlines followed for a facade to the world. What happens when it's not in the public eye is fair game. I hate to say it, but if I was a contractor in Iraq, I'd want to use whatever I could get my hands on that could increase my chance of survival. I feel for the guys in the military, but that's bureaucracy. Sad, but true. jchung, what 10mm loads where you using? Modern squibs? Full-power? 135, 155, 165, 180, or 200gr? One of my uncles works in bank security and brings home goodies from time to time. Once he brought home some of the bullet-proof lexan glass they put in teller windows. It had to be around 2" thick. We shot it with a .44 magnum at about 10 yards. Bad idea. Good thing we were behind cover because it sent the stuff showering everywhere... um, the .44 defeated it.
  9. It's BS on the blended metal stuff. We have been doing things like this for ages in the industry with very-light bullets. Pick almost any handgun you want, make a bullet extremely light for the caliber and drive it really fast. Not only can you defeat light armor with it, but when it hits a target (if hollowpoint) it expands rapidly and violently fragmenting. We also have bullets for range work that are encased tin powder, to prevent backsplash from hard backstops at ranges. They would have similar results if the jacket was thin enough. You could do almost the same with with a rifle bullet by making it light for weight, yet making the jacket extremely thin from the midsection forward. Bullets have a tendency to tumble in liquid substances anyway, but the thinner jacket allows the bullet to fall apart easier. I would even wager that a method could be utilized that in swaging three or four shorter lead slugs in the jacket during manufacture (instead of one lone one), then scoring the jacket around where they meet, would have similar devistating results. If anyone has a Corbin swaging setup for bullets and a their cannelure tool, we could test this theory. Even modern military bullets usually break apart at the cannelure anyway.
  10. Any idea if someone has a setup for cutting new stocks for them? I'd be tempted to buy one if I could slap a new, black walnut stock on it. I've heard nothing but stellar reviews over them and because I handload, ammo wouldn't be an issue. With a new stock, I could also make it look really nice without worrying about modifying the original stock (or messing it up).
  11. Does yours have a name under the buttplate? I hear some of them have the original issuer on them and people have tried contacting them in Switzerland. A few with positive results. One in particular even gave the gun back to the original owner. K31s are fine guns, and a .308 Win before its time.
  12. I love Hogues. Got a set on my RIA 1911 (I have posted a pic of that, right?). Anyway, I recently purchased a McCormick beavertail and hammer for it. I just need to get around to cutting the tang and installing them. I've been tempted to start buying parts for it and beef it up for some .45 Super action. Might not be the best idea on a cast, Philipine gun, but you only live once right? If I break it, I guess I could covertly send it back for their 'lifetime warranty' and just build that Caspian 1911 I've always wanted. I like steel guns as well. It just sucks that they have to weight so much.
  13. Yeah, no 3d models here. Recently got some goodies for my 10mm Witness. Just now got around to pumping out some handloads for it. Lets just say, 9gr of 800x over a 200gr XTP makes for a nice load*. I've also got a load I'm working on with some 165gr Gold Dots. The other is mainly for hunting purposes. Had to install a 22lb recoil spring and +10% mag springs from Wolff as well. Even modified some Hogue grips to fit. Here's a recent pic. You also might notice the box of Black Talons I happened to run across last weekend. *Use data at your own risk.
  14. Well, your definition include M14s, FALs, and things generally categorized as 'battle rifles'. They use lower capacity magazines and full-power cartridges. This is why the intermediate cartridge and select fire characteristics are important. The US law defined 'assault weapons' and was the first ever attempt at a new, legal definition for ominous looking firearms. I kid you not, one of the people who helped write it said they looked at pictures of scary rifles, noted the features and banned them. There was not rational rhyme nor reason, just people wanting to ban stuff. You can also see from the law that they followed media coverage, banning hyped firearms of the day (tec-9). The assault weapon ban and definition had nothing to do with military arms, other than the fact that modern ones looked meaner to the architects. Otherwise they would have banned M14s and M1s by name and style.
  15. The first assault rifle is usually accepted at the German Stg44: called the Sturmgewehr or Storm Rifle. It was the first arm to us a cartridge larger than a pistol, yet smaller that standard issue infantry rifles of the time and also utilized hicapacity magazines. As with Germany's MP series of machine pistols, it was selectfire. The Russians were quick to follow with their own designs, and it wasn't until the '60s with the M16 that the US would really consider one for military work.
  16. I'm still around, just really busy. Not to mention college classes start back on the 20th.
  17. I'm kinda ticked there is no Bren Ten in the film. Don Johnson made the gun/caliber a legend due to his usage of it in Miami Vice.
  18. These are traditionally called rail guns. I think the US Navy is supposed to start retrofitting vessels for some that will replace their main guns in the near future. Uses the same technology as these really fast trains/monorails. Seems like a good stepping device to the ray guns of the future. They'll peak my interest when they can break 1100fps.
  19. FYI, AR18s aka The Widowmaker didn't use M16 magazines. They had a magazine design all their own and bring a bit of a premium. Only the new, polymer-recievered B version from the new Armalite company uses M16 mags. Sorry, stickler for detail.
  20. I'd be looking at a nine, for no other reason than cheap ammo and I don't have one yet. DA is a non-issue for me, it's SA or the highway. I guess I'm old fashioned in some respects, especially when it comes to a light, crisp trigger. Unfortunately, something else is eating up a large chunk of my funds atm... Who am I kidding: All of my funds. I guess I'll post some more info in General Discussion on that when the dealing is done.
  21. M14? Anyway, that ain't no bubba gun. That's by far one of the nicest SKS projects I've seen. I like the curved bolt handle as well. What's it look like from the side?
  22. After owning my Witness, I'm tempted to buy a CZ for the heck of it. The SA on mine is perfect. DA horrible though. It stacks a lot and is way too heavy. Good job on keeping the DW and S&W 41. Thos are great guns and hard to come by these days, at a good price anyway.
  23. lol, is he a gun freak or what? ← He is home among friend then, eh? *Not all firearms pictured, collection has since expanded. Some firearms might have been casualties of trading.*
  24. With an Ace folding adapter made for rifles like Oly's piston AR, you can make it a folding/collapsible stock no problem.
  25. SU carbs? Eh? AR15s are a specific firearm design like a 1911. Patents on the design are no longer enforced and anyone with a CNC machine and blueprints can make one. As long as you adhere close to the original design, I guess you can call it an AR. Quad-rails might have got their start on ARs, but they're on just about anything these days. If you're ever in the foothills of KY, your welcome to come have some fun with whatever I own (you buy the ammo). As for my opinion on the Sig 556 (saw those pics before they were posted here): It's an overpriced version of the original 551 which is a nice piece of hardware. The reciever rail looks like crap and makes a nice crevice for snagging things. For what they want for the highest model I can get my hands on the nicer 551 with a US reciever. Why must people reinvent the wheel when it involves making it cheaper (but not in price)?
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