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  1. Well you press fire and it plays the auto sound and then you let go and it plays the end sound. There is like a very short pause between the two sounds, like less than a millisecond (but it is quite notice able). It might just be me, I may have to fiddle with my sounds to get it to line up. Or it could be one of the conmmands. what does "offset" do?
  2. I have finaly got it down and now I am trying to make a sound pack. But now I have another problem. There seems to be a lag between the transitions from the looping sounds (i.e. glock_loop_stereo01) to the end sounds (i.e. glock_end_stereo01). Can someone help?
  3. Thanks grin, I appreciate the help. I think I am starting to understand this stuff.
  4. OK, Can you explain how to do it. Because it is just not registering in my brain (its driving me mad).
  5. I have been messing around with the xml for hours now. Could someone make a xml for the beretta that changes the sound, using custom sounds. That might help me understand this.
  6. Is there any good tuts? The one that came with the 1.35 patch sux
  7. From what I saw there is a program that somebody made here that allows you to preview and extract the audio files in the .bank file. I was wonder if someone could extend this program to allow the editing of the .bank. specificly allowing the user to replace the sounds within the .bank file. This would be awesome, I have at leased 1gb of weapon sounds ready to be put into custom sound packs. I would do it my self but I am clueless when it comes to coding.
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