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  1. I started collecting authentic VN stuff a few months back. That's why i decided to make this. I don't know how to make new models, so i just made a skin. Sorry to disappoint you guys. It's nothing much. Are there any VN for GR models out there? I know there was a VN war mod for GR in the works way back, can't remember the name though. Anyway, here it is: ERDL (Brown Dominant)
  2. OT: Need help with COYOTE shade. I can't get it right. Click to Enlarge Thanks in advance guys!
  3. @CC Thanks man! I think i'll stick to #2. hehehe! @Foxtrot360 Thanks! Honestly i don't know how i could share the stuff i make. If you guys can tell me, i'll be glad to give it away. I was able to upload one mod in the past, but with help. All tan? Like the shirt, vest, gloves, pants & boots all in tan color? Actually i was planning to make the vests in Coyote, but i dont know the color parameters in Photoshop for Coyote. *
  4. I recently made somewhat a "contractor" look texture for GR. Anyway i got the idea from the TV Series Jericho [RavenWood]. Click to Enlarge I'm having problem with the arms of our African American brothers. I want them to have the same skin tone as their faces. But i don't know how or what to do to make the arms change skin tone on who ever i choose. So i decided to put caucasian skin tone instead. Anyone know what i should do so that the African American operatives in GR will have their arm skin tone same as their faces when i choose them? Thanks in advance. OT: Here's the rest of the textures, in black shirt with pants untucked and tucked in boots.
  5. I tried my best to make my own models. It's hard and frustrating. I'll just leave it to te experts. I just hope they make some more for GR. Sorry to have failed the community.
  6. Pingvinx is right. We really need more models. Anyone care to help old school GR? hehehe
  7. =US=Punisher, Thanks! Those are old ones that i made way back.
  8. Thanks CMH. Will download the mods. What backpack do u guys think will look good on these dudes?
  9. Anyone know where i can get a backpack / 3-day assault pack attachments? Thanks! Merry Christmas!!
  10. Great! Woohooo! Thanks CC! Can't wait to read it. hehehe!
  11. I'm interested. I did that with the butt packs. That was the first thin i did when i learned to use photoshop. hehehe The problem i alwasy encounter is > "How do i make it the right size for a certain part of the .rsb?" I always end with trial and error. Until i get the right size PM for you CC
  12. Changed a part of the vest. Just tweeking around and experimenting. I copied a picture of a MOLLE pouch. And i attached the picture on the vest and smudged the sides. hehehe
  13. I made British DPM (Wildcat's material) textures for Dog-Zebra's Models. Not much. But it'll do if you want a change in camo.
  14. The Alpha channel was in white and black. The Ghillie was all in white including some parts of the goggles and rest was in black.
  15. Thanks Suicide. Im now trying to make my own models. But i encountered a problem. I'm having trouble exporting .3ds to .chr It says: "Don't know how to save to that file type"
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