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  1. What's missing on that asian village are the smurfs.
  2. What is the different 'style' of gamer the different console platforms attract? Just find that interesting so I'm kind of wondering.
  3. MP. I love the MP team vs. team stuff. With that said, I also enjoy MP co-op.
  4. Same here. I'm going to wait to see what happens. One thing I've learned recently regarding new games and expectations.. they are usually a surprise. Recent releases have surprised me different than expectations, some good and some bad. Overall, it seems the things they can verify are things we all like and asked for. It seems the things people are getting worked up for are.. basically.. assumptions (ie - assuming that if it's a port to PC from Xbox it'll be a crappy game.. when in fact you won't know until it happens). I am very much looking forward to it. And even if it's not exactly and perfectly what I wanted.. chances are it'll be better than all the other stuff out there right now that is kinda crappy.
  5. We are still recruiting. Check us out. We are a good fun bunch.
  6. lol. Thanks Chavez. Yes. Rogue Saints plays both, coop and multiplayer team vs team. We are still recruiting. Looking for fun, mature, team minded people that are looking for an organized, yet fun, team to play with.
  7. bump - still looking. also looking for AA players.
  8. A friendly bump. We are looking for good, fun, mature GR players that are looking for a tactical team experience. Skill isn't an issue. We'll work with you to help you out as needed.
  9. FYI. For GR at this time we are looking for about 2-3 people. Thanks.
  10. We are still looking for more members to compliment our Ghost Recon and/or America's Army teams.
  11. Thanks EG. I appreciate your kind words.
  12. [RS] Rogue Saints is recruiting. Our team has been playing Ghost Recon together since May of 2002. We are a team of about 20 members which value Honor, Teamwork, and Dedication. Our 'mission statement' (listed on our website) says it all: The Rogue Saints are built on the principles of teamwork, tactics, and dedication. Our men work together and play with a high sense of honor, integrity, and maturity. We are dedicated to practicing and utilizing team tactics to excel in the field of battle, leveraging those skills in friendly competition against other clans and in simulated missions. We never lose sight of our main goal; to have good clean fun while playing as a team with close friends. We currently are active in Ghost Recon, and are in the process of branching out also to America's Army and potentially Raven Shield (and are anxiously awaiting Soldner). On GR, we are involved on the Combat Zone gaming ladder (currently ranked #10), and play competitive co-op tournaments (we recently won Alpha Squad's Stealth Score tournament, and are currently participating in the AzzCup tournament). To join our team you must be 20 years old. If you are interested, please send me an email to 'recon_rs@hotmail.com' answering the questions listed under 'Application' on our website; www.rogue-saints.com
  13. He said he got appointed because there was literally no one paying attention to the community (GR and RvS) on the UBI forums, and they identified the need and they appointed him. I also think he mentioned someone else had the job before but did nothing with it.. so he sort of replaced him.
  14. A quote from the new 'community manager' at the GR forums on GR.com. This is in response to the thread that goes a lot like this thread (people freaking out because there was a rumor that it was coming and in consoles first): ----------------------- "As much as I love a good rumor, especially if its true, I can be the first to tell you all that there is no such thing as Ghost Recon 2 and if there was, it would be out on the PC first There is however the new Jungle Storm version of the game coming out for PS2 in January that supports Playstation Online, so you console gamers that are sick of the other online multiplay shooters for PS2, be ready for GR to come to the PS2 in Jan." BulletTooth Casey 'BulletTooth' Keefe Community Manager - Tom Clancy ----------------- When he said there is no GR2 I think he meant at this point in time.
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