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  1. So are people still playing online for GRAW 2? Im tired of COD4 its not particularly tactical as GRAW is...do people still play? let me know!
  2. so are ppl still playing this game? let me know so I can install the game and play if they are.
  3. I noticed this today... that SOCOM confrontation is using the same graphics engine as GRAW... Check out the link and click on a video to see for yourself: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/socomco...tion/index.html Similarities- SAME type of overall graphics engine, you can notice the grainy look, the limited color hue, the very realistic lighting but very bright in some spots and very dark in other areas -Same type of friendly unit marker-the blue diamond is used by both -Same type of HUD display especially if you look at the bottom right that displays your gun and ammo -Same type of TEXT font and character used in both to describe deaths and kills in multiplayer -Did i mention SAME GRAPHICS? the only difference that I see is a watered down version of the AGEAs physics used in GRAW. And the fact that this is third person and GRAW PC was first person. But that doesn't really matter when it comes to engine design...you just modify the interface and use the overall architecture for level design and change the character design as well as tweak the view option... if you notice, the same amount of area can be seen in both the first persona and third person views in the GRAW and SOCOM games respectively...they only changed where the character you play is located.
  4. I have to say assault v recon is one of the best MP modes ever made. At first I hated the fact that you only respawn when ADATs removed as recon but it grew on me, not to mention the fact that you play both sides alternately and keep your rank status as it improves in the match. The tagging devices are innovative as well. My only issue is that i noticed mouse lag with scoped zoom when looking at distances. Its not too bad, but I never had the problem in GRAW, do you guys get the same issue? I have a good graphics card so I'm hoping its not the issue...7950GT, 2 Gigs ram. It could also be the fact that I got a new g7 laser mouse and its too sensitive so i notice the lag now? I'm not sure.
  5. anyone use the x-fi card with this game? If so what settings do you use for this game with the card? do you use stereo surround or xpand? and at what level? Same with crytallizer same with bass something something do you use those and at what levels. do you recommend any other specific changes? x-fi has such crappy software its a pain to figure out what all the settings mean and how to use them. they're all different for each game depending on how much sound utilization is being made for the game. and sound is very very important for graw MP@!@@@@ [Merged with your original thread - Please try to stick to one thread for this subject, no need to spam the forums with multiple threads in multiple forums]
  6. Ok guys, I got the x-fi but I dont know what the best setup is and while i could try each setting on and off since the load times take forever, this would be such a hassel. For those using the cmss surround, what do u use? Stereo surround? If so at what level? i use it at 50% on the bar. Also, for the crystallizer where do you place the bar setting at? And for the bass redirection what do you do? is it on? or do you turn it off? If on where do you put it. Remember, for each game these settings can help or hinder, so im looking for specific settings for the game GRAW, not general settings that people use and dont bother to change at all. Please help me out!!!
  7. hahaha...ha..ha...no not really, i was hoping for real help here.
  8. hey guys, for those who use a laser mouse that you can change settings for what dpi do you use? I usually go for about 1200 but i was hoping you could give a few that you thought were good for running, as well as for sniping I use the razer exactmat as well....its amazingly wonderful!
  9. off topic, but was your dee dee dee from carlos mencia? lol.
  10. What peripherals do you guys use? I just got the logitech G7, and while until now I have been a firm believer that gaming peripherals are merely gimmicks, i must say this mouse is amazing. Granted i had a Del optical, this runs superbly, and gaming wise, i've done infinetly better. even when i dont try as hard, i think i get kills merely because of the tracking and scroll effectiveness of this mouse. I'm also getting a discounted barracuda keyboard from a friend(45 dollars) I wonder if it will make as much a difference. Also, I just got the x-fi sound card, and am hoping it will help in terms of sound enrichment and immersion. let me know what you guys have and if you ahve any of these peripherals and how they are to you as well.
  11. AWESOME MAN....so coool, thanks a lot PS, do you play multiplayer? if so whats ur sn, what servers usually? i only find extreme eagles or beer drinking assasins to play......sucks cuz i dont like the ppl on it sometimes...ayway, let me know if u want to do co op sometime!!
  12. holy crap dude....THANK YOU SO MUCH....you're amazing. Glad to know this board is populated by great people. I havn't been on here much lately because of GRAW 2 delay, but ill be back once the game comes out. thanks a lot man, here's the link. http://files.filefront.com//;6937553;;/ basically I have to enter the castle premise find ontiveros and extraction, so its the last part of the second to last mission. I keep getting creamed by the tanks, not to mention the very crappy weapons selection by me, I play as much for the action as hearing my gun make manly noises....and my current weapon sounds all but like a kitten.
  13. can you really do that for me? whats your email, I have winrar is that ok?
  14. hey, Im on the second to last mission in GRAW, and its at the end, but I dont want to do it anymore because my weapons suck...I've been using for a while but I really am tired of it and I dont want to have to redo the whole mission...anyway to alter file to skip that mission and play last one?
  15. DUUUDE...viper, i have sooo played with you on BDA server...cool man
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