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  1. Sorry Bo, i think i made this thread head the wrong direction Bloody hilarious though.
  2. Just to let you know what competition you might have while playing online.
  3. I knew it! Everytime i saw this guy i knew something was odd about him. Was it his hair? No. Was it his backpack? Well.. maybe, but no. It was his greenish militaryish pants. So im thinking.. "hmm".. and then let it slide. But then later as my thoughts keep returning to this suspicious looking character, the only concrete connection i could figure out is that he is a gr.net-dweller. One who climbed the ladders of infinite tweaking and modding and spewing out creativity only to reach to the heavens. Welcome to the team, Wolfie. Although you've already been here a while. Lets hope your time here makes you Grin even more.
  4. Hold on! Im going to say something. Monkey. That is all.
  5. Im number 12. But really, i was visible. Until Mr (name censored) decided to stand in front of me
  6. Instead of keeping our boots on and leave snow all over the floor we like to leave the boots by the entrance and clean our floors with our socks.
  7. Good thing im not based in Norway.. just kidding (No offence, Magnar and Stig ) You mean Sweden does not have similar times as Norway? I thought that Norway was your neighbor or did Sweden move or something? Darn, now my head hurts. Thanks GRiN_Fred. Nah i just dont like living on top of big mountains.. makes it harder to get to the office.
  8. Good thing im not based in Norway.. just kidding (No offence, Magnar and Stig )
  9. Most console-game developers choose to make a bulkyer user interface in order to have it compatible with low-res TV's.
  10. Thanks, i like to play around with making music on my sparetime.
  11. Having the enemy laugh their pants off could be very effective
  12. Not Spaceballs..? Nice name GRiN_Fred Welcome to the forums Fred [swedish]= Peace Heh, thanks.. i've been lurking.. for.. reasons beyond comprehension
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