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  1. Thanks for the welcome Gents!!! And thanks for the help guys, I do really appreciate it. So what I understand so far is that there are or at least should be instructions attached to the downloads on where they are installed, right? And as far as the other mods, like the clean HUD displays and weapons mods, the blood mods etc... I should be able to join servers with no problem as long as I have the same maps previously downloaded, am I on the right track??? I guess I should specifically ask if the mods I choose to download "have to" match the mods being used in the server??? Or do only the maps have to match??? I just don't want to miss out on some great game play because I'm not so computer savvy and miss some of the finer points. Could anyone recommend the more popular maps or map packs that are mostly used online??? Or should I just download as many maps as I can??? I hope I'm not being a bother but this is all so new to me and I am sort of the go to guy for the new stuff in our squad. Once I get a grip on the protocols for the game then I report back get everyone else set up, usually, so I hope you can understand that I'm just starting out, the learning curve is always a ###### when you can't wait to jump in there and get playing..... This forum is one of the best I've seen for info and help with just about everything to do with the game, unlike some of those out there. Glad you guys are doing what you do because if not for guys like you, guys like me would be in the dark and miss out on a such a great game!!!! Cheers, C.J. Landry Oh yeah, BTW, my posts become less lengthy as the learning curve straightens out....LOL!!! Thanks again for all your help!!! CJ
  2. Hello Gents!!! I love this game, and the old GR as well. I still play GR 1 online, but I have found limited (but extremely enjoyable!!!) success with GRAW online. First, do I need to download as many maps as possible, I mean, as many as I can find to ensure I can join the various servers??? I can't seem to get into some servers because "My files don't match the servers", or "can't find that map" messages come up. I am patched up and have played online for the last couple of days with no other problems. Where do I install the downloaded maps??? Some come with a brief explanation and say to be installed in the custom folder. Do they all go in the custom folder like the first six I have installed, or are there different folders that other maps should be put in??? If so, what kind of maps go where??? Next question... How do I install weapons downloads??? What is recommended (that works properly) that will give me consistent game play without crashes or other problems that I have read about??? The M4 Sopmod sounds like a definite asset to the arsenal, what do you think??? Any other recommended downloads that the majority of you GRAW afficiandos use online as well as in SP mode??? I have been playing GR for about 4 years now with our squad (www.ABSquad.net) and am looking forward to at least that many years with GRAW! Looking forward to any bones you guys can throw my way, I'll pass the info the info on the the few of us in ABSquad that currently have the game. GOD I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! Cheers, C.J. Landry (AB_Moby)
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