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  1. No that is incorrect. 1. GR on PS2 is not like MGS2. It's Splinter Cell that is more like MGS2. Although Splinter Cell is yet to come out on PS2. Soon though I hear. 2. I haven't played the PS2 version as much as the Xbox version but it is definatly harder on Xbox than it is on PC. I am comparing a straight-off-the-shelf copy of GR Xbox to a straight-off-the-shelf GR PC copy here ppl. I have played more of the PC version only becuase it was out almost 2 years ago now but I am catching up on hours fast with the Xbox version! Simply put the mouse makes it way too easy to aim. AI is harder and there a more enemies per map than PC GR.
  2. Xbox version runs smoother, graphics are more detailed and better looking and the game is in Dolby Digital 5.1. PlayStation2 has none of this. I have also played the Xbox version with a PS2 Controller and the Xbox. They both played well. The only thing the PS2 version has over the Xbox other than the FMV's is playing a Campaign in Elite difficulty. In the PS2 version there is no Threat Indicator in this mode! I love that, I play the PC version like that all the time. On the Xbox the indicator is there all the time. Makes the game way too easy.
  3. After playing GR on the PC since it was first released and having played GR on the Xbox for 2 weeks now, I have to say I am leaning towards the Xbox version as an off-the-shelf game. At first I hated the idea of playing without a mouse (as I do with most FPS games) but this one is growing on me and growing fast. The control is more realistic IMHO mainly because its a lot harder to aim (turn off auto-aim of course). It's not ultra hard or annoying as I was expecting. It changed the way I play GR. I could be wrong here but I don't believe the PC version has Dolby Digital 5.1 so Xbox wins hands down in that department. They also added a way cool effect in that when you are close enough to an explosion the sound goes all muffled for few seconds then clears when you get your hearing back. I have active subwoofers connected to my home theatre system and let me tell you GR gives em' a run for their money! I look forward to Mission Packs, Mods and way to much fun on my Xbox
  4. That night vision is what its supposed to look like. The PC version is easier to look at because its on a monitor and at 800x600 or above. I like the Xbox night vision better anyways, much more realistic. Oh and some of the maps are different to the PC. They don't make the map any better or worse though. I have seen GR on PS2 also. It has some good points and bad but overall the Xbox does it better. The sound in this game is magnificent. You can't beat Xbox's 256 channel Dolby Digital 5.1 sound as opposed to PS2's 64 channel Stereo.
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