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  1. Without the Phys x card you can only play "refueling station?" Unfortunately, my x700 pro tops out at about 3 FPS Still got two kills somehow lol.
  2. They played the same beta as you Papa, and therefore are subject to the same NDA as you - i.e. no public posting of any information. However, the screenshots and review link are posted on the UBI forums... http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...13/m/6081062555
  3. I had tried the euro demo and quickly unistalled it before, so thought maybe by now some of the problems would have been iron'd out. Not much changed. Still dated poor performing graphics. Does the full version still have unuseable sound? Still the same problem with vehicles and snipers half a mile away sounding like there right beside you, drives me crazy. If the full has these issues fix'd, I would be shocked that they would release a new demo thats still badly screwed up???
  4. I typed prone peak and prone lean into the search and nothing came up, so forgive me if I missed this being discussed earlier. Will GRAW 2 get the prone peak back? Beta guys aloud to talk
  5. ...And if proper physics are applied to bullets, the sniper's ability to lean and shoot has to go as well (as shown in hawsemans sig) A gun held at a 45 degree angle will not hit what your aiming at on long range shots. Actually, the same holds true for iron sights as well. So if longer range shots become the norm, this should be fixed.
  6. Its a good game for sure. Theres alot of frustrating glitches though that you have to fight through. There's a few times I had to leave the game and come back to get a character to talk to me (the bartender) One odd thing is, I found a great gun very early in the game (streloks fast auto ak74 or something) and nothing I've found since is any better. Its actually so good, the only time I die is when I'm caught gawking at my inventory when a late spawned bandit shoots me from a room I just cleared. But worth the purchase, just can't make myself download the patch and start over Edit: found loads of better weapons now, just cant decide which to carry due to weight restrictions.
  7. How did you change the Hz? I'm stuck on 60 HZ and can't seem to change it under advanced video options. I can change everything else but this.
  8. I'd love to see all these suggestions get into the game, but if I had to pick a top three go with PEACE's ideas all the way.
  9. Yep, not sure if I can run it yet, but another one to look forward to!
  10. Two of the above posters have said "yes, widescreen monitors increase your field of view"
  11. For some reason, the store "Future Shop" in canada has dozens of Ghost Recon gold addition on the shelves in every location , and quite a few RV golds as well. At a steal at 19.99
  12. PwntUpRage


    Anyone heard any more solid release dates yet?
  13. Should run perfect on medium to low settings. The 7600 GT is probably the best budget performance card ever made. No I don't own one
  14. After finnishing lost coast, I think I spent a good 2 hours attempting to row a half sunk boat with a broken peice of wood across the bay. Finally got there and after exploring all the half made buildings I got stuck in a glitch trying to cross the bridge. Anyone else get there?
  15. I seen very little support given to the MP side of GRAW. I hope the developers can do a better job with GRAW2. Hmmm, we went from a nearly non existent MP in GRAW, to having five patches and almost all MP game modes we asked for... If you said, GRAW was supported, but we still didnt get everything we wanted, I'd have to agree with you. No SAD's being the number one game killer. But were comparing support for RV6 vs what GRIN will do. What might we have gotten if the MP was complete at release??
  16. No, GRAW 2 will not be a port, therefore will have a developer ready willing and able to patch and back up there game. R6Vegas never had that, it was a port dumped on the PC public, cash was inserted into UBI's wallet, and they walked away.
  17. Ok, now I just edited the sig to be exactly 480 X 111 and now it says I can't hotlink large images? Is this a putfile thing or am I still screwing something up? Used link : http://img1.putfile.com/main/2/4613075712.jpg Actual picture here:http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=4784189 Tried compressing it but no luck... edit again: ok, photobucket worked. I guess putfile cant handle anything larger than a thunbnail. Not sure why whitenight could do it though
  18. Ok, I see how you get that from the pics properties now, and I see you already added it in as my signature. Thanks much for your help!
  19. Ok, I downsized it, but I can't figure out where your getting that image code from. The provided codes from putfile are completely different?? the link now looks like this: http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=4782016
  20. Hi all, I'm having trouble uploading a sig I made onto this site. I've never done this before so its probably something obvious but here goes... Sig made using Paint, uploaded to "Putfile" I click on "insert image" in the edit signature section here, do the annoying active x thing, add the URL copy and pasted from putfile and click ok. It shows up in the signature box as follows: http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=4780558 (with on either side of it) Yet when I click update signature I get the message " dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed" What am I doing wrong?
  21. Yes of course to both. Would love to have the old maps in along with the 12 new multiplayer maps that will come with GRAW 2....12 right....12 please right?
  22. Got a response which was quite long, but I'm thinking it was an autogenerated blog for whiners like me. The majority of suggestions of things to try were things I clearly said I already tried in my email to them. Another suggestion was get a new video card.....nice. I guess my card became outdated an hour after the 1.35 patch was released. Oh well.
  23. thats the damage model, i'm pretty sure you had taken a bullet to one, or both, you leg(s)... with a bullet or two, in your foot, it's hard to run around Ah! that makes sense, thanks. Would rather see a limp or your soldier grunting in pain to let you know you need medical help but thumbs up on a damage model anyways. How about the loading problem? I literally could sit on a servor for 5 minutes and it wouldnt complete the loading...on servers with good ping. I had to pick servers with only 4 or 5 players in them otherwise I couldnt join.
  24. I had all the same problems as ROCOAFZ. If the server had enough players to make it interesting, it simply wouldnt load. Even servers with only a few folks on it took forever to load. The sound was poor in quality and bugged. I could hear a teamate driving a tank that sound right next to me, when I turned to look, he was a good half mile away and on the other side of a hill! I waited for him and as he approached, the sound never changed, still sounded right next to me. AI were only difficult when they were in large numbers, otherwise, just stood in the open shooting. I spent the last half of a match crawling on my stomach I could stand up, but as soon as I tried to move, my player would lay down...I guess he was tired. All in all it seemed quite...dated. After playing for an hour, I actually went out and checked to see if I had accidentally downloaded the OFP demo. I'm the most shocked they would release a demo like this. This could really hurt sales when in comes out in North America. I was pumped for this game to come out, now unless something dramatically changes, itll be pass for me.
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